Buying 10800 rough oort

Straight up 180c.

This request basket is on the Lantern Gardens hub.

Reachable via any network hub on Raxxa, or via the Raxxa portals at TNT Megahub (Circarpous I) and DSK Galaxy Hub (Pheminorum).

UPDATE September 5th. Basket has been moved to the shop downstairs.


And to think, all of that Oort can power a single 1x2 portal for 6,250 days. :thinking:


But only in 35 day stints :persevere:


Or this TNT Megahub portal for 1166.

In only 7 days stints :sob:

I think I bought some oort shards before, because they were ridiculously cheap lol. As far as I remember this will be my first time actually buying rough oort so yeah. This should get me for a while.

No plans to be making deco BUT - anything could happen.


I probably have that much worth in shard form. Tho I’m still waiting to see if I need them or not.

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Nah, oort is easy to get and all that, just sell them to meeeeeee, for 8c a shard!!! :slight_smile:

Then I can sell them to Nighty for 13c… hmmmmmmm

Here’s hoping he needs a certain type of exo rock in the near future! (bought 90 stacks of him last night, lol)

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Still 2m coins for the taking …

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Up To … 421 lol

Lol that’s a lot of oort. I think the most I ever had was 7000 raw oort

That’s also quite a bit!

I made it over three stacks once, in february I think. I was hunting quite a bit and sharing oort at the time. Since then I’ve hardly hunted and I’m still using some of that. But I added a larger portal and hunting hasn’t been good for me lately. I’d like to stop worrying about it for a while.

I was following @Hashmalash 's thread yesterday - I wish I had that kind of traffic to my basket lol.

They can trickle in though, I’ll keep bumping with a reminder and I don’t need them in a big rush.

Enjoy some 340ish oort in your basket!

Awesome, thanks!

No, thank you for some well-needed coin. :smile:

Up to 1616, please keep’em coming!

Just a few (thousand) more to go!

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Got another 548 today. Thanks to the sellers, please keep them coming.

EDIT I can’t bump this thread any more?
Anyways still coins here for you …

How is the Rough Oort market going? There should be a few more bumps for you.

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Shh… don’t tell anyone else. This is my money pit.

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I’ve moved this oort basket and it’s remaining budget down into my shop, where I’ve added some baskets for creature loot.

If you come through the hub, used the portal labeled “Down” to get to the shop. The shop is also easily accessible via the Portal Seekers Biitula hub through a portal labeled “Sunken Storage” in the northwest corner, second level.

I haven’t been trafficking in animal parts I just browsed one or two shops so if the prices are too bad let me know.

Still buying around 7000 rough oort.