Release 180 - Report issues here

Please report all issues discovered in Release 180 in this thread.

I was level 41 or fresh 42 before update. After logging in i was 48 level, advanced to 50, but i got skillpoints only for 48->49 49->50 and 50+ x1 but didn’t get for 41->48

hy there :slight_smile:

feats “hot pot crafting” seems to not work

i’ve already done ±40 glue since the release :slight_smile:

hope it will helps :slight_smile:

ty a lot again for this release :slight_smile:

how do you see thant? they said they have rework xp and skillpoint so maybe its normal ? isnt it? i get from 21>29 and had like 164skillpoint to spend seems legit for me because i dont know the right amount on skillpoint per level…

This is not expected. We’re investigating.

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What are the skill points that we should get per level, that way we can check what we have against the schedule. Thanks

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Yes - we can confirm that you’ve missed the Skill Points for the levels you jumped up. This will be the same for all players. Sorry everyone! This wasn’t the intended behaviour.

We’re now working on a hot fix that will correct this.


plants gadered seems not to work and

also not

Thanks for reporting these, we’ll add them to the bug database.

Someone had already reported this before we moved Testing over to the live game. We do have this logged in our bug database.

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it also seems that recipes in reffenery doesnt work … i have the rigth amount of thing to craft and the recipe don’t appear as craftable but i’m able to craft it trought “uncraftable item”

With the new update i turned up to lvl 50 (from 41, i think).

I got 0 skill points, and feat still stand at 41.


Confirm that the refinery is not above 100% wear?

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have you also seen “±12002 xp” in your xp bar?

when you open a shop you arnt able to move stuff from shop to inventory but you can move stuff from jour inv to shop

had this after passing a portal… :frowning:

visual issue

the healing thing also keeps giving the 5 even tho im full health

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I’ve been having a similar problem for a while.
I can move items from shop-to-inventory using shift-click, or by adding them to a smart stack in the inventory.

I think the rules for specifying what item you display in a shop stand (a single particular item or block type) are somehow being applied to items going the other way as well

i like everyone else have lost out on skill points. so far that is all i have noticed… other then being jumped a level and a half…