Buying all Fossil for good prices

I am buying all Fossil ,

small one for 3 coins each
Middle one for 10 coins each
Big one for 20 coins each

I am located on Arie River Town Pyramids of Giza Plateau you can reach this area from River Town Portal Hub First Floor Pyramids of Giza Plateau


Sorry to say, but the prices are way off. Especially for large. Seen many offering 30c some even 35 lol max 21 coin

Lol didn’t see the notice under every page huh?

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I’ve had over 40k coin in my 20c large fossil basket for weeks now, and haven’t got much of any fossils through it lately. I do think that 20c is not enough for large fossils at the moment, but I do get a fair bit on my own so I’m not that bothered actually.

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Our fossil prices are ALWAYS cheap in Blingz’n’Thingz. As well as every other item In our shops!
Be sure to come check us out.

I’ve been extracting essence and selling these to the minter for about 50c per large fossil. Even a minter with no coils pays 36c.


This has pretty much been my biggest source of income since I mentioned it a while back now, on those threads you’d made when the minter had come out. :slight_smile:

I make roughly 40-80k every few days, depending on how often I actually go buying/mining for fossils and other stuff. I usually spend most of that fairly quickly though. :stuck_out_tongue:

It certainly has been a huge spending boost for me, I spend way more coin than I used to, thanks to that.

Really Don t Inderstand this , can you explain this Sheet please .
I thought IT woild be good prices , i m Just starting selling and buying.

Prices are fine. and that sheet is where you can see whos sells stuff and who buys for how much and where.

I Don t understand Prince 2,100 , ist this 2100 coins or 2,1 coins each for example ?or for all?

The website is broken and prices are missing the decimal point. 2100c = 21.00c

Thx for your answer .