Can't have anything fun


If only I knew how many hundreds of hours I have logged. Unfortunately since I’m on ps4 there’s no way to know


You’re right, that’s a long time to enjoy any game, and maybe he’d be over the game regardless what was in it. Still, the things he’s complaining about are wanted by many… not just people who are potentially burnt out.

Placeable liquid seems pretty basic as something we should be able to do (not basic as in code, of course). And it sounds like it is inc, so thank you devs- that’s awesome.

Lack of complexity/interactivity was one of my biggest complaints about Trove club worlds, and it’s arguably lacking in Boundless (we have doors that open and close and other stuff, so it’s a bit better). I think devs should try and improve that aspect of the game, whether it’s “redstone” or something else, even if there are limits placed on it for performance etc.


You are a legend and a hero! Stay strong!

Idk how long I’ve been playing but I’m no where near bored, some days I find easier then others to want to play but that’s anything.

I think the lesson(s) that needs to be taken from this thread is success is about how much you make but the fun make, and that we need to be a constructive community of support.


I actually really like this suggestion. It would, in essence allow players to generate their own version of dungeons.


I think mostly what he means is how many uses redstone has… Creating circuits and hidden passage ways. Levers…

Dispensers and pressure plates, thinks like that. I do agree boundless lacks in that department. It would be nice to be able to make cannons and such things for defences at the base. I do believe you can certainly do a bit more in mine craft.


1700 hours and nowhere near bored but I do agree some interactive/non static items would be most welcome :slightly_smiling_face:


Would minecarts be more viable than red stone? From a coding perspective, I would think a minecarts wouldn’t require much in terms of resources, just directing where to move and changing a character model. Shouldn’t be too different from ice slides or slide blocks really. You could do BYO minecart (all characters “have them” in inventory already) so there would be no placing cart objects, just a character model change.

Other simpler ideas that are redstone-esque but are hopefully less resource intensive:
Musical blocks
Blocks that light up when walked on
Bouncy wall panels


im kinda biased in this as i never really got on the minecraft bandwagon (dont even know what redstone is :stuck_out_tongue: ) but what you say rings so true in so many ways


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Sure, when the beacons expire in roughly three years.


Now thats what I call overextended no wonder you’re upset. Just thought I would ask though.


Tying a logic system to the spark system might be a viable solution, first off it’ll cost you spark to run certain simulations, the more performance it requires the more spark per simulation or action it should cost.

  • and instead of making a logic system out of redstone in minecraft, maybe simply let us “program” blocks by connecting them in one way or another.

Personally I’m thinking of something closer to Space Engineers, not that we should have a programming language, but that each functional block should have some actions that they can perform, like doors can open/close - then you could attach that to a pressure plate to open doors, or intergrate it into an interface where it can open a door if a certain requirement has been met.

Like, if we would have an interface block that is connected to a door, then it could have X amount of other objects connected to it from which will have certain types of outputs depending on the block type - Like if you have a shelf/container then you connect the container to the interface and the door to the interface.

So in the interface you’d see what is connected - in this case it would then say:

Shelf -> If (10) iron ore -> Doors -> Open

Trying to visualise this on text is a lot harder, but I hope this makes sense.

This way it wouldn’t be per tick either, but event based (or I would like to think it would event based so it would take up minimal amounts of performance)

The spark requirement (if that is something) could then scale with more actions or checks that the interface would have to do.


seems to be a remark you want to make if you don’t agree. A person can Like, Enjoy a game and not be happy with one or two aspect. That Does Not mean it isn’t for them.

You have remarked on not liking something I think I read once, or wanted a change, nerfing new players if I recall, but had the gall to tell me maybe I shouldn’t play this game.
Shoe fits, wear it. Maybe this game isn’t for you either.

I love this game, but don’t expect it to fit my like and wants perfectly and this forum, community is for people to not only learn about the game, how to play but also express what they would like to see changed in it. Not get told they are wrong, so this game isn’t for them.
Having never played Minecraft I can’t voice a personal opinion, but watched my son play it and it seemed limited. I can make the decision for myself, not for another person.


I use the response when I see posts that are anything but constructive. When all that is written is how much the game dissatisfies you, it’s honesy what comes to mind. I’ve also read your posts and many times that’s what I’ve seen… complaints about all that is wrong and even threats not to play anymore. I stand by my comment.


It is, however, an unwanted knee-jerk reaction that in itself is non constructive. I really don’t like seeing that response from anyone.

In these cases if that’s all that can be offered, it might be better to not say anything at all, since it tends to just rise hackles. Just a suggestion.


Just wanted to point out that, there’s minecraft, and then there’s mod packs like Feed the Beast. Which might be called something else I haven’t played that for years.

Boundless is more like FTB than vanilla minecraft. There are a ton of systems that are incorporated into that, that could absolutely work with Boundless, that aren’t Redstone etc. I think it’s a little negative, and a little simplistic, to suggest that because the game lacks a specific feature that you want, that the game is fundamentally less than another game that includes that feature (but lacks others).

I mean you are entitled to your opinion, but to be fair, you are suggesting that the set of features in Minecraft is greater than the set of features in Boundless, and I am not convinced that you have made that case effectively.


That is a good idea, I think that we should definitely skip redstone and instead go for a programmable objects that can do certain things, maybe some of them have to be connect with spark generators to run.


I have nothing else to add to this thread except I appreciate you and this comment, Mystic. :slight_smile:


Alot of the good mods in FTB involve automation, even thou there is no redstone involved the machines that can be added with the mod, they can still create lag when you make them large enough and there is enough going on. With the amount of items i had flowing thru the medium sized ME network i made, and Tesseracts, EnderIO pipelines, In and out of the nuclear reactor and so on. the area lagged quite modestly when everything was in full swing.

I have a very very hard time seeing boundless anything close to FTB when FTB adds magnitudes more to the base minecraft game, some of which can be quite complex, and boundless still is in the stage where we aren’t allowed to place flowing water, or have falling sand/gravel blocks.

I do not see boundless ever having any complex systems that the player can scale up however he and/or she would like. and therefore I do not see how boundless is closer to FTB when FTB typically makes the game more complex then it already is.


Maybe have automation, but only load automation to the beacon owner and friends of the beacon…? Similar to how we can’t peek in other peoples’ crafting tables.