Cash shop? wait what?


yes it is, thank you


Truthfully, no. You can level up and gain plots indefinitely.

But from a new players perspective/optics, from a Steam Reviewers perspective, from a possible customers perspective, yes, it looks incredibly bad that a game is charging money to increase your building radius less than 20 minutes into the game after you just spent 40$.


very slightly


I’m done here, you only read and take what you want from it.

I have clearly said many times I enjoy the game and that I am sticking around. That I enjoy the game and that I merely have concerns for the future.

You appear to be incapable of understanding that it is possible for me to both love and support a game and also have reasonable fear for the future based on prior experience.

My advice to you, re read what I said if you care enough to. I am done talking about it, I have literally retyped what I said, probably 3x now, at least.

I will be playing at launch, I have given the game a good review, I have purchased 4 copies of the game for friends and family. I will continue to bring others to the game. But, if a day comes that I no longer feel the game is going in a direction I feel is good, then I will stop.

The End.


The issue with this logic is that plots in the general sense are not a resource that taxes the system or infrastructure. So having some users with 1000000 plots means nothing to the game and doesn’t hurt anyone or anything.

In other words, plots that are not used doesn’t harm anyone. So there was no reason to remove them from people’s accounts and move to the exchange model.

(edit: we can use the same logic to just say cubits need to be removed from accounts if not used.)



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Your opinion is valued here! I hope you continue to share.


I’m going to move this plot argument over to a new thread, because the OP is finished here. Some of these arguments need to be more focused I think.


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They did this because of poor sales. If there numbers were up, we all know EA would have kept them.

While I don’t want to agree or disagree with either side, the bottom line is always profit. A good game should have potential to be profitable. A good game that fails to profit is wasted for both consumers and producers.

What if they plan on working on the game for years to come and are just looking for an opportunity to get that from people who have the funds to support and lack the time to play as much as others do? While I don’t want to put words in their mouths, if this model is successful we will hopefully see free content updates pushed for the following years. If the game makes more money, then maybe they’ll hire more people for the project and we’ll get content faster!


Tried that via the below post… long posts trying to get people in this forum to understand the direction this was going … basically was told I didn’t know what I was talking about and there was nothing wrong with the decision and that plots and everything else means nothing in this game… In another thread some in the community called the person stupid for thinking the same basic things.


maybe but they need change the name :smile:
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changing a good system to keep a bunch of uninformed kids from writing bad reviews is the worst Idea.
… and paying for fish in a fishing game is a bad comparison. you can’t buy items of any kind. it’s more like buying 20 yards of beach on a 2 mile stretch. you still have to spend the time fishing to get your loot.
and once agean I don’t care if someon dose not understand that and writes a bad review. from what I have seen on steam so far the replies of the informed are far more convincing than the original poste.


wrong quote jeff was talking about gleamclub lol


however cubits might be used to do many different things, so people have options to find something they want (doesnt matter how much cubits they use of their entire pool)

its only natural to think: “why give me something aplenty which I need little, if we can all be given a currency that everyone can appreciate as means to buy whatever one needs more?” its simply fairer is all


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The answer was stated when cubits were first talked about. We were getting plots as the reward. Builders loved that. Non-builders basically had no reward every time the reward was plots since non-builders don’t use all the plots they had already and never will. So, in comes cubits. You are awarded cubits for your play. What reward you choose to have with those cubits is up to you. If plots is important to you because you are a builder then reward yourself with plots in exchange for a few of those reward points called cubits. If you want an alt instead then reward yourself with that. Choose whatever available that makes you happy as a reward. Plots to most of us was a waste as I probably had ten times or more in plots than I would ever use since I’m not a builder. I’m happy to have choices now no matter what the choices are as all those plots did me zero good.