Buying Spicy Beans "Updated Price and Budget"


I have put down a request basket.
35c each with 76k budget.
At TNT MegaHub / New Nixia -1353N 1998E 68 Circarpous I

There is a portal in Jacey’s meteor meet. Sign Morgan’s Purrfect Forges.

Seginiakai Portal seekers.

Trade Spicy Beans For Rough Gems (round 2)

Cant find ya - so am i looking for Nixia, TNT or Purrfect? and is it directly from Meteor Meet or from TNT Mall?


If you come in from the jaceys meteor meet throu the morgan’s purrfect forges, its just straight ahead by the door. if you use a New nixia portal look for the Kitty Meow Meow Club house. its next to the portal hub in nixia


ah my mistake, I was checking the old meteor meet!!


Wow, I really have been away for a while. Lol. I recognize nothing you just said.


I’ll add more guides to get to the shop once im done raiding :slight_smile:


I just want to go check the place out.

Maybe I’ll bring some beans over too.


Just look for any TNT hub sign they are all over and theres a pic of the building in the OP :slight_smile:

Also if anyone doesnt want to look for the basket i will come to you and pick them up :slight_smile:


Updated price and budget.


Just a couple ways to find us… :wink:


Added more coins in the basket. Saw it was empty a few min ago.