:oort_r: Request Dimension :oort_z: Now Open! (request-basket-only-mall)


I present to you

The Request Dimension opens up its first portals right now! Located in The Crypt and Aquatopia, directions below. Calling all shopkeepers with request baskets to come visit and hopefully set up a stall. Let’s make the universe a better place and make it easier for players to find a buyer for their resources. And who wouldn’t mind having a centralized way of sourcing their shop’s supplies, fast. As a side effect we might also get a better idea if there really is a problem with the economy, or if it’s just supply not finding demand.

There’s still some construction work going on and most of the shop spots are missing a number sign for easier referencing, apologies for that, need to get more iron to finish it :smiley:

Click the arrows below to expand the text.

What is it?

A shopping mall consisting of only request baskets in small 1x1 plots. The customer experience is king, so I’m trying to keep it compact without long walks. To make it even easier, the mall has 6 wings, each one specializing in different types of resources, color coded.

  • Green | Organic / surface resources (Leaves, orbs, beans, lamella, berries, earthyam, sap, bark and seeds)
  • Blue | Inorganic / mountain resources (Metals, gems, ancient tech, fossils, fragments, coal, minerals)
  • Red | Monster drops (Meat, creature eyes, sacs, trophies, elemental shards, blood, hide, mantle and tallow)
  • Pink | Blocks (Rock, wood, their refined counterparts, all soil, ice, foliage, glass, tangle, corruption etc., anything that comes in a block form)
  • Violet | Oortstone (Rough and shards)
  • White | Misc / everything else (Anything you can think of that isn’t already included in the other categories, intermediate crafting stuff, forge ingredients, decorative plants, machines, you name it)

Each wing has a display area at the entrance that shows you what’s being traded there.

Want a plot?

Come and drop your beacon, nothing else needed! Beacons, fuel and plotters for sale at 10-20c in the portal area.

Remember, only request baskets!

1x1 plots, one beacon per player per wing, so 6 in total. Only request items that are visible at the wing entrance. The misc (white) section is an exception, there you can request anything you like. Please try to comply with this, if you don’t your baskets might not see much sales anyway since the sellers will probably only visit the relevant wing when they’re looking for a basket to sell their goods to.

About half of the plots had to be pre-plotted to keep settlement integrity. If you see an empty plot with no visible beacon in it and would like to have it, contact me and I’ll try my best to meet up with you for a safe handoff. I will also be periodically de-plotting them when the spaces fill up and they’re no longer needed.

No portals in the front of your stall, you should have baskets easily accessible from the corridor. Customer experience is the priority here :3

Redacted, let’s make it so you try to keep your baskets item slot empty if there’s no budget in it. Try to keep baskets funded, if you anticipate you won’t be able to fund your stall for a week or more, you should consider giving up the space. This will make it easier for customers to find baskets they can actually sell their loot to and not get frustrated. There should be plenty of space so you can re-plot when your financial situation changes. And if everyone does this it shouldn’t be hard to find a free spot even if space gets scarce. The place can always be expanded as well if needed.

If you want to get rid of the settlement name announcement when entering your stall, join the Request Dimension guild and align the beacon to it. This doesn’t give the staff any permissions, just forces the beacon to join the guild settlement. Guild book can be found at info-centers in the middle of the gate hub.

The same information written here can be found in the info-centers pictured below.


I also set up a basic discord server for out of game messaging. Feel free to join :slight_smile:



Ultima EU Hub (via Aquatopia)

Go through the aquatopia or the legendville portal. Aquatopia route below:


SW corner (red decorative rubies), top floor.


There’s a portal in the Aquatopia shopping hub.

I’m eager for any feedback or uh, constructive criticism you guys might have :slight_smile: Something you don’t like? Say it, I won’t know otherwise.

Special thanks to
@matko, davidko and @Lesioui for chiseling my endless corridors to my specification :smiley:
@krasniy for donating stone for the project!
@Vansten for donating over 2 million spark and 15 000 wax plus some stone to accelerate the build!

Making of: Request Dimension

Lastly here are some pictures from the monthlong project this has been. I’m still a relatively new player and builder, this was my first build aside from my workshop and a couple farms. The resource draw to make something big is immense, especially being mostly a solo player. I now respect bigger builds a lot more. The plot requirements, hundreds of thousands of blocks, tens of thousands of other random resources, millions of spark, the crafting times that were counted in weeks, to start with… The end result is a settlement with 1.4m perstige ^^

Anyway, enjoy :slight_smile: The final build can easily been seen from space :smiley:

Testing out different stone colors and patterns, had never looked at what refined blocks even look like before this.

Starting out testing how water behaves and how I could incorporate it in the build. At this point there was no sight of placeable water :sweat_smile:

Built the boundaries and beginning to clear out the surrounding area of water.

Some design work already going on between taking breaks from the mindless placing of blocks, and waiting for the crafts to finish.

Portal frame design, ended up being the final iteration. I like it a lot, looks heavy. Some people might complain about obstructing the sides so the effective size is 3x3 instead of 5x3 but I’ll try to keep my head and not give in to complaints if they come :smiley:

Some personal portal corridor design work going on here, the final design should also support horizontal portals in the ceiling :smiley:

Making the floor underwater is the most concentration intensive part of clearing out water, but I didn’t drown even once!

Phew, done!

Some atmospheric light-bug-shows were a nice surprise to break the work up :slight_smile: Breaks are important!

