Release 180 - Report issues here

is it only me or more of you have really bad connection? unplayable for me at the moment :cry:


Objectives - hand crafting feats track amount of items crafted, crafting table feats adds just +1, should track amount of items crafted

Beacons -

fueling beacon with last items in smartstack crashes the game

anny thing else you need to kno just ask

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I was looking at using some of my skill points and noticed that whenever I highlight any of the Attributes Bonus Skills it says it will “Increase All Attributes By -28” Hopefully this is just a labeling issue. I have included screen shots

It is doing something similar with the Power Bonus Skill

After I went through the portal form Sanctum, the values reset to the proper values. I went back to Sanctum and they were still correct. Not sure what happened but it does not appear to be an issue now.

this is something that bugs me before this update
i play with a touckpad on my keyboard
so i select my items in the handsmenu by clicking on them

so if i have different chisels in a stack and i drag the one i want to use into my hand and i use it
then i click on a hammer and use it
then when i click back on the chisel i used it changes into the first one from the stack and not the one i selected before

I have got that to, now i need to drag the item i want to use in a stack to the first position in the smartstack before i equip it in my hand.

This is likely legacy from when we showed what would happen if you removed the skill.

As Havok40k mentioned, check how much wear you have.

Hopefully we’ll have a fix for this in the next update.

We cannot reproduce this. Can you provide some screenshots and / or video with step-by-step instructions showing which items cannot be transferred from the shop back into your inventory?

Do you mean that the number 5 is continuously appearing above your health bar after you have activated one of the Health Regeneration skills?

As James mentioned earlier in this topic, we do have a hotfix coming.

Is it still occurring even after changing the Chunk Download Rate and Chunk Cache Size options?

If so, open the above link and post screenshots showing the debug information as explained there.

If I understand this correctly, are you saying that crafting items using the Crafting Table also increases the total for any of the Basic Crafter Feats entitled ‘Working with your hands’? If so, I can’t see any issues regarding this.

Cannot reproduce this one. How many times has this happened to you? Do you also have a crash dump for this?

So the video shows the following bugs:

  1. You approached the portal and the game displays a tooltip saying that you could interact it from the position you were standing at, but you ended up opening your inventory instead. This should be fixed in the next live update.
  2. You were unable to access your Mixer and Refinery when standing underneath your Spark Core. Was that the only place you were unable to access both of them? If you walked away from under the Spark Core, were you still unable to access both machines? I had a look and was presented with the message ‘Interaction is not permitted’ when I stood underneath the Spark Core. Incidentally, you won’t be able to interact with the Spark Core from underneath it.
  3. It looks like you had made contact with a slope before you teleported. We should have a fix for this in the next live update.

Thanks for the report, we’ve added this to the bug database.

I have tested all combinations of CDR and CCS long time ago and got way better experience since. Yesterday was just a random bad day I’d say as its back to normal today. Was just wondering if it was just me or was it more global? Could have created separate topic rather than posting here maybe.
All good at the moment - although “missing portal” still occurs every second log-in or so.

still got the bug on where i have killed 10/10 creatures and harvested 10/10 drops and aquired a sling bow objective cant be completed,

same as for quest : locking items, a tool to shape blocks, storage, building a furnace pt 1 and 2, building a workbench and some more objectives.

could it be that i skipped a start/tutorial quest that is not showing up and that all objectives past that somehow wont complete?

probably basic traits

@vdragon that’s the issue

Shift clicking soft coal into an igneous stone furnace makes the coal disappear

its just invisible break and replace the block to get it back

That fixed it for me @houdhakker2.
I got another thing.
Connected textures acting weird.


Does that occur when you activate a portal?

We’re not seeing problems with any of the named objectives. Could you give further details on what you were doing? Tutorial objectives at the start of the game will be displayed on the top left by default, so it shouldn’t be possible to miss any of those. For any of the objectives you have mentioned, do you track every one so that they appear on the top left?

Looking at the picture here, for handcrafting, did you click the Handcraft option to craft 50 items in one go? With the Crafting Table, did you use the Bulk Craft and Mass Craft option to craft several items at once? Also, can you just confirm what the affected Feats are?

Looks like the textures are not seamless. Where’s the location of this?

Therka, coords are 1065, 81, -755

It only happens when starting the game. After loading Sanctum the message is there in top right corner and the left hand side portal wouldn’t open. I can still use the other one and pay for warping whenever I want.
Never seen that happening with any players portals on any world or when returning to Sanctum during the same session.

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Hi James,

I had some issues with the update:

  1. I logged on to the came, confirming the reset warning thing in sanctum
  2. Went through the warp portal
  3. Game disconnected because of network instabillity issues
  4. Restarted the game, arriving back at sanctum
  5. Went through the warp portal again, this time not disconnecting
  6. Had all that expected leveling and achievements pop-up
  7. But then… I noticed that my incentory slots have been reduced. Including the slots that had some items in there… Oh oh!

Bot sure if that is intended behavior. Will I get my items back after adding that skill again, or are my inventory items lost?

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Unlock the inventory skills and your inventory should return.

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I can confirm this is working. Pfew!
Thank you for the quick reply.

But… I noticed something else. Small though and could not get it on an a Steam screenshot.
If you have Team Viewer installed, it will add an arrow-like thing ‘<->’ to all your windows, so that you can present that application with an other Team Viewer user. However, this is now on the fullscreen Boundless game window as well.


More info: