Cash shop? wait what?


Was this always advertised? did I somehow miss this?

I am 100% not ok with a cash shop. I don’t care how basic it is. I am not interested in paying for the game. Making an account, being locked to one character (which i apparently cannot delete), and then being greeted with new req now, suddenly, asking for Cubits to respec my toon? to add an additional slot?

So instead of time and development going into… idk female models? other races? other features? We are pumping it into a cash shop now?

I was REALLY looking forward to launch. Not anymore, good luck with your product, I’m sorry but this is heading a direction I wont support.

I have watched too many games kill off their own player bases with their money grubbing and poor allocation of development time to blood sucking whales dry.

And no, the features we were supposed to have, female models, and other development should not be DLC or Pay for things. The game is CLEARLY unfinished if it even lacks female models. And I wouldn’t be surprised for a moment if they were a cash shop thing, or any character customization for that matter. :frowning:

Good luck friends, I hope another company creates something similar to this that is online that I can play and doesn’t restrict it’s players with cash shops. or at minimum, id rather pay monthly for all of the developed content to be in the game and freely accessible… call me old fashioned but I don’t like paying 10-30$ for a one use item :confused:

My Line on the cash shop, what is yours?

Before you get all up in arms over this… take a break and read a bit more into the exchange… I think you’re overblowing what it does. The vast majority of it does not require you spend ANY money, including respecs and characters and etc… you can earn more than enough in game! Trust me.

Lots of cubits to go around!


While I’m not sure how much time you’ve put into the game or how much you’ve read into how Cubits work, you actually don’t need to spend any real money for Cubits.

You earn Cubits every time you level up, earning up to 300 Cubits each time. Unfortunately, this does not seem to have been made clear enough in the tutorial, so there is quite a bit of confusion regarding the currency.

Also, there are a few female models, and have been for at least a year. They just don’t have exaggerated features like in many other games. The only snag is that they have a male voice over.


regardless, when did the cash shop become a thing?

I don’t remember reading anything about a cash shop when they asked for my money as a backer. I don’t remember seeing it in any of the news letters, or anywhere on the website to give warning.

I didn’t exactly go looking for this information, but i also feel like something like that, shouldn’t need me to dig for it.

If you are considering the bare chested small males with no covering, then sure we have females. There is 1 model that has a covering over the chest. However the sounds the character make is exactly the same as the bigger ones I would hardly consider them female. I suppose as an alien race i can let the lack of chest slide, but I don’t feel like sounding like a man and looking like a man, but saying its not a man because its short, will work. The only thing feminine about those models is the size, everything else is masculine.

I’m just really disapointed I have been selling this game to my friends and trying to get them interested, and I know now that as soon as they find out there is a cash shop, there isn’t a chance in hell they will get it. Not to mention I don’t know if I’m interested either now.

If they introduce a few female models (truly female), and give me the ability to delete/remake my 1 character slot without having to purchase another. I MIGHT (strong might), reconsider.


Let’s be clear that you do not earn 300 cubits each level. It scales.

Let’s be clear, you have not played the game from scratch with this new model up until level 50 or anything close. No one has. So you can’t expect anyone to trust you and that we “earn enough”.

We shouldn’t talk critically of a person now taking the time to understand the exchange and then say stuff ourselves that is an overstatement.


Sry Aridhol,
But u can’t deny the fact you pay more u gain more.
Your point is like we don’t need to spend real money , still can enjoy the game.
This is true.

But on the other hand, people spend more money can have better game function.
(plot / reset / char slot /)

Maybe you cant call it “pay 2 win”, because nothing u really “win” in this game since this game unlike usual MMORPG u have strong end game gears. But this is “Pay for Convenience” with no doubt.

This why i feel disappointed to the dev teams.
I think u know i was very exciting for the release.
Also I did tell a lot of new players we will have bright future.
At least i don’t believe that anymore.

As i said on other post , i will give one last shot when the game release.
If i still cant accept the new system i will just quit.
I think i already done too much talk in the past few days since i am very disappointed to their decisions.
But still i respect your point of view and others who like this game.
And good luck for that :slight_smile:


I have in fact done the math on exactly how much you get from 1-50 and beyond, and have in fact linked a table that gives you that information.

You get exactly 9000 cubits from 1-50, and 300 per level beyond 50. 3000 cubits per ten levels beyond 50, to even that out a bit.