Since placed soil still dropped raw earthyam for me, I figured I should do this with mud. Wrong, doesn’t work for waxy earthyam :smiley:

First iterations of stairs and the display area for the wings.

Gate-hub design pretty much finished as well. Now just have to duplicate it 3 times for each corner. It’s surprisingly hard, counting how many blocks to which direction and which corners were chiseled with what again :sweat_smile:

Sometimes you just get the sudden need for stone. Lots of it. This is the end result :smiley:

I think I accidentally ate a whole mountain…

If somebody doesn’t get the difference chiseling makes, show them these two pictures. My info-booth before chiseling.

And after

The design work is now mostly done, now to the part of laying down the corridors. Lots of them.

Running out of plots all the time, the solution? Gather more stone. Good synergy since I need the stone :smiley:

The floors are done!

I’m so looking forward to chiseling 488 of these… In the end I hired some helpers :DD

The transition from the display area to the corridors turned out really nice in my opinion, this is still not chiseled.

The walls are rising!

Gasp, the ceiling is nearing completion too!

It is done!!!

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How to make money?

Great idea.
I may reserve plot. Will definitely be a regular customer.


Set up a few baskets there already buying diamonds, topaz, sapphire, gold and silver, as well as in another plot buying spicy and bitter beans. Got over a million coin across all baskets there!

Great idea to do this mate, should make getting mats easier if people can come to me to sell ahah.


My only issue is generation of footfall. 6 plots are required to get any amount of footfall, if I am setting up request baskets to dole out my moneys I would like to see some passive generation as well. Can we plot 6 tall? Or maybe 1x2 stalls?


Yes you can plot vertically as much as you’d like, you can easily reach 10k prestige if you want to get footfall. I personally wouldn’t think of these stalls as my store’s main footfall generators. This makes me wonder though, how much of a store’s footfall comes from people searching for request baskets :thinking:


As a shop owner I’m not a fan of having to go to another place to see if people sold me stuff (or bought my stuff). I tried multiple locations a while back and I disliked it with a passion.

As someone who has excess materials at times I want to sell I welcome this idea!

So I have conflicting feelings about this! I will check it out for sure!


Often times i find that next to price, the only way to differentiate when selling stuff (with the exception of forged gear, which in itself can differentiate) is to be easily accessible. This is done in two ways.

1.) Having many portals, which can get expensive quick.
2.) Having multiple physical locations, which work well when selling.

If you keep each one with enough stock you only need to check and restock each location once a week - its basically passive income taken to 11 at that point.

With that said, there’s not many physical locations i can set up for specifically buying things. I could just request baskets in my stores, but space is limited and the requested items often have nothing to do with what i’m selling, thus having a place like this is quite beneficial, so long as people actually end up going there to sell.


The main motivation was the customer (your second point), seeing a lot of complaints that they can’t find baskets to sell to I figured I’d try to fix it. But I also understand the annoyance of multiple locations. The optimist might say that this is actually the solution to that, if this gets popular you would now have a singular place to check (albeit 6 beacons, but they aren’t that far away from each other) for your baskets.

Better economy tools, like maybe seeing remotely a list of your shop stands and baskets (would love stuff like this as an API and build tools around it) would also make it more tolerable.

One of the problems I faced when trying to run a shop was also the sourcing of materials, especially in a relatively steady manner. Another motivator for me there :slight_smile: I plan on not even having baskets in my shop eventually, if I get enough volume from this place, I don’t need them in the shop.


Well, I solved the issue with my Coin Converters stall dedicated to only request baskets :slight_smile:


Haha, so you did the same as this but on an individual scale :smiley:


Footfall is generated automatically the instant someone who is not in your guild steps foot in your beacon so long as there are x number of plots. The math can be a little weird on the plots though.


You don’t have to to have more then a beacon 1 plot to get footfall. I only have 1 beacon plot at the new IllumiNaughty footfall co-op and it generates footfall just fine.


That’s a great idea!! Nice work!! I’ll be sure to pass on the info in game.


Yes I know how it sounds, haha, but don’t forget, I ahave multiple shops there which do need different items! I also had given away 1/4th of the market stall to Fidach. He later opened another Coin Converters next to it since he was buying more items. He is taking a shop owning break so that one is gone so it’s back to being solo, yes.

The idea was that other shops would also do something similar or add their baskets to mine, never really worked out, also didn’t really push it much.

Still, it’s what I wanted, one generic spot on the market for request baskets instead of in each individual shop.

So yeah, I do like your idea, just wish I had fleshed my Coin Converters thing out more :slight_smile:

Or, move your stuff next to the NL market and call it Coin Converters :wink:


Yeah maybe some other time :smiley: Or are you offering to move the build? :smiley:


I was, yes :smiley:


Really like this idea and hope it gets accepted!
I am still pretty new to this game and already spent quite some time to find requests which are not full to finance my shopping sprees. Finding the right shops can be tedious which I already know from other games and hopefully this removes some of this tediousness.

Good luck with this and hopefully it gets successful :smiley:


so is there a threshold then that allows single plots to be counted in the settlement to gain footfall? I need to test this and find out what the minimum prestige would be to add single plots for footfall. Some small scale tests needed a min number so I’m curious what that threshold actually is.


From what I have seen 10k but the one plot I have at foot fall co-op is 17,522 prestige.


You only need 10k prestige to be able to get ff. Doesn’t matter the amount of plots at all.