Button (+ a way to connect them to doors)

Keep in mind this is a simple suggestion that I don’t want to turn into “they should add flying machines that harvest my crops for me”

Adding a button to Boundless which would allow us to open doors would be a great addition. Yes it would only open doors (for now) but this would allow for some cool creations and QoL for said creations.

Instead of having the Liquid Light Switch be activated by a hole in the wall exposing the door, it could be neatly hidden behind the wall, with just a button showing. Or having my 7 Segment Display [spoiler]⌚ 7 Segment Display (choose a number, have it appear automatically) be able to be changed from beneath, not above. Which would be more engaging for people and would make more sense.

The button could be placed on a block. The door could be placed on another block. Those 2 blocks could be connected via Spark Link (?). Interacting with the button would then send 1 ‘interaction’ down the Spark Link, into the door. So it would open the door, plus if the door is 'auto-door’d the door would then shut after 3 seconds.

The distance could be limited by the natural Spark Link limit (or similar system). Mesh Limit would also limit size. You could even add the need to have active Spark connected to the system via a Spark Generator.

Extra fun ideas that could come from this:
Showers. Water shows. Waterfalls. Opening a gap in the waterfall so you can walk through. Mini-games. You could collect mobs into a pit and then turn on a lava shower :scream: Plus many more :smile:


doesn’t even have to have wires.
could be a tool: hit button, hit thingy, now they are connected.
when you aim the tool at either button or door, the other one is highlighted (visible through blocks)
( limited distance, has to be in same beacon)

I’m pro-wires in general, but they could be a pain if they are the same as spark wires ( 1 wire occupies 1 whole block)


True, but this will also allow us to hook multiple doors up to single buttons, which could be a bit complicated with your method. But wireless would also be awesome, but i fear too complicated

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some times i think this whole holding the players hand is a little too much there is literally a mod for mincraft that does exactly this + wireless. players are a lot smarter than they are given credit…

This is what i would love, 1 button and one controller thing and i can use to link them to another thing that needs to be activated. just limit the max complex mesh and make it have to be on the same plot.

in Scrap mechanic for example, you can make multiple connections, and it shows you all the ‘wires’ whilst holding the wiring tool, but they are not physically placed as blocks, in an MC mod (redpower) or in Blockscape you have wire bundle block. both are not too complicated if you get used to them.

but just ‘A- button, B- door’ would be enough


I agree, but simpler is usually better as it includes a lot more people. As long as you don’t sacrifice features or impact other features negatively, simpler is always better.

Oooh I like that minecraft mod, that looks quite simple to follow. But that image on the left looks messy as hell :joy:

starts simple. 1st car is just engine and steering wheel connected to some rotors (4 wires total)

Quit it with your eminently reasonable demands


I can seen myself now watching someone cheating on the Reapers trials. Flip switch. Complete ceiling of doors opens releasing lava.
Try again! Lol😂


Starbound has a decent wireless wiring system as well, though it’s 2D.

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I’ve used both of these types of systems and agree they’re both good solutions - whichever is easiest to develop would make me quite happy.

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i personally would go for wired, even though it takes up space it feels like it would be the most intuitive and easier to to keep track of because you don’t need a tool to view the wires.

overall the desire of the button seems reasonable.

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