Buying 2k+ inky leaves


Offering 20c, also offering 3c for fibrous. Farmer’s delight.

These baskets are at Request Dimension in the foraging wing and the guy next to me is offering 4c for the fibrous.


Ooof good luck with this one! I absolutely hate farming inkys. And I farm a lot of stuff!

Friendly bump!


Me too. Iusually take mine from nox but it’s been a while that I’ve been busy with other things and I’m out. I want these quick(er) and don’t want to go chop at leaves for them.

It’s not top price but also it’s more than the sum of all buy baskets on boundlesstrade right now and I’m taking both types of leaf so hopefully someone who wants to grind out an axe or two will come for the 60k+ on offer.

EDIT: I tallied it up. There are request baskets for 643 Inky Leaves at a median price of 10c at boundlesstrade currently.


I’ve started harvesting these and emptied the basket.


The large flat mud areas on sochaltin I are quite good for farming inky leaves (I haven’t built over all of them… yet) … can easily see the next plant to grab (especially at night) and loads of them.


Thanks, I pulled about 400 last night on gyosha ophin and xa frant.

I read that kada i has a ton but wow, that terrain. It was late but I’m going to look at seginiakai today too.


You tried any of the t6 farms? I think they’re t6 anyways. I think it’s bobs farms or the regen consortium, both have good inky spawns. It’s mindless and tedious though. Good for 1 brew and then take a break or for an antidepressant hour with Netflix, if that’s more your speed.


Thats hilarious. Thank you


T6 is the only level where inkies drop from foliage. Yes I have but I will only do that in a pinch for these.

The only thing I regularly farm with regen bombs is bark, and occasionally shimmers. I have farmed some inky there but prefer to get around, I gathered 2x the reactive lamella and approximately the same number of sweet beans as I did inky leaves last night.

The foliage farms drop you some fibrous leaves too but I have stacks of sackcloth and purple berries at the moment.


has anyone tried to compare breaking plants on t6 versus breaking them on a t7 exoworld to see the drop results?


These numbers are stripped from the software and published.

EDIT: I forgot there’s t7 with inky drops from foliage now but yeah, I’m not going exo to farm foliage.