Can guild factions be used to reduce permissions on a beacon?

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I am trying to use a faction to be able to give guild members permissions to use storage shelves in a beacon while preventing accidental breakage of block (like the glass floor over the lava pit!)

So what I did was:

  • Create a faction within the guild
  • Add a member (who has full Exec permissions in the primary guild) to the faction
  • Only give the member the Worker permission in the faction
  • Align a beacon to the faction, giving full control to the guild (faction)

We observed that said member was still able to break blocks within the beacon. It appears that the greater permissions in the primary guild override the reduced permissions in the faction.

Is this intended behavior, or did I uncover a bug in guild vs faction permissions interactions?

If a player is an exec in the main guild then you can’t give them lower permissions in a faction. They always inherit permissions from the main guild. An executive will always have full access to everything except making other executives (that’s the point of an executive!).

The way to do this is to put all guild members without global guild permissions into a “core” faction all controlled beacons should be aligned to this faction. Then you can create another faction “storage access” with a different set of roles and align the storage room beacon to that.

Also we have Advanced Locks coming soon… :stuck_out_tongue: they will stop you having to have a separate beacon. Instead, you can just lock the storage directly (with per player permissions too).


Maybe, we should not inherit permissions in the factions. The idea was that it would be a little weird if you are the guild director and then you make a faction but you don’t have any rights in it. Perhaps, we could just add the creator of the faction as a director of the new faction (or all directors of the master guild as directors of the new faction).

See Should factions inherit permissions from the master guild? for a discussion on this change.

Also at guild level I hope? There are quite a few ‘locked doors’ in our guild controlled beacons and I want all guild members to be able to open hem but I don’t want them ‘accidentally’ breaking everything :slight_smile:

Thank you for the information!

FWIW, the use case I have is less about advanced lock (although I’m super excited to hear about them!) and more not wanting people to accidentally break the glass floor. I did that at least once while building the area. Lava is hot :smiley: