Buying Adrenal Glands! NOW 250ea!

Buying Adrenal Glands 250 c each. Over 200k in that basket!

Located at Easy Money, in iLLumiNaughty Village. Get there via TNT Mega Hub Trior, iLLn Main Hub, Naughty Hunt Lodge.

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Yeah I guess the devs didn’t really think about what would happen economy wise when there’s 3 lucent exos all the exact same time lol

You got that right. I need adrenal glands to make fast brews for my shop, but i’m Having a hard time finding as many as I need

Yeah I wonder why did they do this.
No one was asking for this :upside_down_face:

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Very few people were asking for 3 exos at once. People were just asking to not have ZERO exos lol.

No exos for a month after this. :rofl:


It is going to be tough to buy things like adrenal glands in bulk… every man and his dog are smashing gleam ■■■■■ and earning 145,000 coin per pie… How many adrenal glands can you collect in 45 minutes? Not 145k worth, not by a long shot.

Get prepared for some serious inflation and re-balance of item worth!


If it becomes a problem I’m sure we are going to get a coin nerf on minted gleam lol

The great gleam influx of 2020! Why don’t gleam doors use iron bars? Wait this topic is about adrenal glands. I said goodbye


I wish we had another bird that spawned from meteors to get more of these drops…

To stay on topic, I’ll go drop a few later on.

I’ve been hoardin glands since I started playing (and don’t even have that many)

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The T7 Exo’s are great for RR hunting IMO … I get plenty of glands for my own use just from Exo’s, I just don’t sell them so that doesn’t really help people who make brews for selling.


I wish roadrunner ranching was a thing


I have already been trying to buy them for 220c in my baskets for a few weeks now and it’s not going all that fast :frowning:

We need alternative ways to get adrenal glands, or a crop that works like kranuts do that we can combine with adrenal glands so we need less of them per mass craft.

Also we need to be able to plant beans!!! I am all out of sweet beans…


I agree, the fast brew recipe is way out of balance. People complain bout prices, but have zero clue how much goes into them. Anyway, you typically post right after me which is why it was kind of funny… I seriously was like “wait for it” as soon as I posted. Lol.

All kidding aside through, @james throw us a bone here.


I had already posted it a few hours earlier but added the ‘and adrenal glands’ in the title since I had forgotten that and yep, I wanted to bump it because of your thread :wink:

(also am gonna raise my price now too, of course :wink: )

And yes @james, a slight recipe change would be lovely here! Beans and glands both!

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I’m one that asked for it…I think most people are happy to have them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: your merchants are prob happy too

Mine are telling me they are selling out of forged tools and some other items. $ales :star_struck::grin:

Crafters, brewers, merchants, gatherers, hunters, etc…selling out of their stock is a good thing

@AeneaGames I understand what you’re saying though. I am a huge buyer of mega fast/strength brews. Sad when I can’t find any for sale


Unfortunately gleam ball gleam doors are already crashing the market(speed brews, speed hammers, and world regen bombs). Stock won’t be able to keep up because why make hammers to sell when you can just mint gleam doors. It’ll even out eventually but everything will cost a lot more. a lot of activities like mining and the mats that produced by it will skyrocket unless it’s close to producing similar coin

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Its been a while since I noticed that getting speed brews is now a very difficult task. I had to start forging my own speed hamers and switch to str brews.

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Yep and it’s getting much worse because everyone is doing it(I haven’t actually yet)


Me neither, I think I made clear that I don’t like serp gleam. I won’t be making money of it >:(

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