Cash shop? wait what?


I do not feel demeaned or anything of the sort. I am purely just angry at the idea of a cash shop from no where.

Even if there was notice in what March? I never heard about it, i don’t see anything about it out in the open… I do feel this is all rushed.

I feel Square Enix might have something to do with it >.> … But, we will never know and unfortunately Wonderstruck may as well have handed the grave digging shovel to them, because regardless of who’s fault it is, its Wonderstruck who will pay for it in the end.


no issue… and i can assure you that the backers items are not actually P2W because i upgraded to get founder stuff… and the founder totem… is not worth £35 at all… because i need to be put a lot of skills in crafting (it needs titanium bars and a few more high end mats + 20 mins to make… although you can make for life and also give away/sell)

So IMPO we backers don’t get the good deal If it was free on game start i would agree… do you understand my meaning @wade44423 ?


except this is not a F2P game, its a B2P game Now with an added cash shop.

I assume most people will be mad because this was not the original plan and had I known it was coming, id not have paid the money for it. I would rather it be actually free to play with a cash shop that i can look at and decide if im ok with it or not… or it not have a cash shop and them trust that their game is good enough without enticing micro transactions, to keep the game afloat.



look here this will explain all Explaining the Exchange

I honestly get where you come from… but 90% of all games do it now… its the world we live in unfortunately


Yes i do ,
But you can’t deny the fact that only people pay the real money can craft it.
As long as that gear is complete useless otherwise i don’t feel its a good idea.
Especially when you can sell it, people will add the “skill” feed to this because They know you can’t craft it.


i see your point now yes…

and ia ctually was quite dissapointed that it was a high end craft (because i paid money to back) when i bought as non backer the totem in-game to try it only lasts about 20% longer than basic totem and hits like astone hammer/axe… so i think us backers lose as much as anyone here lol

why should i pay to skill for it when i bought the pack for it QQ etc


This why i said this is the thing they shouldn’t do.
Either the buyer feel weak or others think its unfair.
Wuts the point to give backer this thing ?

Also you can see in current patch about the “unique gear price”
Those purple / green gleams are perfect example for my point of view.
I know those gleam not belong to real money items.
But they are “unique items” in game ( so the price is extremely hight), because seller knows u can only find it in a few shop.


yes and it would be nice to have comments/explanations from @James and the team to why they have done thiks… because now we see the lasting effect of it (no offence to the devs its a good game… but the game itself is become a cash grab melee by the feels… and is reflected in this post and similar


I am not worker in life and so have the time of everything to maximize for free… most others do not, it iis them that i feel for… more than myself


With the exchange shop, isnt there a limit on 3 character slots still? Or limit on characters at all, and same with the skill set slots?

Regardless, even if all the remaining cubits are spent on plots, I fail to see how its p2w since it has nothing to do with weapons, or boosting past the 100 point limit for the skill tree.

I mean if someone is buying 1000’s of plots I can see it being a nuisance, but how many 1000’s plot builds are there going to be over the 100’s of private and public planets. Seems like just a reason to botch about nothing over something that won’t really break the game. Cause even 1000 plot builds still gotta be fueled and over time, they too will disappear


With characters the rumor is you can give cubits/cash for up to ten slots … (and we only get one slot as new game)

Update: thats what i mean when it is heavy NOT P2W… and P2PF only

but as those who don’t have the time/not fully informed, most will say P2W which i can understand… i cant have time to grind for weeks… its P2W! etc



This makes no sense to me. I could care less whether people can pay cash for more cubits. I make more in cubits through play than I will ever spend. An option to buy more with cash is meaningless to me. If others feel like throwing money into buying cubits then more power to them. To do everything I have been doing does not necessitate spending any more cash beyond what I paid for Adventurer. I don’t have a need for upgrading or for spending cash. If others feel like spending more money it makes no difference at all to me as it doesn’t effect me in the slightest.


Also there is one thing i think should be the matter as well.
In your official trailer you mention about “Create” .
When new player join the game they find out they only have 2 plots to “create”

It will be an issue.

Not every people enjoy every game contents, some may enjoy the build + econ or build + Mine.
Those guy will expect they can create something at least not bad when they are still low level.
The next thing they will find out they need to pay for more plots.

If there is no other old players around to tell them you can get more cubit by spending ur time , they will just refund the game.

