Release 180: XP and Progression re-re-balance!

This update is accessible via the “Live” release of Boundless on Steam.

Please report all issues discovered with the update to this support thread.

Please restart Steam to make sure you get the latest version of Boundless. If the update happens whilst Steam is open it’s unlikely you’ll get the latest version.


This release is a re-balance of the entire XP generation and Player Progression systems, to make levelling more fun and less grindy. The aims are:

  • Make all core actions deliver similar amounts of XP per hour:
    • Mining
    • Building and Chiselling
    • Crafting
    • Hunting and Killing Creatures
  • Make Feats be a useful source of XP at all levels, whilst still offering long term goals.
  • Reduce the overall time to level (especially at higher levels).
  • Smooth out the amount of grind needed at early levels to get recipes.
  • Rebalanced the distribution of plots awarded per level:
    • Allow people to build a little bigger at early levels (more plots at early levels).
    • Balanced by reducing the amount of unwanted / unused plots that most players have later on (less plots at high levels).

The next feature update will include some restructuring of the skill tree. When this lands everyone will be able to re-spec their characters against the new tree.


All feats will be re-evaluated on your first run, and you could see many feat messages appear on screen one after the other. Please just allow these to play out, it may take several minutes for high level characters.

You will likely Level Up when you next play as the game migrates your character and progression across to the new balance.


There can be a gap in the messages appearing, which may make a level up message appear some time later. This can easily be misconstrued as a genuine level up, but it is just a very delayed message. Please be aware of this if you appear to level up, but receive no rewards.

Important #2:

The Steam beta “fullscreen - Testing of new windows fullscreen impl…” has also been updated to be compatible with Release 180. So please continue to test and play with it.

Release Notes:

  • Creatures + Combat + Characters:
    • Reworked the way backer levels are tracked and awarded. Required to start enabling backer perks in game.
    • Change how we query DLC from steam and expose all the backer tiers via Steam DLC. This isn’t public, but was required to invite the Trailblazers.
    • Add a special case check that a user who owns everything gets the Adventurer level, this is to cover devs since we get all DLC via the dev comp packages in Steam.
    • Return the non Steam tiers for all backer levels not sold via Steam to avoid giving everyone the Steam Powered badge.
  • Sanctum + Tutorial + Objectives + Progression:
    • Full rebalance of all XP generation and player progression:
      • More experience for Building, Crafting, Chiselling and Killing Creatures.
      • Less experience needed to go up levels (especially higher levels).
      • Increased the number of beacon plots awarded at early levels, slightly reduced the number awarded at later levels.
      • Re-worked feats: added some, removed some, changed targets, increased experience and coin rewards.
      • Fixed display of feats.
      • Increased the number of skill points awards in early levels.
      • Item crafting and tool mastery skill categories now unlock earlier.
      • Rounded all numbers to more satisfying numbers.
      • NOTE: all feats will be re-evaluated on your first run, and you could see many feat messages appear on screen one after the other. Please just allow these to play out, it may take several minutes for high level characters.

Release 180.1:

  • Sanctum + Tutorial + Objectives + Progression:
    • Character Progression has been reset and all earned skill points have been refunded. This is to correct the skill points not awarded when player levels increased due to the progression rebalancing.
    • Skill points are not available until you enter a world.
  • Engine:
    • Reworked fullscreen support on windows
      • No longer leaves fullscreen when switching away to another app.
      • Activating fullscreen should stay on the same monitor the window was on.
      • Various other tweaks about keeping focus when switching between windowed/fullscreen.
      • Better compatibility for streaming

Release 180.2:

  • Windows client fix for loosing mouse focus sometimes.
  • Server work around for regenerating pipes crash.
  • Fix for invalid lerp timestamp when lerping server snapshots, resolves issue when stuttering through portals.

Release 180.3:

  • Fix camera sometimes stuck after exiting GUI in the sanctum.
  • Warp Crystal is now Totem Augment in all areas.
  • The skill task in the tutorial is now an absolute quantity task, so if you have spent one skill point it will automatically complete.
  • Fixed crash going between different versions of Boundless due to invalid controls.json.
  • Fix occasional crash when on portal transit, due to active effects.

Release 180.4:

  • Fix field of view option not working.

Thank you a lot for this release :slight_smile: i pass from broken to rich man :slight_smile:
just a question : how crafting xp works? must i stay close the machine to get xp or can i go digging/build and get my pex when i come back?

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You can get it if you stand there but you can leave/log off and get it when you return.

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yeah but what about leaving the place for playing in game? will i get exp when i return close to machine or xp will be lost

Same, you get it when you return close to the machine.

