BUN - Where do you get your information?


Boundless Universe Network

What is Boundless Universe Network? BUN is a collection of information from all over the universe located in one place, a lightly restricted Discord. The intent is to disseminate information that you want publicly known about your town, guild, market, planet, operations, or anything you do in boundless.

But we have the forums and a million discords, why do we need yet another discord?! Have you actually seen the forums lately? How many times have you copy and pasted something to put out in a trade channel 37 times. If you enjoy this, please stop reading. Everything that we do is getting buried by redundant repetition. BUN will keep that information at the top and relevant! It is essentially the yellow pages™ of boundless except it is actually up to date and doesn’t weight 6 lbs.

How is it consistently updated? Users are given permissions to update their own information! You will be in control of your own category by a unique role assignment. Set it up how you want. The #rules outline the only requirements. This is a community led discord. If you wish to partake in the yellow pages of boundless or want to use its services, it is a great resource.

This discord does not replace or attempt to replace your primary discord, it’s main intention is for information publishing and coordination of the player base. Unless you prefer to copy and paste things repetitively.

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BoundlessTrade.Net ..... What do you think?

Good ideas!


This is great, as now all the hubs can be in one place, and help shops get connected up!


BUN has been live for 7 days, so far it has attracted around 120 people and there are 20 categories that provide information about Hubs, guilds, shops, cities and other organizations located around the universe! Feel free to drop by or to get a category or request a yellow page listing for your discord link! The music channel is currently full of mostly heavy metal!


Quick update on the project.

Currently the information network has plugged quite a few holes in the gaps with over 100 participants involved. The discovery of quite a few t5+ networks and new portals popping up all over the place to connect people to people.

Recently, we added a language translation bot. BUN is no longer just English, it is attempting to break down the communication barrier as well. keep in mind it doesn’t translate 100%, but you can understand it a lot better if communication is in your native language, naturally. It only took Two and a half hours of copy and pasting before the idea finally made sense through the game chat and a lot of patients of both parties! We hope to see you soon! Everyone is welcome to participate!


If you are having a hard time getting your shops to sell goods, publishing updates about projects, creating contracts for builds, selling bulk wares, or anything you are doing in boundless to promote yourself, community projects, cities, shops, or organizations.

Maybe take a gander at BUN? This is the only customized discord that promotes your intentions, ideas, relations, and gives you public controls. It is limitless in how you operate it. It is organized. It is monitored for old irrelevant data, it is now. It is your imagination in words. Be who you aspire to become, share what you want to share. Create what you want to disseminate. Created a universe that shares.


Best discord ive seen so far keep improving love the translating stuff ya doing
Aquatopia will become happy member off this :smile:


BUN is still going strong, slight rattling of the control levers on take off and perhaps a bounce or two. But it is slowly climbing altitude. It has new updates from members who have listed about their projects or prices almost daily. It is not an overly chatty discord, but I think all of the members understand why. It’s for information output via other means! Come check out what has already been buried in the forum!