Buying Black Marble


looking to pay 45k for a smart stack of black marble


I have it but won’t be on for about 6-7 hours.


sounds good just let me know :slight_smile:


@ghandymarshall You got a smart stack of this lying around??

Tho, have to say, 50c per is a tad on the low side…


If you buy the mats in their processed state(refined,seba,etc) that’s cost. If you buy everything from the very basic you’d be getting a profit

Course if you gather everything yourself and process everything then it would all be profit.


Really? You could buy the ingredients off shop stands immediately for ~30c each. Spark cost isn’t accounted for, yet.



Sure, but sjeesh, marble is a nightmare to make, and no one seems to be selling it lower than 75c at the moment.

Ok, so 0.1c is fair price for everything IF we gather everything ourselves, hmm? :slight_smile:

There comes a point where certain items aren’t worth someone’s time to craft and then sell for a price they think is too low, but hey, that’s just me.

We can run to the lowest price possible on everything but that would mean eventually that everyone will have to craft everything themselves and I know you Fire, you wouldn’t be happy :wink:


It is a bit low I think, but I have around 10 smart stacks from a group project that got cancelled. So I am happy to let some go at that price myself. And I gathered all of it too.


i buy it for 55c each no problem :slight_smile:


Oh once the normal places I bought from which was 50 and 65 decided to raise their price because of the supposed increase in price on fossils I started making my own marble. Could of kept making tons of more coin off me too.


Whoa, whoa, whoa! You’re scaring me here Fire! :smiley:


well this is what im paying lol i usually make all mine but am low on fossils atm because there is no exo planet up atm. if nobody wants to sell then that is fine.

also, i sell white marble for 100 a piece so 50 a piece for a common color seemed likea fair price to me (incase your wondering where i pulled that price from)


It does not matter what the normal average price is! It is asked, if someone sold it for 45k! If someone does it, it’s okay! :slight_smile: I sell my Marble for 88c the piece and they also go away!


Do you have a full smart stacks of white and would you offer a bulk discount?


i dont have a full smart stack but i have almost that and i could make the rest but no discount sorry :wink: as the white is currently a limited resource


hey let me know if you still want a smart stack of the white, sorry i cant offer a discount. on top of the white being limited and that i think that is already a low price you also have to changer chisel each and every one of those refined white blocks before you can turn it to murble they are a pain haha.

but let me know quick please because otherwise i will turn the agent into black =)


I’ve been seeing marble going for 50c. If it was the right color, I would have bought some myself the other day.

It isn’t the best to make, but 50c for one block is nothing to sneeze at either.

Though, I’ll pass out tissues if you need to sneeze at them.


Yea saw it, 50c was just a bit too low to make it a viable sale, especially as black is the one thats always selling out. If it was a colour that had been sat in a stand for a week i would have been tempted.

Agree that although low for me, its still 50c


I’ve bought thousands of marble. 50 is a good price. You should expect to pay closer to 65 which is still cheap unless it’s a friend making it.


I’d like

it please.