Release 180: XP and Progression re-re-balance!


Hi @Kal-El.

You do realise that you keep earning plots beyond Level 50?

If you collapse all the changes into a single value, then we’ve actually increased the “plots earned per hour” of play. The rebalance would have given players, all other things being equal, more plots.

So we’ve increased the rate at which plots are earned and increased the rate at which players achieve Level 50 (currently) maximum character progression. Once you hit Level 50 you can’t improve your character but you do keep earning plots.

If you only look at absolute numbers (ie. 320 plots for max level) then you’re not seeing the full picture.


It’s a little disingenuous to say we won’t see large builds anymore. It’s also ironic to me that you mention New Berlyn at 11,630 plots, being as I am the founder and mayor of that town. I want to point out that even as the majority contributor of that town, I own only about 5% of those plots. It, like Therka Market and all of the largest builds in game, is the result of dozens of colaborators. Ultimately in a multiplayer environment like Boundless, no task is truely too large for a player determined enough to achieve it. As the current plot distribution currently stands, I personally have about 400 plots still unused and I’m not even lvl 40 yet. I have no concerns about plot distribution in the future based on what I currently see in game.


I’m I correct that skill points granted per level stayed the same, except Levels 6-10 granting 10 points except 5?


I think the new plot system works, as people can level up pretty quickly. In the previous system, I would spend a couple of weeks trying to grind to the next level before getting 20 plots and using them instantly. The building process was very much a stop-start thing. Now I can have a pretty constant stream of plots coming in - the experience from clearing/crafting/building for each set of plots will be plenty to get me to the next level.

Big builds will either be collaborative projects or long term goals for people to commit to. The capital cities in the game tend to be made of a many smaller plots from many different people, the new system doesn’t affect this kind of build. Really large buildings will just require more planning - saving up the plots first or building it a small piece at a time. They will be bigger achievements as people play the game more.


I do not think it is disingenuous at all. If you have 5% of the plots then you have approximately 581 plots in New Berlyn. Under the new scheme you would have to be level 50 (320 plots) and then have advanced 26 additional times to have enough plots to make that kind of significant contribution to a town, and not have used any plots anywhere else. If you were level 40 under the new plot scheme with no additional plots from the purchase of a package above Adventurer, then you would have a total of 220 plots. You would not have been able to make the same meaningful contribution to New Berlyn. You would not have 581 plots in New Berlyn and 400 not used and any other plots used in other locations.

Therka Market is the collaboration of many people, I do not disagree, and it was built under a different scheme of plot distribution. To replicate it in 1.0 would take 112 people using all the plots they earned till they reached level 50 under the new plot distribution scheme. I doubt that would happen and maybe it is too big. Maybe Prozee’s hub station and substations should not be possible for one player. He could certainly create the same functionality using significantly fewer plots. Maybe Iron Sky should have been a group effort from the start. Maybe the abundance of plots is contributing to the abandoned feel of parts of the large settlements. I may be in the minority that wants to be able to make large builds and not have to rely on others to furnish plots.

Yes I do. As I stated in my comments. If I am short plots, and I am level 50 and want to do a build that requires 100 plots, I will need to level/advance 10 more times. Assuming it requires 200,000 xp to advance each time past level 50, then I will need 2,000,000 xp to get the 100 plots. As I am level 49, I do not know what the advances past level 50 take so my assumption may be bad. For 2,000,000 I need to mine 500,000 stone or if 20% of what I hit is resources (coal, copper, iron, fossils, or tech) I will need to mine 250,000 stone/resources. I will also get daily and weekly bonuses which will reduce the time needed to get the plots. If I mine a combination of 2000 stone/resources a day (16,000 xp), or do the equivalent in hunting/crafting/building it will take 104 straight days to earn the 100 plots. That is my concern about getting plots past level 50.


It was also been discussed that guilds will gain plots on top of what players gain.


Actually as a master tier backer, I’d have 640 plots at 50, but that’s beside the point here. I’ve also got 1200 hours logged in the game at this point, so I think my current degree of contribution based on hours played is drastically below what it could be, and after that many hours of play, I I would likely have ranked up far more than an additional 26 times.


