Buying New Gleam


Looking To Buy
Luminous Yellow Gleam (40 Needed - 1500c Each)
Deep Lavender Gleam (40 Needed - 1500c Each)
Please PM me if you have any of these


I have 4 deep lav and 9 yellow


Where do you find deep lavender?


Gleambow Racing


What planet does this happen on? I may be able to help.


T3-t6 it’s the rainbow meteors you have too run too but the colours and type of block are Random



What he said lol


Check the foot fall co op. I cant guarentee that it has the colors you want. But I have a whole bunch of the new gleam in plot 25 at 750c


are you okay selling for the price i advertised at?


I’m not around a computer to take your offer lol, maybe someone else reading this will go check and bring it to you if there is any


Oh pft, that wasnt directed at me. Ugh


Ive got 2 Deep Lavender & 1 Luminous Yellow @ 1500c/ea if you still need


Yes please @supaspork can you meet me at meteor meet in ultima please?


Will Be there in a minute


are you online so i can buy them off you please?


Yes can you go to legendville finanta unplayable for me


Ill meet you there too jacey, makes it easier for ya


Im baby Cookie


Did you still want those gleam jace