Can’t remove a guild

I just noticed I’m in a guild that I cannot leave. I joined it back when guilds where first added. Never really looked at it since I started Reapers. But I was going to leave it but there is no button for me to leave. I’m the only one left in the guild. And can’t delete it because I was never a leader.

The only way I can think of why this might be happening is that the players who were a part of the guild originally might have deleted their own characters to get around removing them from the guild itself without giving another player Guild Leader permissions, but I haven’t been able to reproduce it this way.

I’ve noticed that you have the option to make it your primary guild. Would you be able to check if choosing this option would then enable to option to leave / disband the guild?

They still play. I see them everyday online. So I don’t think they deleted there character. I don’t want to make them my primary and lose my buffs.
I did align a beacon and put down a book and try disbanding it but I don’t have the permissions to do it. As you can see in the picture I have no permissions within the guild.

Separate problem.
I also have this person in my guild I can’t delete.
I took a video of me trying to delete them.

Thanks for reporting, I’ve added this to the bug database. That is quite strange and shouldn’t be happening.


No prob. And thank you. :+1::beers:

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