Buying extra plots only after level 15


So people can’t plot massive area with our without gleam club before they realize the game isn’t for them leaving blocked mess behind after the realize they not gonna play


In before the “limiting my gameplay is not boundless” posts


If they do not renew gleam club and since they left the game why would they, it will disappear in 180 days or less. Does it not self correct?


Just a maybe rule for those that buy instant on day one 180days is long compromise for others so people that play one day could do this


I think the issue we run into is we tell everyone they need to plot what they need before they build to avoid all the issues we have with other players plotting where they might want to expand. Now we want to tell them, what we really meant was everyone but the new players will have to do this. I think that sets up a bad situation where newer players are treated differently and we are impacting the revenue the developers need to run and develop the game. I also wonder how this affects alts. Would this not also apply to them until they reach level 15?

I do understand what you are saying, but I think it brings in too many other issues.


Yeah I know stopped complaining since beta but dang some just preplot years in advance at active places making towns Inactive sometimes its to much next day ignored and worked around creatively so glad I still get another shot at town building in futur with all I learned know :grin: ow about alts I was talking from moment one character is level 15 not extreme difficult just little effort to proof you plah They can buy day one unlock at level 15


You are correct it can really be frustrating and it is easy enough for someone to buy gleam club for an extended period of time. I do know players that have bought a year in advance. I also agree that it can be unattractive and frustrating for someone trying to run a settlement to not be able to give active players access to unimproved plots because someone already has them and seems to not want to do anything with them.

It just seems to be the price we have to pay until they allow for rented planets.


I suggest we leave it alone and Yes rental planets will help alot.

I wonder what the DEVs are considering as pricing for those?




This is 2019

1 Trillion Dollars!


It’s just funny. In the beginning, newer people complained vets were encroaching on their builds and everyone said “plot what you think you will use”.

Now people did that and now older players are complaining it hampers their expansion.

This is going to be the core problem of Boundless. It’s a rules for thee and not for me scenario. I could point out several inconsistencies besides plot issues but it’s pointless to do because then people will complain about negativity. Problems have to be discussed to be solved. Players can’t just decide after a few months of cake their way to change the way it’s done because it’s no longer beneficial.

This isn’t the first time this topic has come up, in fact it’s probably the 3rd I’ve seen in at least a week. Maybe more but I’ve only seen the 3. It’s just ironic really.


Yeah me too. Am building still but if rental planets are affordable to me I want to move so building now feels weird. I wish we knew more about it, prices, things you can permit or not and a rough time frame for when they might be released at earliest. Would make planning easier…


The problem is that plotting is this games PvP. But there is no counterplay. You can’t react to someone plotting on you, you can only - within reasons - preact.

In my opinion that is a huge problem. A game should not have a form of PvP where the victim cannot react.

I think the game should have a mechanic to battle this. Your beacon could, for example, emit a field whose size is based on its prestige. And any plotted but “unused” plot inside this field could be taken over. Maybe use a spell that takes a week to complete that can be countered by actually building something on the plot.


This is a good way to think of plotting on public planets given the current rule set. I’ve been thinking a lot about the neighbor complaints lately and they’re hard to sympathize with because every problem really is solved by pre-plotting the land. But even those pre-plotters cause issues for others because they surround what eventually becomes infrastructure with empty, unusable plots.

Some players are still getting started and want to build near existing infrastructure to capture footfall and be part of something bigger. They are pushed away by pre-plotting and player-run bureaucracy. Others are established enough to want to build their own infrastructure and rogue plots get in the way of their many-plot plans. It’s a vicious cycle where two player types at different parts of the lifecycle are at war with one another.

The common thread between both of these issues is that it’s easier to reserve a plot than it is to provide societal value with that plot. It’s a tough problem to solve, but at least it’s the right problem to solve.

I don’t support this thread’s suggestion to block plots until a certain level because it unfairly impacts new players and is only a glancing blow to the true problem. But I think we are brainstorming much closer to the problem than those who want CoC reform, more mods, and other bandaid solutions.


Yea I agree. I commented on this way back sept/oct/nov. it blurs together at this point.

The games population will cannibalize itself as a result because people are not going to want to relocate every time an event like that happens.

There are a few people that enjoy this game play but it seems like the majority do not given how frequent these posts have turned up since the ‘official’ release.

Boundless is beginning to feel like it has a serious identity issue. Being a sandbox can only do so much for a game. There’s a point where some rails and guidelines have to be put in to place to prevent a total cannibalizing of the population.


idk that is just open for abuse say you are building a town and have more land plotted out then what you can deal with right now…nothing stops me form setting down a plot right next to you building a gleam tower and takeing that unused land unless you start placeing down random blocks to prevent that.

has for the plot restriction i dont think its really needed there is never not going to be land to build on and for the towns. sadly i think if your towns are big eough its going to happen with or without the level restriction i think like it as already been pointed out tho it will hurt players wanting to start there build right away and being told by the game that you got to wait till level 15 to unlock full build power like if you where to play a minecraft server and get a server msg saying you cant place blocks tell you have been on the server for 20+ min it would just get some people to say eff this game and refund it


in my case the town cant be used as example
since it was build on release and the hype made parts abandoned
when i build aquatopia we will be much smarter
i tend to forget in what situation it was founded
my idea is probably not good
but also think that reaching level 15 is like super extreme easy
if you gonna build on 1000plots
but if you just get 1000 plots on day one cause you dont feel it in the wallet a slight tryout off 7days to avoid abandoned gleamclub plots
i would def say yes :smile: my topic specifically targetting just players that leave in first days with lots off gleamclub
players preplotting big projects our plots for futur i dont mind that to be clear about it also got nothing against rich people if ya wondering :smile:


I never really thought I’d really want my own rental planet but the more I’m on these forums and roam around barren plots the more I want to remove myself from every one :joy:


i wouldn trade public worlds for anything
public thats my people :grin:


I want my own public rental planet where I can control who can plot, everything else just the same as a normal planet!