Building in February! Share your build and goals!

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You have to first flood just 1-deep area to make source blocks, and the blocks need to have 3 source blocks touching another block to turn that in to a source block <- Wrong info. So you can’t join two parallel water sources. Keep this in mind, not sure how much you’ve worked with water but the area in the screenshot won’t fill with source blocks unless you have a water source to the right aswell. <- also wrong info.

Also, when reflective water is below the default water level, the reflection shaders break and it looks really funky, see below, bottom right corner. This is just one block from the base water level, the lower you go, the worse it gets.

These are some of the things I think people should know before doing the huge investment in water-builds.


I wondered up on you building this a few days ago :slight_smile:
Nice to see if still going strong.
by the way i am Hamma.


Hi Hamma,
I remember you dropping by.

The build is still going. I will finish it but there will be many hours of building ahead before it’s done.


Well I built this thing yesterday:

No idea what today will bring. I need to spend some time at my gloviathosa build but, not really feeling it.

I do love the water stuff. I had a couple of portals in sheets of falling water but now there’s just the ‘elevator’.

Hmm it’snot easy to convey that effect in a screenshot :slight_smile:

I have a little hidden away food shop but I wanted to do the build more than i wanted to run a shop. Maybe in February I’ll finally make a ‘real’ shop.


Awesome fountain @Mayumichi !!

Any pics @rugby-bigd! Would love to see!!

@Unciviled I haven’t seen a lot of builds on Till! What inspired you to build there?

@kogablue would love pics once you get started!

@LiamT666 pics! Yes!! Haha I want to see!

@Rains I am not familiar with what you are drawing inspiration from, but that arena looks sick! Release the wildstock and see who survives!! Haha


I am going for a dark themed build and lava will fit the build very well. I cant go to EU servers often, and Alcyons terrain is stupid lol. So Till it is. And found a decent set of builders in a town there. All just went together well. The basement will have lava pools and funnels to put the light in it. Have some ideas.


Will be working on a space rocket (not really sure of design yet aside from BIG) but still on the service tunnels leading to it…


Love the syfy feel!! :smiley:


That looks really promising! Start deciding please
It looks like a landing platform for a spaceship to me


Redacted some of the info on my previous reply, the water sources behave like in minecraft, two diagonal source blocks do make a new one. But it does have to be just one block deep or it’ll flow and not create more


Thanks for the tips!

(I guess it has been raining a lot :smile: )


I want to, finally, get all the standard stone replaced with brick or refined on High Ridge.

I also need to get a lakeside house built for Ingot (my new forger), but I’m completely lacking in inspiration right now.

I also have 1/3 of a castle tower built that I would like to complete…but, again, inspiration has left me.

I also have two towers at my south gate, I need to get a matching pair built on the north end.


I’ve seen someone already make one of those, its a pretty impressive feat to put in game.


Where’d you see that at? It’s a challenge for sure lol


Outstanding do you think you will include all of the detailing showed? I was looking especially at the outer columns when that thought arose. I’ve found for myself I tend to modify things of that type, which ends up disappointing myself actually. So just curious how others approach these type situations/builds (with minute detailing)


I of course do not know where that build inspiration came from, but thought I’d share in case you or others were unaware, there are great websites that provide inspiration for building (some even in block style). One such is
@LiamT666 I’d very much love to see photos!! Yes, do show and I’d like to visit, I always enjoy exploring and viewing great and fun builds (I’m out of town atm & no Boundless access for 2 days, but once I return, where do I go on Aerie?)


my future store coming soon in angel 1


I started BASTION in order to try to get some footfalls since mine were broken Fixed now20190209190003_1|690x388