Buying 10800 rough oort

You still getting them for 180c? Had to up mine to 191c and still days go by that they aren’t filled… Sigh…

/shameless plug :stuck_out_tongue:

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omg I’m going to undercut you in your selling thread SO HARD :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I guess you gotta talk nice to them. They seem to be rolling in for me at 180c. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’m shocked you can’t seem to get more sold to you. When I was playing that’s what I’d buy Oort at and would need to refill my basket ever day or two. I’d have 250k in there. But I’d also go hunting and let them know I was buying so maybe some of them would come sell to me. Not sure. Could be location as well.

The drop rate has gone down since the seeds were added to the pool. Since then I see people sell less.

Granted, since I closed my portal network I do use less of it so don’t always have to stuff the baskets every single day, might not have helped either for repeat sellers…

We never got a response to this either. I really don’t want to just hunt T3-4 planets for oort.

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It’s gotta be @AeneaGames location. Trung. Ewe :confounded:Lol. Jk. I got A repeat customer. More of a friend who has completed the Reaper Trials.

I’ve got almost 4000 of them in 12 days, and the basket was at a small, out of the way hub for most people.

I think besides drop rate changes there may be some participation issues, I’ve not been hunting due to performance and seen other people posting about the same. Besides knowing of a couple of vocal people who left the game over the lighting changes, which would indicate there are probably more quiet ones too.

Orrian is offering over what’s been the market price for a while and considering he’s a pretty active hunt leader with a lot of hunters also in guild - I suspect there’s a ‘hiccup’ in supply right now.

I’m not stressing it, and the coins are staying in the basket so go on, fill up Orrian’s baskets (if he’s still paying 190) and Aenea’s. Then I’ll be here with over 1.5m coin remaining for you to pick up.


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Nova Golda Market is popular enough tho, thanks :wink:

Well, always can use more consumers and visitors tho, hehehe! So come visit! Even when you just refueled your portals! Stop by! :smiley:

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Today is a month. I still haven’t made this goal.

The basket was moved downstairs some time ago - considering circumstances I understand why it’s not getting oort at 180c lately.

Still, hit me with a PM I’m paying 200c/stone by hand and buying large bulk. Im available 12+ hours most days and I can come to you.

I had to hunt nearly half of them. Here’s 10801 rough oort.

Thus ends the saga :exploding_head:


My hunts will be starting up again soon… :ok_hand:t3::ok_hand:t3:


T3 T4 T5 all average 200 oort in 1 hour to 1.5 hour. This is also with ground hunts.


Yeah finished @Lesioui 's lamblis hunt yesterday with exactly 300 oort.

The squatch hunts have been a big help. To be honest, I prefer a ground hunt over platforms.


I’ve been hunting lately to build up the reserve funds, and have had no issue finding request baskets paying 250 each, you might need to bump that price a bit if you’re trying to get them quick.

I’m done. 180 was the current market price when i started and I bought a couple thousand at that price. Then i bought a couple thousand at 200. Then I started hunting them.

The only reason I bumped the thread is because it became something of a goal to get the cabinet filled as a few buyers pushed up the price over a relatively short period of time. Like, since I posted this.

Probably unrelated, lol.

Whoops, that’s what I get for skimming the thread. Very cool to hit that goal!

Plats are out. Im testing ground region warps. No FF traps no beacon no plots. No eye sores.

Lots of people still prefer platform hunts, some prefer ground. They also aren’t eye sores. Hmm so your going to warp to regions to spawn Meteors…sounds familiar to what several of us do for hunts already.