:oort_r: Request Dimension :oort_z: Now Open! (request-basket-only-mall)


Lots of empty baskets now :frowning: been a few days like that.


il be refilling my baskets soon if there empty sometime tonight!


Yeah I feel like the release of the trade network shop scanner thing has changed things a bit. Now there’s even less problems actually finding baskets, supply is finding demand so more and more baskets are empty. For those that are using the site, Request Dimension will be more of a navigation ease. You see a basket on the site that’s close to this place, you either already know how to get there, or there’s a link in there to the this thread for directions. Since the annoying part when using the btn (boundless trade network) is getting to the place listed in there.


I didn’t have any issues getting the Sky Express Shops listed on the trade network. I just made an account on the BTN site and added my shop. Scanning takes a bit more work but I’ve done that too.

You al probably right that the new website is making it easier to find stuff. I don’t believe I do any less exploring. The exploring I do now sends me out into the worlds instead of endless runs through Gyosha Mall.


Some shops are easy to find, some not, depends on the location and the amount of effort put in to the directions (if they exist at all).

If the shop was just scanned accidentally and doesn’t even have an entry on the site and is located in the middle of a random lake/forest/mountain and you’d have to know which portals to take to get there, with just coordinates, I’d argue that getting to a shop like that is hard.


It can be. The planet matters too. I’m a lot less likely to run across Lamblis to an unmarked shop due to all the lava.


I’d much rather go to a place like this than go outside the game to find things.


I’m a relatively new player but I honestly think this is a great thing! Honestly, the endless portals on portals can be a bit disorienting, but I’ve stumbled a few times into your area by accident, so I’m pretty confident I can figure out how to get there.

Footfall really shouldn’t be an issue because even I can get to the necessary prestige very quickly and I’m still new to it haha.


Wonderful-looking build, @Mayumichi! I love how you’ve used the various different decorative rock materials and the chiselling is great. :slight_smile:

I encountered an interesting phenomenon while wandering around there. It’s probably a bug with Boundless but it results in a pretty cool effect. I think that the game engine was struggling to figure out whether I was standing in an indoor area or outside. I could hear the rain sound effects appearing and disappearing as I moved around the build. The side-effect of this is that the atmospheric fog effects were occasionally enabled while inside your build. Boundless appears to have a really technically impressive volumetric fog effect that can be locally illuminated by nearby light sources. Here are some screenshots:

I wish this effect would be used more. Imagine if a fog bank occasionally rolled through Ultima Guild HQ and all the city lights illuminated the fog like this.


Exactly that. I like the website but I am a big fan of staying in the game as much as possible for immersions sake.

PS… I try to refill my request baskets every day or so in Request Dimension.

Currently buying a variety of items.


This reminds me I really should finish the roof decoration make a headpiece thing in front of the rest of the wings, now I just have to hopper eye there :sweat_smile: . And the atmo effect is also a pet peevee of mine but I can’t really do anything about it :confused: Mentioned it before too I think, yeah, here.

Thank you for the compliments, it was a good project to practice chiseling and I like the end result too :slight_smile:

@dbobick I like immersion too, but I also realise too much is too much and am ok with the economy tools like the shop scanner. I hope it won’t devalue this place completely, but we’ll see. I’m already seeing a drop in footfall :thinking:

@CorVeritas I think the easiest and most straightforward way is the ultima mall portal. It’s close to PS grovidas te main hub too (ultima portal there) if that’s something you can remember the route to.


Is there something you typically are looking to sell there? I have just one stall at the moment but am considering a 2nd. Thanks for your input.


I sell everything, i dont craft i purely hunt and gather, gems, orbs you name it. Oortstone i always gather, and sell daily.

Looking to sell a few hundred gems and orbs some other smaller items in bulk. instead of doing all this running around request dimension cut my time in half its awesome.

I understand people cannot fill them constantly so having something for sale from the same shop that i sell to, like hunting and gathering goods, most shop owners get their money back.

And i know request dimension allows portals to other shops, have not seen any yet would have been a bonus.


Ok, cool. Thanks again. I like to gather, too which is why I haven’t put in a 2nd stall, yet. I’m thinking I’ll put it in for gems soon since I’m so overloaded with rocks and am having more fun meteor hunting lately.


DaBuilder’s Request Station

You can find a glimpse of all the items I am currently buying here:


Located on the EAST SIDE.

I try to re-coin my baskets every other day.


Thank you :slight_smile:


Just did a run here and made some good bank. Glad you put this up here! I hope more people make use of it!


Scanned all baskets with the thing so
is up to date atm. I also changed the shop entry to a “hub”, so others should be able to add their shops as being connected to this place if they wish to.

Oort basket restocked, ~46k budget at 160c!


Switched one of the 2x2 central portal areas to 1x2’s since it seems like 2x2’s aren’t running out any time soon :slight_smile:

Look for the blue light to find them.

Footfall has suffered a bit after the trade client was introduced, or maybe traffic is just down in general, can’t say. But as always I’ll be doing everything I can to keep this project going, if somebody has an idea that would get more people onboard I’m all ears :3

Haven’t crunched the current plot numbers but they’re not a lot higher than my last post :thinking: A bit, yes, but not a lot.


I set up another stall, currently buying some of the gleambow colors I’d like to build with. I’ve even had some takers! I know a couple of guildies are planning to add stalls, too.


Yeah just dropped some black and red off, keep grabbing wrong colors theres so many.