Building Tips (a place to share + steal)

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I want to start a thread for people wanting tips on building, whether it be chiselling, unique block/machines/items that can be used aesthetically, certain blocks being used beyond its initial intention or anything :slight_smile:

Feel free to share and steal ideas!


Placing Glass Panes, on Glass Blocks removes the connective lines on that side. So you can do this on 1 side of the Glass Block to get the effect of only 1 set of lines.

I’m not a fan of the double lines as it can look messy if looked at from different angles, so this is perfect for my warehouse windows :ok_hand:


Here’s a video of a bunch of furniture that can be built. Unfortunately I removed it all to build in that area.


I’m pretty sad to see that the pandemic took out the GeorgegroegIkea business… :frowning:


What did you think was going to happen leaving all that ikea furniture out in the rain a snow for months. It disintegrated.
Believe me it was for the better.


This is what happens when you don’t follow the ikea instructions :eyes:


Well I will continue to push our Overlords to consider furniture and clothing options and remind them how their citizens are crying and having to sleep on the ground in diapers! I don’t doubt sooner or later some of the ideas around adding these things are finally worked on.


honestly a furniture reference area would be extremely helpful


I do plan on making a new one once I complete a few unfinished projects.

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so this is the same “trick” as with the sand right ?
you get it smooth on the other side by chiseling it

Not too long ago, a developer attempted to design a sofa
However, it was found to be too big and that’s it
Then they stopped again :thinking:

Nah not the same trick, but that is a good trick with the chisel = straight edge

Actually that sofa did exactly what they wanted and helped prove out the idea some… there is more to do in that area that hopefully will be worked on some after Sovereigns come out.

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Basic chisel technique …
… Chiseling for starters / beginners
Simple spiral wooden columns.
Just use a silver chisel.
Also works great for other materials.

Happy :boundless: building :+1: :grinning:


if anyone have a trick to get water not look so transparent i would appreciate.
i would like to make it a bit more deeper looking and not so transparent… im currently using white and strong viridian behind the water… so white could effect it a bit.
heres a pic to make it more i guess clear.

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smoke made of white glass


SIGNS!!! Sweet sweet signs.

They can be used in so many interesting ways. The glass signs in particular are great for putting together for large seemless futuristic screens. Information walls. Aquariums.

And cleverly using emoji on signs can bring further depth And interest to your builds.

How to Make an Aquarium.
The aquarium is 1 plot deep. Mine is 3 plots wide but can be as long as you want. With 3 layers of Glowing glass Sign modules with emoji fish on random sized signs sections. (1x2, 2x2, 2x3, 1x1, 3x3, whatever.) every layer of glass is 2 blocks behind maybe 3 on the last section. Leaving a row for building the coral and water plants. Added some twinkles here and there as well. Make it look random. Adding “spaces” when typing in the emoji fish code will make them smaller and move them left or right depending on what side of the code you add the spaces. Hitting return will also make them smaller. Each sign section has quite a few characters so try adding schools of fish being sure not to have them directly above or below another fish. And doing schools of fish on a variety of different sign sections allow for a larger variety of fish sizes. Making it all look more realistic.


I hope this makes sense for anyone who’s in dire need for an aquarium.
Good luck.

Also remember the rules of perspective. Thing that are closer appear larger. Thing farther appear smaller.
So adding a few larger fish on the first layer of signs will help with this illusion of depth. And smaller fish on the third layer. Obviously keeping it random because there could be a bigger fish swimming at the back of the tank and vice versa.

Edit: @james @lucadeltodecso I should add there is a bit of a glitch with the glass signs and panes under water where the outer borders are not transparent. I actually made the aquarium one row wider to try and hide it on the side. But it’s clearly visible on the top as well. And it’s completely filled with water.


I love your sign usage man, its actually insane lol


Yeap you are nuts…

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Also signs make great paintings to deco your home.
I think @Trickyy90 and @bucfanpaka at least showed some neat painting usage in screenshot section.

I personally would use signs and emojis more, but its honestly such a hassle to find out wich emoji has what code and such…