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Got a bit of a shock after logging in… Nearly 1,000,000 exp in one go?!
Can I ask how exactly you’ve reworked the plot allocation? I was around level 39 before, and am now level 50 but I was a little disappointed to find I only have 60 more plots. I was really looking forward to getting the higher levels because of the 30 plots per level pre-update. I get through plots very quickly so this has kinda put a huge limit on my expansion plans :frowning:
Will plots continue to be awarded after level 50?


ok ty a lot for answering :slight_smile:

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Yes, you can still plots after 50.


Yes, you continue to gain plots after 50.


I appreciate the fact that we will now be able to acquire a better amount of xp building and chiseling. Since I like to build this is great news. Since I do like to build, the availability of plots is important to me. Is there any kind of schedule so we can understand how many plots we should get at each level under the new release?


Just to let you know, that the amount of plots you get per level at high levels has been reduced to 10; however, the amount of XP required has also been massively reduced (e.g. approx 520,000 past level 50 is now 200,000), and also the amount of XP you gain for your actions has been massively increased, so by my calculations you will be gaining more plots per hour of effort than you were before.


The amount of plots you get at different levels is as follows:
Levels 1-5: 2 plots per level
Levels 6-10: 3 plots per level
Levels 11-15: 4 plots per level
Levels 16-20: 5 plots per level
Levels 21-25: 6 plots per level
Levels 26-30: 7 plots per level
Levels 31-35: 8 plots per level
Levels 36-40: 9 plots per level
Levels 41-50 (and beyond): 10 plots per level

Bear in mind that the numbers have come down, but so has the amount of experience you need to go up a level, as well as the amount of experience you gain going up. By my calculations you should be gaining more plots per hour of effort than you were before (especially if you’re a builder).


So at level 50, one should have a minimum of 270 plots? That’s quite a few plots.


i have encountered a problem (also before this update) not sure how its triggerd but sometimes when i use grappel i glitch (i think into a block) making me teleport way high in the sky and back to the ground (not taking damage) sometimes i can grapple out, sometimes i get stuck in the loop and restart


I have 1600 plots and I am not lvl 50. I feel like a hacker.


Surely by that logic I should have gained more plots then? I was level 39 before, going up to 50 should have given me 110 plots instead of 60?

The experience reduction is great though! Really happy that I’ll be able to keep gaining plots at a steady rate as I play :slight_smile:

That’s an insane amount of plots. I think that the plots earned from the previous xp system stayed in game. I currently have 940 at lvl 39.


It’s been logged as a bug that plots were not retroactively awarded as expected.


Actually at level 50 you should have 320 plots. which is not as many as you might think, I had a build in Krackendown that was 206 plots. I was talking to some people that are starting a new place and wanted to have a second build there. Sounds like people that want to do large builds will be very limited by the new system. If you have a large build and want to build a second one, you will need to tear down the first one to recover the resources or try to sell it. Not sure how many people would want to buy a build that requires so many plots. So you are limited to a single large build and possibly a few small ones in various other places.

I think it is sad that we will never see some of the large builds we have now once 1.0 comes out with the new plot distribution. We will not have a Therka Market which has over 36,000 plots, Prozee’s logo/hub 3000 plots, Iron Sky 5,335 plots, Pixel Gate 31,618 plots and New Berlin with 11,630 plots. Using Iron Sky as an example it would take all the plots from 17 people at level 50 in order to create the build. Therka Market would take all the plots from 112 people at level 50.

I do understand the increase in the plots available early on, probably a good idea, but overall there is a reduction in the total number a person gets at the level of 50. I know you can earn 10 more each time you go up from 50 (not sure how much xp that takes as I am now level 49), but sounds like it is back to grinding and crafting to get enough plots for a large build. Maybe the number of plots after level 50 should increase. I understand the desire to not have a lot of abandoned builds, but I think that can be addressed through the beacon fueling and not through a reduction in plots.

I would ask that the developers consider increasing the plots awarded after level 50 to 30 plots. Someone that reaches level 50 has shown they want to play the game and is likely to keep playing as long as there is something to gain. For me and maybe others, that is to build. If I do not have the plots to build anything, then what am I playing for? If I have reached level 50 and want to create some thing large that requires a hundred plots, then I have to level up 10 more times for the plots (a lot of grinding). I only hunt to get resources and do not want to be a hunter. I can craft but I do that to get what I need to build. I only explore to find good locations for a build. I am not convinced that there will be a large market for people looking for others to build something for them, and even if there is, you get what for it? Cash and/or resources? that does not get you plots. I really like the game and have every desire to keep playing for a long time. I hope that I am not the only one that feels this way.