Can't open Creative Conduits

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@Soju-VB and I can not get my portal to open, and I could not get it to open at my house either. I created a brand new portal with a new token but no matter what, it just kicks you right back to the creative bridge menu when you click open portal.

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Made a quick video of what its doing.

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Just outta curiosity you made sure you set the world to public?

I don’t know what would happen if you tried to open a portal on someone else’s plot to your world when it’s not public.

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I’m having this same problem on Tana VII trying to open a creative bridge to Party World.

Yeah, I double checked, it’s set to public.

This is a very familiar situation

I am just nudging this so it doesn’t get lost, still can’t open any portals to my creative world.

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Same for me, was about to make a thread :

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Still broken as of today.

Did you try getting skill for more blinksec jumps it helped me I was able to open it after going through that.

They aren’t limited by blinksec afaik, but mine is maxxed. If it is being limited, I don’t think it’s supposed to be.

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Oh my portal was doing what was in goblins video even though it said 0 blinksecs but worked when I got skill so not sure.

It worked for me earlier
I’ll hop on see if I can help mebbe

I was trying to open it as well, and I had just opened 3 others with no issue and then had this issue, so it was not a skill thing.

it does look to be skill based bug; tried opening a bridge with full skils, worked. tried opening it with no “portal/warp distance” skills and failed

will get it fixed asap!


but I had the same issue @lucadeltodecso trying to open the portal for @diannetea … and i had just opened another one with no issue for someone else. No change in skills between the two attempts, one worked, the other did not.

the server even logs a “[ERROR] ActivatePortalConduit: portal distance exceeds player’s capability” when I do it without skills ! (clearly the test is being done before branching for creative vs normal portals)

more specifically, the server code sets the distance to 0 for a creative-creative portal, but isnt setting it to 0 for a creative bridge portal; so whilst the gui allows you to open any distance, the server is restricting to player skill limit; trivial fix!


ah, okies… then it could be a distance thing comparing the one i was able to open vs the one I was not able to open.