Cash shop? wait what?


I want to buy plots, ideally immediately after the wipe happens. I will subscribe to gleam club just like I subscribe to discord nitro. take my money and improve the game for everyone please!


yup me to!


You aren’t understanding my point.

Stop trying to use “definitions” or “statistics” and “usage” to rationalize this. It doesn’t matter if 1% of people use 10% of the plots given to them. It’s the OPTICS.

Make a fishing game, but charge people money to add fish to their inventory, or a FPS game and charge money per bullet fired.

This is a voxel building game, when people see voxels and crafting, they assume freedom to build, and because only a very small minority of Steam users review games, people are going to see that from the very beginning their ability to build is not only limited, but can be bought with money.

I’ll say it again, you are going to get reviews like this: “They charge you money to make large buildings. Buy Minecraft instead, it’s 10$ cheaper and has more content and isn’t dead, LOL, or Creativerse, its FREE”

And they are going to get upvoted, and the game is going to risk negative reviews, and people will bandwagon on this game just to destroy it’s reputation as being the first voxel game to charge people money to place blocks (optics, again).

The way to fix this is make plots tied to level ups, and that’s it. The only way to increase building area is by leveling up, that’s it. No amount of money can ever get you more building space.


sigh unacceptable. Uninformed. sigh


Although I do see comments like this on other games with reasonable income models, these kinds of reviews are not overwhelming on said games. Ultimately i’d rather the game be slightly less popular, but empower the devs to continue improving it than for the game to die in a year with no post-release income.


Thank you for the reply. I did some digging last night and found most of this.

I will be playing, I understand what the developers need and that you all love the game. Just making crappy games in college, i dump my heart and soul into them. I give it my all and then im afraid to show others because what if its ■■■■? that was the best i could do, and i feel so beat up when it doesn’t do as well as I would like, or doesn’t come out the way I wanted.

I will be playing, I will be supporting, I will encourage others to do the same. I am just fearful because I have had developers promise not to do things and then 6 months later do exactly what they said they would not. Wildstar swore they would drive the game into the ground and kill it and never go free to play, look at them now. Rift said they would never introduce lock boxes, most of their money comes from them now and almost all new mounts in the game come from lock boxes. Wow said they would never expand their cash shop to include anything but mounts, however now their account services are in there and they have experimented with experience boosts in their shops on Betas and PTR, I am expecting to see things like that in their shop with time. There are other examples too of games being released about 50-75% done and then putting in cash shops or expecting people to buy them and finish the game later.

Or game developers pulling a No Mans Sky. I am just very skeptical at this point after being burned so many times by developers.

I am ok with supporting the game, I am ok with buying items on the cash shop that are purely cosmetic. But once I see lock boxes with random items inside that have a low drop chance that are rare and unobtainable in any other means (especially if there isn’t even a recolor of it somewhere else), then I will have to leave.

I am willing to support, I am not willing to be prayed upon. But, so long as praying on customers and pressuring them to buy micro transactions stays out of this all, I wil lbe here and I will try to get others to play.


also god damn… lol this is a lot of posts…


Someone above just said most people don’t even use the plots they get, which means selling plots won’t likely get them much money, right?

Removing the ability to buy plots from the store isn’t likely going to result in them going bankrupt. It’s far more likely to help them with the initial launch.

They should introduce a robust customization system for character selection, and add lots of cash shop costume items and such. There’s a lot of other ways to monetize this game and cosmetics.


I mean there’s nothing you can do about it, right? Your messages here have been tried before for other games and it never changes anything. To make your fears go away, simply accept all possible outcomes, assume the worst and move on. Investing in something you don’t think will work out is simply a bad investment. Don’t get upset about it.

If you want the game to go longer before they require more income, adding messages like this will only convince more people to be more cautious, the game may make less money, and that exacerbates the problem, it doesn’t help.

I think it’s best if you just accept and move on. For your own happyness =D


People often disagree. This topic is no exception.


Other games HAVE changed their business practices due to public outcry.

Shadow of War, a huge AAA game, removed loot boxes.

So did Star Wars Battlefront.

Public outcry works.


I think games change when a large enough portion of their player base is affected negatively. I personally don’t see that as being the case here. And I don’t see it being enough of an issue to affect optics in a significant way.

