Can’t use reclaim storage

I started moving my storages around however it won’t allow me to collect any more reclaims storages on my beacon, the only one available is greyed out. I’ve submitted a game log last night called “won’t allow to use reclaim storage”
@ 21:05pm (UK TIME)

Beacon location: Dzassak
-1768N -1505E (Alt 224)

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Did you empty your previous reclaim storage?

the limit is one per character, you have to finish emptying your current reclaim on your other beacon because you can start reclaiming storage a second time.

I have only used this beacon to collect my reclaims, but nothing is showing?

Last night I clicked on one to reclaim and it vanished instantly & ever since then it’s not let me do it.

@lucadeltodecso @james @vdragon

Am I doing something wrong here or is this an error?

i got the same issue as you have
i claimed it and placed a beacon but no inventory is showing, and i cant select a different one because the previous has not yet been completed.

There was a player in chat that just experienced this issue. DarkV … said reclaim was grayed out and he couldn’t retrieve his items. He gave up. I tried to get him to come to the forums and post :woman_shrugging:

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yeah have the same. I was removing old portal-jump beacons (from back when we did not have a free return home or extended location saves) so it was an empty beacon, so did DELETE on it… but still gave me a reclaim entry. Went to open that at my home beacon, it just cleared out… because nothing in it… and since then, not able to open any of the reclaimed beacons in the list.

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As i understand it there are a different to reclaim a beacon and delete a beacon.
Where delete work as earlier, removing everything, and where reclaim put all stuff in the becon store.

So I tried to fix the problem by reclaiming my storage area which could of been effected by the reclaim that vanished, problem still occurs and now I have all my storage in a reclaim that I can’t reclaim!
Currently working during the week so only have weekends free, this is going to be a long weekend!

i like to know how to solve this @james have you got any idea on this issue?

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When you reclaimed a beacon did you then start recovering the items on a Master Beacon Control?

If so, what is the location?

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i claimed it and went up to a new placed beacon but could not see the reclaim inventory
i have tried to place another new beacon on a different location with the same problem no reclaim inventory is being shown. and selecting another reclaim will tell me that i can only do 1 reclaim at a time

xa frant my home base

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The system thinks that you’re still recovering items from the reclaimed beacon.

You either are or there is a bug.

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if i was would it not show an inventory but since i reclaimed and went up to a master beacon no reclaim inventory has been shown up yet

just pressed reclaim and that’s all that it did for me

i think my solution is delete reclaim inventory and reclaim a new one O_o

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What was the flow you followed??
(As precisely as possible.)

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that i can hardly remember… i tried and tested so much to see if i can get it to work
reclaim the beacon in question, remove a old beacon completely, placed a new beacon and tried to reclaim the items on that specific beacon, did not work so made a new beacon master beacon , also did not work, went to a different location on xa frant outside of the base, placed a beacon , nooope still wont show up the reclaim inventory
i already tried to put my laptop in rice but also did not solve it

note: discard reclaim items is also grayed out meaning i cant even delete it

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Are you reclaiming using the same alt?
I’ve only been able to reclaim using the same alt that the reclaimed beacon belonged to and the beacon that you are using to reclaim your stuff must also belong to the same alt.

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Yeah it’s all owned by my main character, no idea how long it’ll take for a fix but until then I won’t be playing as ALL of my storage has been reclaimed and just sat there greyed out so I can’t access it :sob:

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