:oort_r: Request Dimension :oort_z: Now Open! (request-basket-only-mall)


Uhh, ran in to a question I’d like to get some feedback on.

Compact peat and compact coal, where should they go? :smiley: They’re both blocks, so to the block section? Or since coal comes from mining maybe the inorganic section where coal is as well? Or coal to the inorganic and peat to blocks?


I like the idea, only feedback would be easier laid out instructions and info signs. I wasnt sure which to click for what.


Id say where the coal is as it would be easier if someone is looking to buy coal they can request both raw and compact (if thats what you meant)


Id like to have them all together with normal coal because their main use is for fuel. At least I am always going with the thought: “I need some fuel now”. Leftovers of fuel collection could then easily be sold at one place.


I’ll have to look in to it, there’s just so much information to be crammed in to them and extras got added later :smiley: Maybe a redesign of the info-booth is in order…


@Lorgar and @JaceyLive that makes sense, compact coal should at least be with coal. What about compact peat, peaty soil is currently sorted in to the block section :thinking:


maybe have peat in both sections?


Peat is one of those edge cases as it got 2 uses. Have seen peaty soil in the block area of shops and compacted in the fuel area. I agree that allowing it in both section may be a compromise to let requesters decide.
After a while there is perhaps a pattern visible to adapt the rule later on.


Personally, I would do more of a bulletin style info center.
That way you can label the signs what they are about.
Just have one above saying all signs are interactable.


We’re a part of BUN (BUN - Where do you get your information?) now, you can find our channel for plot and sign requests in there as well from now on!


I just put in a shop, thanks for setting this up. I’m excited to see how many others come.


Baby Cookie just put a plot tell me’s what you thinks (^-^)


I like the color coordination and chiseling work :+1:


I tried my best and re-designed the info-booth but I’m really not good at organising info :D. I still have the old design as well so if you have time some day to check it out and see which one you like more I’d appreciate it a lot! Or direct ideas how you’d do it.


Sure will. Ill be coming over today at some point to start building my lots up.

Ill check out what you have come up with.


I just setup up a beacon. Awesome idea!


Nice! :slight_smile: Though I’m not selling as much to request baskets these days, I’ll come check it out!

This did make me think of something, and it might not be a popular idea but I’ll throw it out there. There are some of us who might wish to buy to help out folks selling as much as to get what we want. Perhaps it would be worth considering an option to allow a buyer to place a limit on what another account can sell to a basket per day. Say you load up a basket with thousands buying copper for 4c each. There are those of us - I’m guilty of it - who can easily fill it up over and over again multiple times per day. A newbie in serious need of those coins might not have a shot. So, a buyer, with this idea, would have the option to limit the sale per person to a % of the request basket total per day, that is what it would show as the total. So there is really 50,000c in the basket on day one, but the buyer sets it at 10% per player, so it shows for me as 5,000c. Day two, we’re down to 20,000c, but shows as 2,000c for me for that day.


I like the set up, step out of the portal and the items are right there to show which aisle sells what. Great work, will definetly be my number one location for selling.

Great layout, i like the colour set up and the lighting at night is sweet.

Thank you :slight_smile:


That is something I was concerned about when building, but nothing can really be done with it. I’m just hoping the players that are able to dump loads of resources like that don’t really need that much coin, so they might skip doing it. I know some will, but maybe it’ll be a minority. Your suggestion sounds solid, but I as a buyer would probably not use it, as a buyer my priority is to fill the basket as fast as possible, waiting for the items to trickle in would annoy me. Maybe if this place was really popular so the baskets would fill in fast regardless I would start using it.

@XaniMatriX Thank you :slight_smile: A lot of planning work went in to the layout, the usability and fairness of the place. For example, the distance to both corridors in a wing from the portal area had to be equal to keep them fair, if there was a shorter path to one corridor, that corridor would obviously have an advantage when sellers come in looking for baskets :wink: Now they’re as equal as I can make them, even grappling yourself up the stairs from the side is made harder because of the lip there :smiley: A funny side-effect of the compact layout.

The lighting has some problems, the atmosphere effects sometimes keep popping in and out while walking around :pensive:


No popping on the ps4, the lighting looks different from the images also its more ambient on my end <3 gorgeous looking.

Yes it was very easy to get around, and orient your self.