Cannot connect to World in US East and West

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I have a connection problem with world like Grovidias Te, Biitula, or Gyosha Ophin. I can’t enter these world. I have one instance of waiting until the portal is accessible, but the connection is unplayable. It was not long before I was kicked out.

I’m connecting the game from Malaysia. I have this problem around 2am GMT+8 24 Oct. The connection is stable around 4am. I can’t connect to the game now. It could be a similar problem to the one players have before where they have problem connecting to server from outside of the country where the server is.

Please advice.

What format are you playing on?

PC. I can connect with no problem now. I’m just wary that it will happened again.

Server timed out again just now. I can’t log into the server again.

Could you share a game log just after you see the message on screen?

It works fine now. I’m not sure why it triggers on and off.