Calling All Music Performers/Artists/DJs/Hobbyists! Boundless Music/Dance Party Event [Coming Soon]

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Hey everyone!

Recently, I asked what everyone thought about my idea to put on a music concert or dance party in Boundless, and it sounds like a lot of people liked that idea. :clap: :+1:

If you are someone who is interested in being a “performer” at the event, please reply with:

  • your “performer” name (can be anything really)
  • the styles/genres of music you would mainly play (or if you can’t decide, you can just say it will be a wide variety, across many genres)
  • what kind of “performance” you would do (basically, Live Performance or DJ Set)
  • how long you would be alright with performing for (please give a Minimum and a Maximum amount of time, I’m open to anything really)
  • what time zone you are in (I want to coordinate it so that people in virtually any time-zone will be able to participate)
  • any other information that you think would be helpful to me :smile:

If you would like to help plan the event, feel free to reply with suggestions. It would be really great if somebody would suggest/volunteer a venue for the event. (We might want multiple venues, but it depends on how many performers we get.)

Thanks everyone! :smile:


so how will this work we go to the venue and connect to discord voice our something and listnen to the concert?
our is there something better to stream concerts
so we have good sound quality
most doable atm i see is making a club with dj stage
and let people stream there sets
but what gonna make it interesting to be there at the spot
if for example you can just do stuff while listnening to this
so the use off a actual location ingame is kinda pointless and it just become streaming ²unless people log in and afk there to listnen to it
think you need some kinda massive brainfart and come up with a very good idea to do this
if not i will come and do a 6hour waterphone concert :smiley:

you need some dev help if i walk into your town and i know you have dj doing it thing there i want to hear the music get louder whille coming closer to the soundstage

im breaking my head to come up with good ideas for ya
but i dont see how to make it imersive into boundless universe

BTW aquatopia owns an actual soundstage
ive build one in the themepark project restaurant with mics speakers
mixing board and even an artist room to hang out in :smiley:
ow and stage lighting i take a screenshot tomorrowz

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I’m picturing one twitch stream with a view of the whole venue. So people can be there and in the stream as an audience. Sounds fun.

Maybe do a small scale test run first. Build a dive bar with a little stage :laughing:


good idea
all we need is some dance moves
need to learn the dance move from @Creegle dance video
hes quit the boogie boy when he has a totem in hand lol
(creeg insert music video)




To answer your first question, I was thinking of streaming it via YouTube. I already have streaming capabilities for that. Twitch would be fine too, though I’m not as familiar with it.

Yeah, I was kinda wondering how people would feel about the streaming part of it. I agree that people wouldn’t really need an in-game concert venue because they could just stream the music. I was hoping to add some LED lights that flash in certain patterns, but it might not help that much.

What do you mean by “be there and in the stream as an audience”? Like, have the “camera” showing the in-game venue and have the audio in the background?

i wish my themepark was more developed been a slow build
i just work on it when i feel like it
that would be cool if dj playing and people running around doing funn stuff around the park
then we build some themepark intercoms and put dj at the central area on the mainsoundstage we have
then you can stream people doing stuff while dj doing its thing

you know the drop party tnt had that was a perfect moment to have a dj ive been there 4hours jumping for items
would been alot cool if a dj our artist played there music while we where busy

same for bomb area competition also good moment to have person play some mood music our even comentary on the match like creeg did

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You as the streamer would need all the music, and when a dj comes on you start playing their music. So everyone in the venue is listening to the stream and can see themselves there. Basically the stream audio is replacing game audio.

Oh, interesting. I had kinda pictured that the various performers would each do their own stream in a sense, but each performer’s stream would also be broadcast on the main event stream. It’s kinda overly complicated though :joy:

Yeah, that would be cool.
I’d love to do something like that for the contests and events that are currently scheduled, but I would need someone else to do the commentary…

Might be pretty easy to make an equalizer image with LED’s! I’ll see if I can make a legit one tonight and will share with ya. Like the whole back wall of the stage.

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Awesome! That would be great!

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@EdWe we doing mice check at oortchicken park soundstage lol


If the main stream has all the songs, the performer can stream too and you can have both angles going… would only need to know the order of the songs and relatively good timing on when to press play.

Yeah, true, but I had been thinking that it would be more than simply pressing play on one song at a time. When I DJ, I do smooth transitions between tracks so that there is no real break in the music. I guess I kinda assumed that others would do similarly.

But maybe I’m the only one on here who does that… I’m open to whatever…

what if we had a craftble stereo and a custom music folder that we could play our own music from? (Unless you could use the existing one) Could be a way to hold music venues

Not suitable for live tho

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That would be really cool!

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Well, say each dj has 3 songs. They’d have smooth transitions between them but between acts and when introducing the next act you’ll need something else playing. So there will be some song switching.

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Oh ok, I see what you mean. Depending on how many performers we actually get, I was thinking each one would go for about an hour (like at real-life events).

Another thought I had was that each performer could pre-record their performance and then send it all to me (or whoever does the stream), and each one could be played one after the other, while the performer is in the game dancing around and interacting with people. The only sad part about this is that it wouldn’t be truly live.

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