Building - what you think stops you

I decided To make topic about building generally… Mainly focusing on things that are stopping you To make A class builds instead of C class.

Maybe after you have wrote it Down here you realize whats stopping you and you can fix it!

My biggest stopper is that i dont use any fancy blocks… I just dont like them… I rarely use gleam but thats about it.

I think using different blocks would ramp up my builds.


like it :+1:, building therapy by Dr @Buugi, the hipster “i dont use any fancy blocks” builder.
but don’t insinuate that the rest of us have C class builds, personally I rank all mine all mostly class O and Y (as in oh why oh why did I start this…).
My problem isn’t what kind of blocks but the amount…usually bite off more than I can chew and end up getting distracted by something else before I finish, though I will go back and finish eventually. Probably.


My main blocker is that I start with too complex ideas that I’m too tired to think about and execute after work. :sweat_smile:

Creating great builds in Boundless feels like a second job to me. (In a good way! I love it.)
But it also means that I need the time and energy to execute them. (What I’ve been lacking lately, due to first job.)


Same here. My favorite building materials are trunks and timber.
I don’t think you need fancy materials to step up your game.

Don’t know if you remember my build on Therka. It had abysmal prestige, but prestige is a very bad advisor when to comes to building anyway.


My build blocker is that I build at a BIG scale that Everytime I place a down a bunch of blocks I look up and see not much progress has been made.🤦


would help alot if i could chisel blocks pre placing them
like real world builders do
then just place pre chiseld blocks instead of hanging around with a chisel and a grapple


Yep definitely the chiseling is one for me to :wink:.
Always build big and the amount of chiseling that “needs” to happen.

Still that isn’t my only problem. Scrapping other builds because they just don’t “work”.
As in to much that needs to happen to see progress, plans that can’t be built because there is no space and on…

Anyway i hope i have fixed most issues now :grin:
and don’t end up starting over again :wink:.


For me personally if I’m building a structure like my castle or any big building I struggle with new designs and trying to come up with something different while staying within theme.
Also been trying to step outside my comfort zone and try blocks and Colors that I normally wouldn’t choose and that’s stopped me a little because I start to question if it looks good or not lol


Well said.
If i think about it i Feel like Im not so good mixing materials together.

I do timber and trunks mainly… Nature stuff you know.

I do remember your build from therka and i think that it is good guide For players how to build cheap and Pretty.

As everyone can see… Theres just simple chisel work but with a twist… I think many players dont realize what they can do with chisels.


My problem is I’m an ideas person but absolutely suck at execution.


Losing sight of the scale of the project is my largest problem. Luckily I have Powerman to back me up if I really need help. Without him I don’t think I’d be anywhere near to finishing my current build.


My main blocker is plots. My base currently is beeing built little by little because of that.

Some would argue my lack of notivation but i have found i work best when I add blocks to a build when im motivated rather than having a deadline.

Which sucks for me because i got tangled into deadlines now.

I used to try to follow a rigid idea for my builds but now, with the exception of 2, i go off of loose outlines and build freely which makes me happier.

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My main blocker is imagination.

My first place looked like a log cabin in the woods. My second like a mud hut with a gleam corner.

Now, I build big. Big log cabins in the woods. Big mud huts. Next: even biggar mud huts with refined gleam corners and gold filigree columns and a roof like a big big log cabin in the woods.


I build big boxes with better prestige blocks, but they’re still just boxes. :laughing:


Every build is a box if you look closely


Things stop me in case of…

The build is for showing off/ a legacy: nobody visits/wants to have a look at it, Oort maintain costs is too much or the game is dead.
The build is for own sastified purposes: dont have time/ lack of motivation for it.
The build is for gameplay progression: nah, nothing can stop me on this lol.

What stops me is I build on a massive Scale :laughing: as everyone knows hehehe


For me it was always that the amount of time spent sourcing the materials (the boring bit) far far outweighed the building (the fun bit), and I don’t feel any sense of satisfaction that “I had to grind for x hours to do this, but now it’s finished” that other people seem to.

Creative could have been a solution, but knowing that there is no ability to pack up a creative world when I want to take a break and stop paying for a while (so I could store it locally and upload it back onto a server later), I never tried it.


I thought your problem was that you just build circles haha

That too boop

True :joy::rofl::joy::rofl: thankfully it isn’t a big problem for me at the moment. Most used block are in abundance in my storage (because of my redoing and what not).