Calling all streamers and multi-monitor users, new windows fullscreen test


Update - these changes are now in the main release of the game so there is no need to try and run the beta which has now been disabled

I’ve been reworking the windows implementation of how we do fullscreen with the aim to address a few issues which people have struggled with notably

  • Can’t switch out to another app/monitor in a multi monitor setup (e.g. to check boundless crafting)
  • Can’t fullscreen the app on a preferred monitor making setups for streaming etc difficult
  • Switching away from the app would also bump you out to menus etc each time

I think I now have a solution that should work for most people, it’s still a little rough around the edges (there may be crashes, you may get stuck with your mouse locked in the app etc) but I was hoping some of you would like to try it out and give feedback.

  • Does it fix the issues you had before, if not can you explain them
  • Can you find new problems, strange focus loss, unable to do something, if you can provide instructions for me to reproduce
  • Does the new system prevent you from running the game in a way you did before? I may introduce the old method as an option if it’s still needed for some use cases.
  • Do you see any major performance difference between this version and the non beta release.
  • Does if fix issues with your preferred streaming app, I’ve had a quick look with OBS but not others yet.

If you like to try it out then you can access the new “fullscreen” Steam beta by entering the following code on the Steam betas tab for Boundless OrnENsIoUDuKEDmViuNo

Note that the beta will show up on Mac but there are no changes to Mac from what’s on the default version.
This version is also connecting to the main live worlds so don’t start destroying anything thinking it’s a clone of the servers etc.

Known Issues

  • When the game starts we remember if you were in windowed or fullscreen mode but the game will always start on the primary monitor. I’m looking at ways to remember which monitor you had it on but for now if you want it on a secondary monitor you’ll have to go to windowed mode, drag it there and then fullscreen it
  • If you alt-tab away from Boundless and then click back on the main window to switch back the first click will also go through to the game as well as regaining app focus, you can always alt-tab back or select on the taskbar to regain focus instead.

Release 180: XP and Progression re-re-balance!
Also not able to start the game

This feature exceeds even the splendor of portals introduced in patch 158!


Made a quick test and it’s working fine for me (Window 7 on Bootcamp + multi-monitor).
Did not test any stream app. Performance seem identical.

This version is also connecting to the main live worlds so don’t start destroying anything thinking it’s a clone of the servers etc.

Damnit! My plan to annihilate planet Therka without anyone noticing is ruined! :rage:


Seems to be working like a charm for me! Been switching screens like mad trying to break it, but so far so good!


This is excellent! Thank you for addressing this. Will try it out shortly!


@blake I’m playing a lot everyday. Everything works fine for me and is bug free. Except I sometimes press F11 after alt tabbing :joy:


That’s a bug for your to diagnose and fix.


i found it ausome it finnally is a thing i wanted


@blake I love you! So far this works perfectly with Dxtory which normally (at lest with my settings) will only record the game if it is full screen (not windowed) now i can mess with stuff on my other monitors w/o interruption! XD

Thank You!

if i run into any issues I’ll be sure to let you know =)


I dont really get how to install steam beta option… I really want beta test this functionallity ty for develloping it


It has been promoted to live along with the xp update. There is no need to play this in beta any more.


ty a lot ^^ how do I activate the fullscreen windowed mode so?


Actually this isn’t in live with the xp update but we updated this beta to remain compatible with the live update

@Dryde if you want to try out the beta open up Steam and in your Steam library right click on Boundless and bring up the properties menu. In there select the beta’s tab and enter the password in the first post of this thread into the “Enter beta access code” box, you should then get a beta called fullscreen appear in the dropdown list. Select that and it’ll switch you to the beta (it’ll do a small download to get the files that are different in the beta).
If you then want to switch back to the main version you just go back to the beta’s tab and select None in the dropdown list.


ty I activate it and will forward any trouble :slight_smile:


Oh, my mistake. I must have misunderstood the update post.


ty a lot :slight_smile: that works just fine :slight_smile: now I can alt tab in fullscreen you’re my savior!


These changes are now in the main release so you should be able to switch back off the beta now.


yep ^^ And it will be great to deactivate the beta option because i cause bug when you launch game with ^^ ty a lot for this freature again @blake


Based on no real negative feedback since these changes went into the main released I’ve now disabled this beta.