Cash shop? wait what?


ahh your right… as you noticed that part confused myself… i thought when it said buy skill set i thought that set came with the skills, thank you for the explanation


No worries I started a thread much like this with the same assumption as you evidently had so don’t feel bad…


so… all you glorious people…

Can we just come to agree that some p[eople will always be suspicious concerning games like this (in general) as soon as cash shops are mentioned (regardless if pure cosmo or not) and agree that the real fear comes to the fact that some day at an inderminable point it may or may never become pay to win… so why worry now?

Let’s just agree to hope the devs understand the general points and may kill the game if it asks for more and more money (as i beleive that is the point this thread and comments are trying to make!)

In short… don’t panic until you need to and hope that you never DO need to :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m frankly good with the cash shop as is… except for the fact that the weekly skill resets and per level cleanse points will no longer be available except through the shop. I strongly feel those should still be awarded. All players should start with 1 free reset in my opinion (or only be able to reset once per month or something) and still get the cleanse points per level. I seriously don’t understand the devs direction here. Giving these items will RETAIN players that will still pay for resets and cleanse points in the future… or plots or any number of other things! Player retention after the initial payment is a key factor in these micro-transaction games!

When pitching this game to friends, spec resets is one of the questions ALL of them ask me about, since they’d be learning a new game!

Please rethink this direction devs! This will only hurt retention and starkly reduce new player numbers!


i will agree with that (the free clense point are needed and etc… otherwise it becomes… ((read above)) an now i am done with this thread (how do i remove it from view please?)


I explained this at the beginning of the thread, and my steam guide lists it clearly, but no one will listen? Idk what the deal is


The problem is optics. Regardless of how many are earned through levels, Cubits are a resource to be spent and one that equates to real money. New players will be turned off by having to buy, even with cubits earned in game, cleanse points and resets. Giving them these directly soothes this knee jerk reaction and keeps them in the game longer, which allows them to enjoy and invest in the game rather than quitting because they don’t fully understand the features.

Keep in mind that veteran players won’t need these as much, so we will have more earned cubits to work with. New players will also catch on to that and feel penalized for being new and inexperienced which will also turn them off of the game. Some will stay, but Boundless can retain more players and Boundless can make more money by giving these simple items out.


I think the optics of buying plots is going to be much worse. Putting cash restrictions on that when people are probably expecting freedom to build wherever and whenever is tricky.

There definitely needs to be upfront and obvious explanations that plots are easy to get but still, people see voxel and I think they’ll assume they can build and do whatever.


I completely agree that there needs to be an upfront explanation, no doubt about it


What doesn’t make sense to me is, why allow plots to be bought via cubits AT ALL? Why not just do what other games do, build a huge customization system for characters and sell outfits, clothing, new races, glamour items, inventory space, etc?

Plots, of ALL THINGS, should be tied to level and level alone. All people should be at the same level for plots always.

It is such a horribly bad idea to tie plots to money and I expect a ton of angry Steam reviewers to quit the game before 2 hours is up and refund with a negative review when they learn of it. Whether it is P2W or not, it FEELS that way to most people.


You kinda make sense, but then…

Devs have stats on plot usage per player, and a lot of players are not interested in building or building large. That’s why I think it makes sense to make plots an option to buy, so the players not using many plots can spend cubits on other stuff. that gives even field for both plot lovers and their counterpart, as there is no thing in game that is given to all players but not needed by all. Cubits are used by all and then its up to every single player to decide how to use it.


Considering the nature of this mmo voxel, I think most players will catch on and understand. That said, I think either the plot prices should some down slightly, or offer more per purchase (or special bonus deals at certain times) which is kinda the same thing in the end. Since we are going to end up with alot more worlds to work with, extra plots should be more readily available.

That said, much of that will depend on how much a cubit costs in real world money. For example, If 1 cubit equals 1 cent USD… then everything in the exchange is way overpriced (even Swtor isn’t that expensive, and they are the nickel and diming MT standard now). So much of that is a wait and see for me.


We need to stop looking at this from a definition-point of view, and look at it from an optics point of view.

They are charging people money to make big structures in a voxel sandbox building crafting MMO game. FULL STOP.

It doesn’t matter if you can earn them with level ups.

No matter how many times someone on this forum says, “But you get X amount every level!!!” won’t change the reality people are going to flood the Steam Reviews with the same thing over and over,

“They charge you money to make large buildings. Buy Minecraft instead, it’s 10$ cheaper and has more content and isn’t dead, LOL”

If they don’t immediately remove the ability to buy plots with real money, they may seriously regret it I think, because in a building game, the one thing you should never restrict differently for players is their ability to BUILD.


I disagree.

So long as the plot allotment is reasonable and not too restrictive or expensive, I feel players will understand. Part of the plot limit is to prevent griefing and overcrowding, which I think we can all appreciate. New players will too in my opinion and the optics of a reasonable building system will strengthen that.


17hrs, 137+ replies. I’m not reading this.

Can someone summarise please? :stuck_out_tongue:


Have you SEEN other game launches on Steam before? Do you know how many games release on Steam every month and are downvoted to obscurity or pulled from Steam even a week into launch because they quickly drop into negative ratings?

People are not reasonable on Steam. They are not understanding. They are pack animals and if they see their ability to build is restricted, they’ll revolt.

They’ve destroyed the review ratings for games that contained “Redshell” and didn’t remove it immediately, they brought GTA down to negative for a while because of the lawsuit against the modder, they destroy Warhammer games if the lore is incorrect, Steam users are ruthless.


I strongly feel you are overestimating the negative reaction and misreading what most players who would play in Boundless would want.

Anyway, thats my opinion on plots. I’ve not much more to add on that.


Here, I shall explain it in GIF format.




Its not worth reading if you have read any of the other threads in the past few months. People still think they are trying to “change” peoples minds instead of just stating an opinion and leaving it at that.


there has been a lot of resurch done by the Devs that show that a vast majority of people never use all of the plots they have. over 80% of people however I am unwilling to search threw Bob knows how many threads to find the exact number.
I have a ridicules number of plots and am always running out so I am one of the few in the 20th percentile. i am happy to spend a little cash to make an insanely large build.


same old story

concern has been raised over P2W and/or imbalance within the cubit vs. plots purchase mechanic and so on…

then some drama follows - its fun at times, and at times its boring and repetitive