:oort_r: Request Dimension :oort_z: Now Open! (request-basket-only-mall)


I want to make every effort I can to make the place better, so if there’s anything that makes you not want to use this place, can you tell me what it is and if there’s something that could be changed? Ease of access? Distance from your home/shop?

The construction work should be done in a week so all the scaffolding will be removed afterwards, but I hope the scaffolding isn’t a deal breaker :smiley:


Will have to check it out


Oh man! I just checked it out. Really nice build and it is organized by item types for the request baskets. So you dont have to run all over the place to sell your stuff. Just wish there were more people participating!


It is a nice build.

Without trying to be negative, a project like this is a VERY hard sell in Boundless. The reverse nature of the economy and the footfall mechanic are major roadblocks here.

Best of luck though if you can hit a “tipping point” of participants I think players with low play time will feel tremendous pressure to join.


Even if it doesn’t reach “the tipping point” I’ll keep it up as long as even one person has a stall running :smiley: Currently there are

  • 16 Claimed beacons
  • 19 Built beacons
  • 35 Total

Judging by the conversations I’ve had with several shopkeepers, the problem is that they don’t want to add one more location to check. They’re also already getting most of their baskets filled in their stores, so no incentive.

The oort wing is probably going to be the most popular one, smaller shops and even some portal hubs have trouble attracting oort-sellers. In this place I’ve seen every oort basket fill up rather quickly (160c is the most common price observed).


It wasn’t too hard to get my beacon up to 10k to collect footfall. Granted I don’t have a store in a major hub/mall but the extra coin is nice. As a player who struggled with the time sink finding places to sell my things I want to support this place.


|Yeah I haven’t been in a couple days but I’m coming to see how it’s proceeding today.

10k prestige is not a problem it’s a couple blocks really. The baskets, however, are a larger draw than portals. So the concern is that a shop owner has to either move their main foot fall (and buyers tbh) attraction from their own build or existing shop, and send it to the request dimension, or split their coins and quite possibly only get half (or however they split it) of the product they need.

I have a shop on my main build and in a mall. And I see this drawing general traffic of people portal hopping and mall wandering for baskets. This only looks like a complete plus for someone with no traffic attraction atm.Footfall AND sales combined paid for the oort to run a biitula portal off my homeplanet of raxxa this week with a bit to spare.

Drop basket hunter traffic by 10 - 15% due to people making easy sales at one place (and accepting lower prices so they don’t have to travel) and my whole main shop runs in the red. My prices are fair and I’m not giving my time away. I suspect (who really knows) are people that saw a “good enough” price and bought where they were at.

That will be happening less.

For sure. IT osunds like you are exactly who I’m talking about then, and this should be great for you.

I know when you say things like “I’m not trying to be negative” it can come off like a warning but this is not a bad idea. It’s just going to be painful for a lot of players if enough people get on it and activity in other areas tapers off.

The numbers posted above indicate that a couple percent of the player base have possibly plotted there (could just be some alts but hey) and this could take off. I might literally grab some FOMO plots this afternoon in self defense.

I’m watching with interest and not really negativity but, trepidation. If it works it’s a great idea for the builder, and IMO will be a big drain to the rest of the economy. No clue if it will balance in some way, or simply cause a significant decrease in total coin entering the economy.

I’ve discarded this idea - and I suspect many other players have given it a “meh” as well - and decided not to proceed after whatever analysis they made. With that in mind I’m very interested in the results. Positive or negative.

Kelmat you say that you haven’t joined any retail areas. Have you created a portal or made any attempt to actively draw users to your own build/shop? It sounds like tbh you’re exactly the kind of person I was talking about. And that’s not negative about you either, sorry. This need/desire to get stuff but no time or interest to spend some hours at it make this a very good draw.

For others who are building, promoting, and trying to achieve a level of recognition/familiarity that they begin to see regular organic traffic this is, IMO, a nightmare.

I’m somewhere in between. Honestly I’d rather see some economy develop that encourages players who aren’t builders to stick around. Retailing isn’t my first choice for a pastime in this game right now, I’m too honest with myself about the nature of the actual earning mechanism. I would like very much to see request baskets removed from the game 100%. They create that reverse and unnatural barrier I’m talking about that doesn’t exist in any significant way in any real world economy I’ve ever heard of.

So anyways I have mixed feelings over all, and not sure if Mayumichi really appreciates the analysis but, meh, it’s a forum so sorry if you feel this could hurt your project. I think MOST persisting players that I have met are smart enough to see at least some of these things, and make their own decision.

If enough players participate that the majority of casual players who want to come, hunt or mine for a couple hours, dump their loot, and MAYBE do it again in a couple days can go here and dump their loot in one spot - this will change the game economy (and total footfall production) significantly.

For better or for worse. I’m honestly not sure. But change is always rough lol.

Ah this is getting long and I’m tempted to ramble about baskets in general I better get out of here. I’ll be by to look at progression in a bit and honestly, night grab some plots. They’re split by category so, should be normal to plot into each category, right?


Not offended, the whole place is a big experiment really for me as well :slight_smile: I’m not looking for any gains, I had fun making the place and learned a lot of build techniques while making it and could let my creativity loose. That was a big reward already! If my build can be useful for people, that’s extra so I thought hey why not try to make something useful and see if it works.

