Cash shop? wait what?


Thats funny Omni but your right…

Start off with 2000 get 20 Per Level and have 3000 at lvl 50 and everyone will be as happy as a clam…

And at lvl 150 they will have a whole 5000 in total where as with the current system at lvl 150 they would get…

I know which one I would prefer…
But as sad as that is your right it would likely fix the issue even though it would make it worse on the folks not spending money…


I must of found a bug then because on testing I used a level 50+ character to look at the skill sets and when I leveled up I only got 150

Edit: my mistake and apologise for mis-information … It is 300 cubits per level


I get 300 here…


you will be able to


My bad, I profusely apologies for the mis-information :face_with_hand_over_mouth: but it is 300 cubits


at that conversion we wont be able to get that many plots… or skill resets or customizatitons and then it becomes pay to win heavy (if the cubits become capped i mean)!

And yes An does have a point

But its the confusion in these games of what is pay to win which is killing them (i am not promoting P2W at all i am fully against. it but if i KNOW its pay to win i stay away … if i know its ONLY pay to progress and very optional then i stay… this game is OPTIONAL but… there does seem to be a heavy MT focuse)

The reason she/he has a valid point is because *Rent/Buy a server… Gleam CLub… BUY cubits to progress fast… we do not need ALL of them and if we stick with all of them a lot will leave/not even bother IMO


SUggestion then…

Rental Servers… throw the option fo 1>2 planets only into the gleam club (standard (currentGC)) price is $4.99

With a planet = $10>15… with 2 = $20 etc

With a planet or two and x ammount of cubit and character etc = $30 or however much per few months/quarter etc ??

Bascally if there were package deals… yes there would still be the P2W arguement (there always will be regardless) but itwill balance it out a lot more


The microtransaction model they’ve come up with looks a lot like planetside 2’s, which has proven sustainable and equitable, although PS2 is free to play (which I suspect might happen to boundless).

Also, just my two cents, but why do people talk about “pay to win” in a non pvp game that has no win condition? This is a building game at heart, nobody wins or loses.


and thats kind of mmy point… when its character models/skills only its P"PF but no one else agrreed so i’m just klike YEH W/E… now :stuck_out_tongue:


As I saw this thread has 110 posts I stopped reading because I’m so sick of the same discussion based on lack of information over and over …

But here are the cubit gains per level researched and approved by @willcrutchley and me:

TL;DR: You will have earned 9000 cubits by the time you hit level 50.
Hope that helps.


the advantage of micro transactions model over monthly subscription:

a) the latter make everyone pay (purchase cost and then monthly fee (people who can’t afford subscription can’t play; only those who want to/can pay have their way))

b) the first is free to play after paying affordable game price (you like spending money, you have the shop; you don’t want to/can’t pay anything beyond the initial purchase, you play for free; both paying and non-paying gamers can have it their way)

this advantage only disappears when micro transactions become P2W which is hardly the case here


That’s really good!! Far more informative that the simple spreadsheet I did :laughing:


I like the cash shop as it is, I feel indifferent about it or the wide spread ‘philosophical impact on the larger gaming community and how it could impact a global realization on economic reliance’ or whatever else is being said in broad general terms that aren’t applicable to the current build.

If anything, discussions like this make me wish there was an option in the cubits shop to send @james a bottle of whiskey/scotch . I’d spend the $$ for that :wink:

Please note, I am not attempting to stop the discussion. I am adding my opinion. I don’t want only those who dislike the cash shop to be the ones heard. I want my opinion of ‘it is fine’ added to the tally of public opinion.


You can’t buy progression thats the part your not getting…

You can only get skill points bye earning skill points…
If you buy cubits it doesnt get you skill points does it…
If you buy an alt the alt doesnt come with skill points does it
if you buy an character skill set, again it doesnt come with skill points…

You can spend all the money in the world but in order to progress you have to play the game the same way anyone else who isn’t spending money has too do it…



Me riding my majestic drama llama observing all the p2w drama…again…


This thread is not about the lack of starting cubits. It is about the game model of using an exchange to purchase game used components that are not cosmetic only and how that links to the P2W future potential of the game and lack of other things like female models.

Sure giving a few starting cubits might help stop some from complaining, but that no way removes the underlying fundamental issue the people having problems with the exchange are talking about. A single one time gift of cubits doesn’t solve the problem nor change the game model itself which is inherently the problem.

I’m completely against giving cubit gifts. The model is we have to grind to earn them, then we have to grind. I would be fine if they adjusted the balance and maybe gave some more cubits as you leveled, but we should not be giving gifts since that doesn’t solve anything. Adjust the fundamental game mechanics and balance.


Blockquote lack of other things like female models.

This assumption annoys me as we have had female models for a long time now…
Several of the smaller characters scream female in my eyes!!!


Everyone knows that some of the characters do look female(ish) in design., but clearly there are people that want a more “female” model and other races, etc.

Your response is just an attempt to ignore an underlying issue with the decisions made by the developers and to side track the discussion from the primary points made.




No it really isn’t

I am happy there hasn’t been so much effort put into character models because in my opinion that would be a WAIST of time when there are other far more important things to put into the game…

Actual content like the Forge for instance is far more important then putting in some more characters to choose from…In my opinion character selections stuff is just needless fluff… So I again am happy the dev’s put more prioritization into more important things like for instance creating a working revenue stream!