Trust me, only a few people will choose to google it. Since refund is the faster way to do.
Also you guys not the only sand box game in the market.
When people have other choice, they wont give you a chance to explain the methods.


To all that think this game is P2W or at least unfair Pay To progress Faster:

this game doesnt turn you into a loser just because you have less time to play or because someone progresses faster due to real money options;

there is no need to be at lvl 50 in 1 week, no need to leave starter planet on first day or build a city in 3 weeks; its not that kind of game; no one will loot and destroy your base because you dont have time to play and prepare defences before Looting Sunday

so, if anyone here feels like there is a lot of grind ahead and that there is pressure because someone has more playing time or spends cash to level up faster, you might ask yourself if that pressure is not something you create for yourself;

this game gives players so much freedom if it comes to how to enjoy it or how much to play it and how fast to progress, that any complaints about P2W make me think the problem is not the game features here but attitudes people bring here from other games and/or life


The drastic change will occur. There will be a wipe and everyone will be starting at 0 level with no access to gear , other planets, etc. So if you wish to give more helpful information then go create a brand new character and use no portals or go anywhere but a starter / maybe T2 planet and then report your cubit return.

This is not in alignment with the basic agreement on what pay to win means; it goes way beyond levels. Since there is no dictionary definition that is agreed upon by everyone, the closest you can use is Wikipedia which says:

" In some games, players who are willing to pay for special items or downloadable content may be able to gain a significant advantage over those playing for free who, for example, would otherwise need to spend time progressing in order to unlock said items. Such games are called “pay-to-win” or “p2w” by critics." [ ]

It can be inferred as “hostile” and “critical” because it is telling someone to do something. It was not formed in a question, request, or anything. It was formed and in the tone of a command.

I am not conflating statements or confusing you two. I am addressing two points in a single post.

All I stated was that we should be clear when we tell other members something. The only way I linked both your posts was because you both were not clear and made statements that were false and incorrect.

It is more than ok @DonBab. You are correct to that he said “up to”. So yes, in complete fairness that can be seen as earning less than 300. I wasn’t trying to be a jerk at all either and know that my past few messages have been very direct and that can be seen as rude. For me when someone brings a complaint against the game I try to be as specific as possible in response to them so that things are possibly made worse.

It all came from a single post by James early in the summer not March from what I remember. But as to the exact date I could be wrong. Many of us raised considering issues with this and one user @Karko started the initial post about this and was beating up horribly by the community for raising concerns. Now months later we see what has happened and many of us are almost like “told ya!”

Either way I think it went way beyond specific group. With the release needing to happen at the end of the summer it pushed up many other time lines of game components and didn’t give any of us a chance to provide good feedback or see it in test. So we are all feeling the pain. Just some don’t see it as big an issue as some of us do.


as you quoted me i say xxx is like meaning there are more definitions (i read that wiki article too) but back in the day… (i dont care what critics say… back in the days says P2W USED to mean Get epic swrod for £200 … cant be got in game etc) yes ok it eveloved over time… but i’m ancient and stick by the old days… otherwise live just becomes why bother at all


and that sword wasn’t craft-able - you could only have it through real money; here all backers items are not items actually, but recipes; we get possibility to craft something others cant; we need to get materials and all; these items break and we need to craft them again; they will be available to all through sale, exchange or simply gifts;

soon enough we will see a lot of non-backers flying around with them items


and this is the reason why we need heavy dev input and clarity on this!

why the so much cash to progress faster because although i do not see it as tru P2W it still needs to be said WHY theyhave forced it when it was more than 60% against

@boundmore also the reason i say non pay to win… because it does not really give us (as backers) an OP advantage at all :slight_smile:


it sounds like you understand me perfectly well, but you don’t agree.

And that’s great for you that you can earn them all without spending money, however if their buisness model IS for you to spend on micro transactions, they will patch and modify the game so that MOST players will feel pressure to spend money. Maybe you have the time to put into the game, but not everyone does, and it seems there are less and less games available to play that don’t also require more money on top of the purchase of the game, or living in the game and playing it like a job.

If you play 20+ hours a week and you enjoy this, then sure you will enjoy it, but if everyone does, then they will change that and make it harder to do. That’s just the reality of this type of game. If you don’t spend money, they don’t make money. So they need you to spend money and will find ways to get you to. This can over time make the game less and less enjoyable without spending money.

Look and Rift.


hm his post is gone… >.>


people do that often here unfortunately (either when they know they are wrong, or because it has upset someone)