A max skillset character would be level 150, and you’d have earned 39,000 cubits in that time.

Did you want more than that, or…? I’m not being critical of this person, I don’t even know them. They are being critical of a system they don’t fully understand (they have stated as much) so I am trying to help.

For reference… 39k cubits is 1300 plots, if you spent them all on plots.


I just started the tutorial, a lot of the available models look female.

edit oop, you saw that already. Didn’t realize they had man voices, but some women have man voices so… >.>


I think we only have a single voice type option right now.

I’d agree we need more :slight_smile:

Eventually :stuck_out_tongue:


It would help if you stopped looking at a cubits store as a cash shop. Cubits are an in game money earned during play. You are awarded them very often. Many games have a currency like gold that you get and can buy from players or NPCs with and another currency called crystals, platinum, or whatever you can get other things with. Boundless happens to call that second currency cubits and it does not require a penny of real life cash.


Was there was no official announcement from the development team saying X number of cubits a level and a graphic they released showing this? If so, then post that link for people to see.

If not, then your information means only so much and is a complete assumption on how the current model works. And the graphic is tiny and almost impossible to read.

You stated 300 cubits a level which was incorrect. You were critical of the person when you shot them down and told them to “take a break”. That tone can come off completely offensive to a person raising valid issues they have with the game. Then stating to “trust you” like you are some expert when, as you mentioned, you don’t even know them. We had a whole thread about approaching people that are critical of the game in a specific way to bring them into the community, not alienate them.

At this point the game requires no money beyond initial purchase. Cubits are earned as you level. That is what should have been said.


Why not just introduce “The Exchange” way later in the game? Separate the rewards from “The Exchange”

Like, let’s get a “Quests” tab, and a “Store” aka “The Exchange” tab, so when we start out and level up and are awarded’ those wooden boxes in the beginning it takes us to a quest tab and such?


What was stated was “up to 300 cubits each time”. From level 41 through 150 (max skill points for one character with 3 skillsets) it’s 300 cubits per level.


This reaction is probably going to be a lot more common as the game Launches… as I’ve been saying…


ya there are, however most people go into that game knowing its coming. they also call them cash shops. If there are items for sale and you can use REAL WORLD money for it, that is a cash shop, it doesn’t matter what name you put on it.

Wildstar calls them Omnibits, you can earn them in game or you can buy them. However the rate and which you earn them is externally slow and caps out each week, giving strong incentive to the player to use real money to get what they want. For the most part I’m ok with Wildstars cash shop items. nothing is pay to win in there. But it still doesn’t change the fact that the game has a cash shop.

I would much rather they create a lot of content and put it behind a pay wall as an expansion or DLC than have a cash shop. I just feel like it is a very dirty and vile business model. It is historically predatory on consumers.


Also don’t forget the Exclusive weapon / wearable recipe which can only craft by spending at least 55$ for backer’s package.

I will say this is 100% pay 2 win. Because the only way you can get those items is you spend the real money.


I agree, and I’ve made the point here before you’re making for the last few days, but neither of us know how easy it is to get cubits by grinding, it could be really easy, and we might not ever need to bother with the cash shop.

The problem is this is an MMO, so you can technically have tons of building space, and that takes up data, on servers, it isn’t free, right? It’s not like the limitation is your own PC.

But like I said, it seems odd, they would charge 40$ and introduce a cash shop. They really ought to introduce that later on when they lower the price of the game or something… I share your frustration.


That’s not actually the definition of pay 2 win.

Pay 2 Win requires an item be only purchasable with real money, AND have no in-game alternative that is as good, or better than it, that is obtainable by all players.

So like, cosmetics can’t ever be Pay 2 Win.

And this totem, if there’s any weapon or item in the game that does more damage, can’t be Pay 2 Win either, unless it does something none of the other items can.


Why not ?
You have the ability to craft items only a few people can craft.
Don’t tell me people wont sell it on market.
And you believe they will sell those with cheap price ?

Like i need to grind for hours to make money they can earn the profit by selling the real money gears ?
(Minus the cost of crafting feed)

It doesn’t sounds fair to me.

(Fist-grapple weapons for backers / digital deluxe owners)
This is the unique gear. At least for me.


No. What was stated was this:

That does not say anything about levels and what you say was said. Stick to the facts. When someone says 300 cubits each time they communicate each level unless otherwise stated especially when the original complaint didn’t bring up levels either.