Building in February! Share your build and goals!

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Hello Everyone! We are in February, time to set goals and share progress with your builds! With big projects it can be helpful to set short-term goals to achieve over the month. Share your progress, goals and pictures in this thread for what you are working on in February!! Your build may just inspire someone else !! So share those photos!

I redid the inside of my base and am going to work on rebuilding the house at the top of my base (now that I expanded it slightly!

That is how things are going in Elwyn! How are your builds coming!! Share screenshots and show us your progress!

I can’t wait to see!


I made a new alt named Chewbacca who will be building the millennium falcon in Spiral park in Little Japan on alder!


Where is this located and/or can you show me around the place?


Love you place, Tagris :slight_smile: wish I had the patience to organise my drops so neatly…does look good.
I have projects I still need to finish but already getting excited about a couple of new big build ideas I want to try out…just not enough time!
Will post pics if I start getting there…


This is my current project :slight_smile:

Will take couple weeks to complete maybe months :slight_smile:

I hope you will like it :smiley: its being build on Finata - Ultima City


That’s insane! Props to you man


@Trundamere Thanks! My base is off the Phemenorum PS hub, it has a sign “Tagris”

@TheGamerfuls Ohh do you have any shots of the area?

@Hashmalash Woah! Looks awesome!!


I’ll go grab some!


My current project is a little weird. It’s not in-game per se. I’m trying to programmatically generate a pleasing arrangement of all 255 Boundless colors in a 16x16 grid.

Lots of builds could benefit from such an arrangement. Shops that sell material in every color. Museum and catalog builds looking to show off every color. Etc.

The first challenge was reducing Boundless’ color palette, which exists in 3-dimensional colorspace, down to 2 dimensions. I’ve gotten pretty good at this task. Here’s a projection derived from HSV colorspace that I call RL colorspace. R=H, and L is a customized walk of the [S,V] plane. I will probably clean it up a little more for the final product; but the idea is sound.

I’ve had great difficulty both snapping this free plotted circle back into a grid, and converting the circle to a square. Results where I do one or the other are starting to be visually interesting but still not what I want.

RL sorted, snapped to circle

RL sorted, linearly gridded

RL sorted, walking a hilbert curve

These all scatter L too much for me so it’s back to the drawing board. If anyone has a strong math or color theory background and thinks they can lend a hand, PM me!


I’m working on a hub
The Nixian Trust Hub
On lutrion


I am building a nice sized castle on and in lava on Till. Located in the Metillica HQ town. (Ultima Hub)

Ill post pics once its a lil more established.


Goals for February: figure out what the heck to do with the center! I have ideas, but also a hard time getting started - gotta just pick an idea and try it out before indecisiveness strikes again!


I stumbled across your spot by accident, it was super cool. Then I started looking around for a hidden workshop or purpose for it… lol Can’t wait to see what you do with it.


Building a new mall that’s going to be request baskets only, and specific sections for each resource type. A section for mob drops, ore & gems, organic stuff like leaves orbs beans etc, oortstone, blocks, and misc stuff. Things people mostly have request baskets for and get sold in bulk.

Trying this to see if the economy actually is dead :smiley: The argument most people have atm is that they can’t find baskets to sell to, we’ll see if there actually is more supply than demand and the “economy is dead” cries are justified. This would also be made a lot easier if there was an indicator if the basket has budget, so selfishly I’ll tag @james please don’t kill me :smiley: To me this sound like an easy thing to implement but I’m not sure if the engine can do this without heavy tweaking. Something like Shop stands / Requests basket FX, specifically the “remove or recolor the cloth on empty budget”-part.

PS building with water is hard and I kind of now understand why you can’t move it yet. There’s some shader issues too when reflecting the skybox when under the base water level. This is the crown jewel of the new Request Dimension.


Currently I’m building my shop on Gyosha and redoing my workshop on Trior!


Here is a pic, of the Till build, about 2 days in. Still a long way to go.


I’m going to build a shop in angel 1 looking like a castle


I’m currently working on a Lord of the rings themed build based on a elven city that was not seen in the movies:) I’ve nearly finished the town hall if anyone would like to see I’ll post a pic or even come visit me on Arie if u have the time:) the city is called Caras Galadhon


I plan to finish the Imperial City Arena that I’m building on Delta Cancrat.

Based off Mcholypotato’s original Minecraft design -

I’ve got half the wall left to finish and most of the underground Gladiator’s section left to do.
Would love to finish it in the next few weeks.


Rains Bridge on Arie - Now open

I’ve started a new project in Aquatopia Embassy yesterday. Rather spontaneously… :speak_no_evil:
Inspried by the recent remodeling of the AE Portal Plaza, I talked to friends about some underused plots I have in AE and suddenly I had some crazy ideas in my head that had to be made reality.

The area has access to water from 2 directions, which means it can be flooded with source blocks!
(Thanks @Jiivita for putting that particular bug in my ear. :joy: )
(Can’t wait!)

I plan on building a water temple with huge arcs, canals, bridges, floating crystal thingies, partially overgrown by huge trees (that’s why I kept the trees on the right).
Feels really good to have a spontaneous project again, as diversion from my usually more plan-heavy projects.

Also: Nice opportunity to go crazy with the new poles and beams!

Very special thanks @Dunedragon, @142857 and @the-moebius for their support!