Some things to note, you’re probably going to get cheaper prices here since the customer / stall ratio, at least for the moment, is skewed towards customers I’d say. At least my baskets are filled in a day, faster than they were in a mall, but my budgets are small in comparison. @Vansten has some high budget baskets, maybe he has a better idea of the actual volume. The stalls in this place can also make footfall, you’re free to place the baskets anywhere in your stall, just they have to be visible from the corridor so people know what you’re buying. You can force people to walk in to your stall to check prices if you want to :slight_smile: So footfall might not be that big of a problem, especially if it gets popular and starts to be the default place people check when they’re looking for baskets. But this is a bit of an egg and a chicken problem :thinking:

I’m just looking any feedback that I could implement to tip the balance, nothing else I can think of.

edit: Yes you can take a plot from each category, I switched to (imo) better infobooths at the portal area that list answers to most common questions ^^


Looks as though I didn’t fully understand your point on footfall initially. I meant no disrespect. I can understand your feelings not wanting to uproot and also not alter the economy in which you’ve carved out a niche.

I’ve got two level 50 characters now so I think I’ve graduated from wandering aimlessly to find things. But also, my only shop is on my homeworld of Trior and I don’t own the beacon, it’s owned by a guild friend who has made most of the infrastructure and has played longer than I. We have several off-world portals. I’m maintaining a half-dozen player portals myself to help guildies.

I kind of resent the accusation of not wanting to put in the time but I’m not upset about it, I get your point. In all honesty, I don’t care much about making a pile of coin, I’d rather gather and make my things than buy and sell them, in general. However, there was a time I needed it so I could progress. At a time when T5 hammers were 10k or more, it took effort.

IMO this game sucks for mid level players. Once you figure out how to get to other planets you’re left to fend for yourself in a maze of ever changing, player-created spaghetti. Without friends to talk to or joining an active guild you learn it all on your own by trial and error. There are a lot of vacant lots out there, too. My support for this is based on organization, I want this to succeed for the players who need the coin not for me to get rich.

Just to reiterate, I’m not upset with you, thanks for the feedback.


Do you have any issue with us building portals inside our plots?


As long as it’s not in front of your baskets, go ahead :slight_smile: Just don’t want plots to be “here’s my store portal, go there to look for the baskets”. The organisation part of this place is important imo and baskets in people’s stores probably aren’t organised the same way. Easier for customers too if they don’t have to load a portal to see your prices.


Right it remains to be seen. The player base isn’t large and I’m coming to join even though I rarely buy anything.

I’ve had request baskets in my mall shop for nearly two weeks now without buying a single unit so I know that problem is real. TBH I’m not sure if that’s due to discreet (out of sight of the main travel path) placement, or rock bottom pricing. Footfall says the main floor of my shop is seeing traffic. IF I’m sure of traffic I can worry more about demand and priority/pricing.

So yep see you soon. Actually pardon me if this is redundant to your signs but readers might like to know:

Are shop stands acceptable?

Are portals acceptable?

Thanks and if you’re around in game I might see you soon.

edit; answered while typing. No problem I’m looking around it might be better for me to portal into the middle I’m considering. I portal to a shop hub but went this weekend and it’s in a shambles with no sign or info or anything. Despite what I heard from a friend who asked on discord and etc… afterwards it was a bit of a surprise lol.

Kada is a bigger portal for me but this could become a desirable endpoint. If so friends and visitors at my main build would be better served by a center portal than into any particular wing where I have a plot.

I’m checking it out the signs indicate shop stands are discouraged. I got set up on discord so if I just want to chat or get some of the protected plots I’ll see if anyone’s there.


Mostly just interested since it’s a 4 portal hop for me and some running, to boot. Figured some folks might come visit us on our humble homeworld, too.


I’ll just quote the first post to save time :smiley:

A shopping mall consisting of only request baskets
Remember, only request baskets!

No portals in the front of your stall, you should have baskets easily accessible from the corridor. Customer experience is the priority here :3

edit: Atm I’m building a new workshop so if you need me there let me know :slight_smile:


No worry apparently i was editing my prior post while the conversation moved on around me. I’ll be seeing you soon.


The future workshop is on another planet so I’m not at the mall :wink: So contact me somewhere if there’s a blocked plot and I’ll apparate myself there.


So I accidentally responded to the wrong post the first time. Now it’s responding to the correct person

I have a plot there that will be built later. And I have a shop in the gyosha mall and the footfall co-op. I don’t split my coins in my request basket lol. I put the same amount in all of them across my locations and once one gets me what I want I pull the coin from the others. Of course this can back fire and I may end up with more than I need :joy:


Nice. As soon as I have triple the budget for stuff I’m buying I’m on it lol.

Meantime I plotted in here yesterday, built one stall and making some more and also added a portal directly from my home build, Lantern Gardens on Raxxa.

Mayumichi was very helpful getting plotted into one of the reserved plots and doing some minor trim/detail work with me. Most of the prices I see here now are low but I also spent several hours around the place and did see a good bit of traffic.

I’ll give it a chance. I won’t be buying a lot and I will be splitting budgets for low priority items. Come build it’s only a 1x1!


I will definitely make this a regular stop.


Found out that The Crypt has a much better PS connection than I had previously found. There’s an easy portal from Finata (get there from Lamblis), take the city portal outlined below and you’ll be in The Crypt. Turn around and the portal is on the upper floor, pictured below.

Info updated to the first post as well.

I also added a shop entry to boundless-trade so any shoppers looking for request dimension baskets that might be listed there, have directions to this place. I won’t guarantee that I specifically will be scanning the stalls! This is just for easy directions should a basket happen to be scanned to there. Some already seem to be if I’m looking at this right.