@Havok40k im level 49 now… and i have 815 plots… how dose that work?


becaus you ownd land before thay had implemented the beacons


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I think that the plots include plots awarded from prior xp and plot models, and rather than wipe our plots and recalculate, they opted to let us keep the bonus plots rather than upset people for taking them away.


Actually way before the skill implementation. The Max amount of feasible plots for players were around the 200’s. Many builds were made of smaller plots or many player contributions. Therka Market was still the biggest.

Biggest example can be said to be the oort temple. It was a collaboration of 64 plots from many members of the community to reach a 6400+ plot construction.

Overall, I think that the new plot system works and the previous one, while “having a Max that’s greatest” seems like the best choice, the new one awards more plots per hour as stated by the devs. And overall triumphs the previous “max”. Remember that there’s no real amount of Max plots.


:open_mouth: 220 skill points available now!
helloooo death penalty reduction!
(oh MY durability loss buff is expensive!.. where did my points go lol)

Thank you Devs!!


I know the developers are just trying to address some of the concerns expressed about all the grinding it takes to level and the low number of plots given for the early levels. I have not enjoyed the seemingly endless mining required to get the skill points I needed to be able to gain a crafting or luck skill. I also believe that they are trying to create a game that people will enjoy and keep playing for a long, long, time. I do like the fact that more xp is given for building, and crafting than before the update. That makes it easier to specialize in building or crafting and not have to mine to advance.

My concerns were about the way plots were going to accrue after reaching level 50. If no one else is concerned then I am probably worrying about nothing and will drop it.


The current balance reduces the number of plots you receive per ‘level’ beyond 50, but also significantly reduces the XP needed, and increases the XP you gain for actions. By my sums you will be gaining more plots per hour of effort than you were before, and as a bonus you will have to wait less time for your next bundle of 10, rather than waiting a lot longer for a larger bundle.


I’d rather see 20 and more players creating a city than just 5 each having 2000 plots. This game is about cooperation. Cooperation is Boundless second name. If we don’t want to see empty settlements the game needs to create environment where big builds require a larger guild and at least 30, 40 or 50 players involved. That will ensure that at any given time there are enough players online and roaming the streets to make the world feel alive.

So I find it ok that an average 50 lvl player has some 200 plots or maybe 300. Having a 1000 would be too much in my opinion. Other than that if we expect way more players in future we certainly can’t afford them having thousands plots each as the world’s would get cramped blocked and reserved to a degree where any new player in game would find it difficult to find larger area for new bigger builds.


Updated OP with release notes for 180.1.


I still have a thousand plots to spare and with the new system I’ll gain 60+ plots per week, not gonna run out anytime soon (or even) even if I have crazy amounts of time to build.

I don’t think this will is an issue at all - plot rewards are well balanced IMO.

If you’re getting them too slowly that might indicate that you’re doing activities that need some more XP tweaking?


I’ve just added a note to the original post about an issue that happened to me, and may confuse you:


How are you getting 1,200,000 xp per week? Do you get this from all the selling at your store? That is what it takes (without an upgraded package) to get 60 plots a week at 200,000 xp for every 10 plots.

I figure right now I can generate an average of about 9,000 xp per day if I play for 2 hours. Adding in all the daily and weekly bonuses, I figure I can generate 200,000 xp every two weeks.

I figure you would have to generate slightly over 165,000 xp per day in order to get 60 plots per week.

I am curious what the developers think the hourly rate for xp should be after the changes made. I know it should be higher due to crafting, building and hunting xp increases.


Let me just prelude by saying that I still need to do a lot of testing post-patch, but most of my XP pre-patch was from mining. Also, I have wayfarer - so that’s 960k xp required per week.

I used to hit the previous 400k xp / week from farming for my store (that’s about 25 000 blocks of copper/iron/soft coal per week or 3 571 blocks / day). It’s not terribly hard to get decent XP mining if you aren’t picky on your loot and burn through high-end hammers. So far this seems to still give roughly the same rewards.

Then of course 36k from daily/weekly XP rewards. The rest I’m planning on from crafting and building buffs post-patch. Budgeting on around 500k xp from this - which may or may not be attainable - I’ll find out as time goes.

EDIT: I’m curious about intended levels of plots/week too. And how other sources of XP way up to pre-path mining levels now.