Cash shop? wait what?


Shallow responses? I’m 36 and have been playing MMOs since I was 14. I also worked in the game industry for quite some time albeit a smaller game studio that mostly did outsourced work from larger game studios such as animations, texture mapping and 3D models. My response was also pretty detailed and the point I’m making in it is that the model Wonderstruck is using for monetization in Boundless post launch is both fair and I feel will be effective. The arguments around P2W are completely unfounded and basic experience with MMOs in the past should prove that. Your argument about “inevitable falling into predatory practices on customers to maintain development” betrays all that we’ve come to learn about Wonderstruck during this EA phase. They have been transparent, have exhibited an extremely high level of community involvement, have communicated exceptionally well, have taken feedback to heart and adjust the game directly due to such feedback in many cases, etc, etc. In short, there is zero evidence that Wonderstruck would devolve into “predatory practices” around monetization.


I, too, have had WAAAAAY more plots than I know what do with through the EA phase except in the early stages as I was fresh and still leveling and would be capped until a new level.

In the latest release, I’ve taken a new character to level 20 (approximately) and I am unable to keep up with the number of plots I have.


That is great for you … but your experience does not mean that those of us that have always been short plots should be forced to put more money into the game to “build” or play for 2 years to get enough plots to do decent sized builds.


You can get all the plots for free if that’s what’s important to you.


you can still get 300 plots now at level 50… same as before…


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You didn’t miss anything. :rofl:


Bad generalization and dismissal of a person’s game style and what I communicated in my post.


I don’t understand how it’s a bad generalization, and I did not dismiss anything.


My response to Dhusk was that his game style and having so many plots he didn’t know what to do with them should not impact my (or others) building game style where we are always needing more plots. We shouldn’t have to be forced into a possible cash payment or long grind for getting plots.

Over the course of about 10 months plots have been more and more restricted and put behind huge walls for obtaining them. We have seen numbers of like 450+ by level 50 turn into 300 and now very likely less than 300 if you wish to purchase another alt or do any skill resets.

So responses like “you get plots free” and “you still get 300 at 50” is a dismissal of the general concern I have.

Basically it is like my saying, just because I don’t use decorative gems in my build and most people don’t that all decorative gems should be limited on how many can be used in a build and put behind an exchange. Oh, and you need to choose now whether you want decorative gems or gleam for your builds. You can’t have both unless you spend a lot of time grinding the cubits to buy it or spend real cash to buy more.

I’m fine if people don’t use plots and if we changed “how we get them” but my argument has been the same for over a year - stop making plots harder to get and giving us less unless we grind more. It hurts those of us that want to build and provide cool things to look at. This is a building game too…


I can understand this. Grinding random things just to be able to build more with the materials you already have seems counter-intuitive. I think a lot of people like progression though, myself included. I’m not sure there’s a way to make everyone happy. At the same time I think you still get a decent number of plots with normal leveling. It’s certainly a pain, but not the end of the world. I understand that you find it more painful than me.


True it isn’t. It has just always been at the low end of the spectrum versus the high end. People have been up in arms about gems and fiberous leaf distributions and asked for a better balance. Most of us builders just don’t really feel “heard by the developers” because of how things have changed for the worse toward plots.

Personally I think that has been a lot of the problem behind acceptance of the exchange outside of the other real money factors.

After wipe and at level 50 will really be the only way to determine if things are balanced or not for plots. But anyone trying to build more than 1 thing that is of decent size will not like this game due to the grind required to achieve it.


I’m gonna have to mute this topic.

The horse is dead people - stop beating it.

We get it, some of you don’t like it (and many don’t understand it - which is the bigger problem imo)

It is what it is, at some point you either grow to understand and become okay with it or decide its too cumbersome and you don’t like it and you play another game :man_shrugging:

I’ll be sad to see you go! But I understand. Goodbye!


Thank you! lol :smiley:


Wow what a disappointing way to communicate and try to build a community aspect. Instead you could have respected the people that had a different view and not been condescending… We get you don’t agree but you don’t respond with the arrogance saying - oh we will be sad to see you go. That just exudes disrespect and talking down to people from a high horse of morality that you know better.

From the aspect of those not liking the “exchange and recent design decisions” we like hope those “fans” that can’t see the forrest through the trees actually leave the game because they are ruining it with their myopic viewpoints.

The sad point is none of us know what will happen when the game goes live. But even those people that were against the recent decisions wanted the BEST for the game. And those people that just shot them down instead of actually trying to make the game better are the ones that hurt it the most.

Sure the game will survive but it if the reviews do go the way many think in being all bad - then the small group of fans will continue to eat this game alive into a select niche game. Which is really sad for everyone.


If multiple threads is the problem, are we still allowed to respond in this thread?

I think that’s what I’ve been saying. Everything they currently plan to put on the exchange is inconsequential. speculating about some horrible thing they might put on the exchange isn’t really valuable. We can contribute opinions about it when they talk about adding it. I’m confident that they wont randomly add controversial things abruptly as they have consistently requested community feedback about everything up until this point. I listed a bunch of horrible things that they shouldn’t add as the first reply to the other thread. I see no difference in speculating about those things than the items you’re speculating about.

Adding bad things to the game is bad… yup…


How about you just delete everything which you don’t like ?
A forum only allow one voice ?


I don’t think anything was said in the other thread that wasn’t already said here multiple times. noones voice was muted. nothing was deleted.


Alright, that makes sense.

I feel it’s worth talking about and generating ideas to help monetize the game. The more they can sell on the cash shop that doesn’t bother customers, the more likely this game gets new content. That’s why I wanted to debate possible additions to the cash shop, to see what the community might be okay with.

I thought inventory expansion was risky, but probably okay, but for me personally, I drew the line at crafting time reduction. I felt that shouldn’t be added as a possible cash shop item.

I had wanted other people to chip in also, give some ideas.

Thanks for being level-headed. I think the problem is too many people tried to piggyback onto a discussion we were having and I should’ve just kept it the discussion to you.


I think everyone should contribute, but debating speculation vs speculation is a recipe for frustration, and rarely is valuable because there’s always a 3rd option.

I think this would only provide a short term advantage, as a player without this hypothetical perk would just make a couple more machines. Currently I have 8 of each machine and honestly it’s excessive and I could never keep them all going.


I think what would help is an official Dev post, where they just ask for ideas on more ways to monetize, that way we can each submit a big post on the things we’d be okay with spending money on, and why, and thus avoid what happened in my previous thread.