Cash shop? wait what?


What have i started XD

I’ll just say this. This came out of no where, I feel blindsided, I feel lied to, and I am disappointed.

Cash shops make companies A LOT of money, if it is a successful game. If it didn’t they wouldn’t do it. But historically, the business model is predatory.

You can earn Cubits in game, got it, i still don’t like it, and no amount of information will change my mind about it. So long as I can purchase Cubits for real life money, that pressure will always be there. It has to be, for the company to be successful and create more content. However, most of that future content will be for the cash shop, which is why I am against it.

I don’t mind paying for content, I don’t mind paying for a service. I do mind feeling pressured into paying large sums of real life money in order to access developed content in a shop. I would much rather they charge me monthly and put it in the game and require me ot play their game in order to get it.


The unique gears will be tradeable, as we have seen with the Founder’s Totem, and these items aren’t the cream of the crop, so it is likely that players will craft them and sell them for reasonable prices. I’m not sure how the Founder’s Totem is tiered tool wise, but I know that it’s below gem tools, so there will be better options as you progress.

That said, I do understand your point of view on this, as only people who spend real money can obtain the recipe for them.


we knew the EXCHANGE and shop was going to be implemented at some point since March?

But anyway ZERO P2W because you earn the rewards in-game the cash shop is ONLY for those who want to pay to progress and cosmetics lol i do understand the confusion and mistrust though


@iGoofy the founders totem is too OP (craft wise) to even be fair to backers… it uses t4>5 craft mats and take 20 mins (we kind of lose out IMO)


You can use whatever nuance and semantic wording to try to get out of the reality of how the Exchange will be viewed by a large part of the gaming community and linked to a P2W model.

There is an old saying - if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck… it is a duck.

That is how people feel about this and nothing will change that perception as long as real world cash can be used to buy in game items that are used to play the game anywhere beyond cosmetic looks. End of story.


If that’s the case then maybe it should only be good as the initial totem, but a cosmetic difference.


Yep, I agree. Perception matters most to the masses.


To answer your question on how quick cubits are to get while grinding: I pull down about 300 cubits an hour at 50 mining. Sometimes it takes me 45 minutes to level, sometimes it takes me 75 minutes without teaching pie and forged hammers depending on the resource makeup (since its a little messed up right now).

Hunting in a group can pull down 5 levels in 2 hours if you are playing with a group doing meteors and using teaching pie. They are adjusting the xp from the mobs, so that is definitely subject to change, though it could get even easier to level with groups on higher worlds if they increase the xp per mob based on their buffs.

As long as there are no drastic changes in the next few weeks before launch that negatively effect xp gain, I don’t see many people having a shortage of cubits unless they are going for a lot of plots for big builds like me.


I know some games has this kind of design.
You don’t want to spend real money ? Fine, you spend more time.
But why do i do that ? Before the new system we all start at the same position.
We suffer as same situation or we enjoy as same situation.

Give me a reason why whales can spend less time to get the “better game function”
Because they r rich ?


@Xaldafax and everyone else to be fair to the P2W panic i get it… P2W has got a bad rep because most games do it with *you cant play most content unless you pay for epic sword whis does 200 Smite which cant be earned in game… if we can progress for free in game (we can with the rewards system) and cosmetics… and pay to progress faster THAT is not pay to win … its pay to look good/progress faster end of (IMO))


iGoofy did not say 300 per level. As shown in the quoted text iGoofy stated Up To. I provided the extra context that the 300 cubits was for levels between 41 and 150 as people were stating that the image was too small or too hard to read.


to elaborate on my point above… true pay to win in a game like this would be something like max level is 35 unless you pay another £15 for level 50… or £50 for life-time levels

It could also be shown as you cant get past skill ten unless you pay £15 … you cant do x unless you pay this

That is true pay to win… But i agree on the other side that this game has become a grind fest if you dont have the time /money (that is not p2w that is P2PF (Pay to progress faster)


He may have read it before I did a quick edit to say up to. The truth is I did not know how many Cubits were earned at a low level, so I did not try to make any assumptions. I fear this may have gotten blasted out of proportion.

So to clarify:
With each level up you earn Cubits, starting with 60 Cubits at level 2, increasing gradually at certain level thresholds until you earn up to 300 Cubits per level up.


An example here:
There are 3 lvl 2 players.
Player A (whales) : Hey watch my house so huge
Player B (Grind player) : how do you do that ? I can only exchange 2 plots
Player C: Well you can spend more time maybe couple weeks to exchange same plots or you spend the real money for that.

Player B: I see, but how come he has more character ?
Player C: well he spend the real money i guess .

How you guys feel about explain this to new players ?


Take a break is not hostile, or critical, its just a call to stop and examine additional information. I didn’t say it in a condescending way or demean the OP in any form

Also, you are conflating my statements with those made by iGoof which, frankly, we are not the same person so please straighten that out in your mind.

If you want a better explanation check the guides section on steam, I have more information there. Beyond that, I won’t be responding to this thread anymore because the hostility is coming not from my end, but yours.

I’ve stated my point clearly as I can. Disagree if you wish, but I am firm in my understanding


Now that is strange because your post does not show as being edited while looking on my phone. I even checked to make sure i read the context properly as it clearly looked like a misquoted text for the response.

Maybe this is why platforms like Twitter ddo not allow editing as it can change the flow of a conversation. @Xaldafax i apologize for assuming that you were taking things out of context.


If B wants to buy more plots without the grind… thats P2PF not P2W (because he can still grind it)

If B wants to look good its P2LG (pay to look good because it does not ahve any stat value :stuck_out_tongue: )


If you edit within a minute or so of making a post, it won’t show that it was edited. I missed it when I read over what I was saying.


Good to know. Thank you for pointing that out.


Yeah this was the thing i state for.
P2W i was talking about the Exclusive gears by Backers
P2LG or P2PF for Exchange system

2 things.

Sry English is not my first language, so its hard for me to explain my thoughts