Personally I would be sad if there was no way to give the devs money after release, because that would tell me that the game will die in a few years.


all i can say is that if we keep getting plots (qbits) after level 50 ya dont need to pay extra game is perfect playable on base acount ive done it succesfully
and i only had one level 50 and one level 20
i had all the items ingame and large amounts off ingame curency
have to add that i payed to be pioneer for extra plots just before release
if devs saw that just selling the game wasnt enough to keep them working i can see why they done it
if ya a groupplayer we have a big group off people that all help on eachothers builds and create big towns and we have people from all tieracounts (if ya solo player ignore this ) i think ya dont need pay more then basic acount to have everything you need to play this game for long time


i doubt that, I bet selling plots will be a top seller to be honest. It’s something you can arguably constantly do. It’s a one time purchase for a permanent extension to your character.

I am not against being able to buy plots, because unless they are a gleam club member their forts can still fall. Plus even if they are a gleam club member, they need the fuel to keep it going. I would find it super hard to believe that even 30% of players buy up 100s of plots build on it and stick around long term. This is one of those games that people like to binge play with friends.

I am also not against inventory expansions. This is a convenience and honestly the inventory is tiny for a building game.

the one t hing this game doesnt look like it plans on doing which I wish it would, is to have ACCOUNT purchases. I hate character specific ones. This honestly makes me feel strongly compelled to only ever play one character. In Wildstar I played a Medic and when i got a bunch of mounts, I literally would not reroll ever again because otherwise I would lose those and many of them cannot be gotten again. I mean, i don’t play the game at all now, but part of what keeps me from even attempting to play again is the fact that i would like to try something new but all of my work and effort is on my Medic.

So, the fact that you can buy additional character slots is hurt by lack of account wide purchases. I like having the option, I will always go for the more expensive account-wide purchase for items on a cash shop. Typically they are 100%-150% more. So say you have a mount for sale for $10 for a single character, its usually $20-$25 for the account wide version. I would buy that version happily. Not because I have a million characters and it saves me money, but because it’s the security that, in case I want to re-roll, it’s there.

I am ok with a lot of cash shop items per say, I don’t even care about experience boosts. I think they are trivial and they don’t hurt me. But when craftable items go into the shop that allow me or others to bypass actually playing the game, that’s a problem. When items in the cash shop give inherent bonuses to crafting, gathering, combat, or speed, etc… that is a problem. Or if beacons and teleports etc become tied to cash shop for teleporting, or buying a cash shop version of a teleport or teleport fuel that is permanent… that is a problem.

Basically, whenever something is for sale in the cash shop that is either not in game to be found (or has an externally low drop chance) this is a problem. When the cash shop gives players the ability to bypass aspects of the game or not play the game to gain the same rewards, this is when the cash shop starts to be predatory.


I keep trying to explain, this argument is incorrect.

People downvote Steam games into oblivion not because of only truth, but because of APPEARANCE, because of OPTICS.

Marketing and reviews aren’t just about truth, they’re about appearance.

edit I’ve looked into the new tutorial and what other people have said. One of the first things you are introduced to in the tutorial is an extremely small base size, and then there’s a tutorial mission that teaches you how to spend real money to increase plot size.

You just spent 40$ on the game, and in under 20 minutes they’re already trying to monetize plots.

A minority of people on Steam review games, and this LOOKS really bad. People bandwagon on Steam reviews, and I don’t see how this is going to be different.


I don’t see the flaw in warning others and preventing others from being used?

Everyone should inquire and go into anything with a bit of healthy skepticism. Being 100% open and trusting is how you get very hurt.

I am not leaving and i am not just going to “just accept and move on” Why? because I care, because I want the game to do well, and because I want people to be aware.

If I didn’t care I would have just turned the game off and said no and that would have been the end of it. As I have done with other games, but I have been following this game for a few years now and I am invested.


I think the devs already made it clear that they are aware of this and don’t plan to do it. Living in fear of them going back on their current plan isn’t really valuable in my opinion.


that is your opinion and you are entitled to it.


I think that helping the game succeed and informing the players of what you think is a problem are two separate things.

I think the game company needs to make money to make a better game.

I think players will pay less money if they thing the game has a problem with it.

So the flaw in warning others, is that it’s defaming the game. Don’t get me wrong here! everyone is entitled to their opinion, please share! I’m just curious which motivation you have, do you want the game to succeed, or are you trying to dissuade players?


so game is unplayable with baseacount?