Can someone explain the market prices to me

if people are buying sweet beans @ 50c, or less even, lets take 40c
how are people selling teaching pies @ 320~330c? 330 - (330 * 7.5% tax) = 305.25c
16sweetbeans * 40c = 640c
mass craft = 640c * .72 = 460.8c

  • 20~% raw food guildbuff bonus 460.8c / 1.2 = 384c
  • 20~% cooked food guild buff bonus 384c / 1.2 = 320c

and thats just for beans…?
wheres the profit margin?

am i Missing some other buff that they can lower their cost?

it just gets more ridiculous for other stuff to, i see 13c teaching porridges, which costs atleast 40c to make just for beans.

i wish i could de-craft items so i can sell the parts XD

(edited for clarity)

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because not everyone uses BUTT nor does everyone carefully do input-output accounting. many who sell at those low prices harvest all the materials themselves and simply enjoy providing baked goods :slight_smile: yup the market is sometimes inefficient.


Not everyone uses reasonable prices. A lot of things are under paid or over priced.


Also, if you do your own gathering, it cuts down the cost of making all the things in general

Not everyone value their time/efforts in game the same way.

My best example would be paint/pigments. I have a store where I sell pigments at 125c each. Farming goo is a long and painful process and sorting it in the shop also takes up a lot of time, so to me I feel like that price is fair. Other shops sell paint or pigments starting at 25c. People will do what they want, can’t control everyone


Well since its request baskets I am basing the 40c to 50c,
Can’t I say they still lose money had they just sold the parts?

i don’t know.
There isn’t like a good or bad way to do things. This is a game, so as long as people are having fun gathering, crafting, selling, etc. everything is ok with me :slight_smile:


People are losing money basically.

It makes a lot of us go :thinking::thinking::thinking:

You’re not the only one who’s confused.

There’s two kinds of players really.

Ones who are playing the game as a job and trying to squeak out every extra cent they can for whatever reasons.

Others are playing it as entertainment, so profit is pointless and meaningless. They just enjoy selling things they have made. For them (and me) it’s not about money, it’s about the making of the item and selling it.

People who talk about ‘but you spend time to gather the materials’ are just different kinds of players from those enjoying themselves.

I, and others, are playing a game for its entertainment and for us that entertainment is gathering the items to craft and then crafting and selling.

Other people, you I presume, want to work fine margins and enjoy treating the market part of the game like spreadsheets and find entertainment in that.

I used to play spreadsheet games and it was fun and if I did it still, Id just buy up all the cheap pies and sell them in large bulk for a markup in busy corridors.

No ones losing anything. You’re perceiving a loss because you look at your game time as work so there is a value to it. Others do not. The ‘work’ is literally the reason why they play so there is no monetary value to it.


I would buy them out but I dont have capital ^^;

Using average prices for butt we have this is the production price for coils.
And you can easily find them for 900 lol.


My take on it is that if you sell that cheap your items will fly off the shelves and you’ll be left with work work work to keep them full. I have no problem buying from these folks, but they sell themselves short. Also, they make room for people who buy low and resell at a higher price, which I find redundant and even wasteful since more tax is paid into the void that way.


Just speaking as to opportunity cost

They could also sell beans for 10c

I have no objection to people selling cheap pies or beans btw. Everyone chooses their own prices and I love godly deals on pies :blush:


True until those who were selling pretty low find out they are getting tired of trying o keep up with demand on their shops. Which has happened to a lot of people.

Yeah the only minus IMO is burnout

If someone were smart they’d buy the universe out of teaching pies and raise the price

The economy of this game needs a lot of work. You also have people that make tons in Footfall or other methods and have 10’s of millions in their pocket competing with those that don’t. So “market price” truly is just a number someone came up with and others agreed so it “costs” that going forward.

I’m looking forward to one day maybe having a much more robust economy model in this game.


Right. But that’s assuming the person playing even cares about opportunity cost which is the point I was trying to get at. Those people just don’t care. They’re just happy to gather craft and sale. They don’t even care about the coins the make I bet you, it’s just the simulation of it that is enjoyable to them.

I bet there’s a fun psychological paper out there on these different player types :laughing:

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If you intend to open a shop, don’t try to sell by the lowest price. Try to be the one that has stock when the others don’t even if your prices are higher.

I once did try to sell pies but It just not worth it with the current prices, for me its too much work to get everything ready for a pie and then having to pretty much give it a way lol.


I am not really against people playing the way they want I am just wondering how the average coin seeking shop owner makes coin.

I had this idea for running a shop.
Double stands.
1 stand remains stock at a price your happy with
the other stand with the same item sells your “overstock” or bargain prices etc…

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That’s true but I’d say that most prices have settled roughly at prices that value people’s time at about 100k an hour

As in you should be able to make about 100k an hour on any profession. If the prices get too low, ppl do other stuff.

for what it’s worth I definitely don’t make 100k an hour on my mall. If I just did gleamball for all the time I’ve had a mall I would be waaaaaaay richer. Same goes for hash and ps and tnt.

In this game i do not need a lot of money.
I only use it for exos, and when i am to lazy to farm material.

I run around with an axe when exploring or running to other places, chopping up resources for free.
But i have no shop, only sell surplus when i am low on coin.

Selling it for low price get me the money faster. :slight_smile:

If someone buy it to sell it with profit i do not mind.