Cash shop? wait what?


@Dhusk that was a well written explainer on the exchange, and how minor it is. Props for having the patience to write that out. I just wasn’t in the right state of mind to get it out as clearly, so well done on that

Pay to Win is in so many games these days, its infuriating, and I understand that.

But the exchange in this game is not anywhere near as awful as these big games that EA and Activision and the big name dudes have been throwing out left and right!

I get why many of you are worried, but there are NO loot boxes right now, and no having to buy access to high tier worlds, and nothing forcing you to buy anything at all.

The dev’s are forseeing additional costs for server maintenance, and they don’t know if enough people will buy into the game at release to make enough money to keep this thing going. We have to help them with POSITIVITY and get the word out that this game can be great if people will stick through some of the slightly confusing parts to ride off into the golden days hopefully to come

Let’s put our differences aside and just focus on the game and enjoying it and being good community members, and being the kind of community that you would want to be apart of, because I think we can be. There’s a lot of great folks here already

Will we always agree? Heck no. But let’s keep it positive and constructive and I think that will put us all in a better mindset going forward


Came back to check out what’s new since the launch announcement but I haven’t touched the game in forever… have they really done nothing with female models since last year?


Since I am newer I can’t really comment on this but I would guess that they have not done anything on that. The game is in a pretty decent spot now though gameplay wise :slight_smile:


So how are you expecting the MMO to be able to pay for the server’s to be maintained??? How are the developers suppose to eat and pay there bills??? The funds from a 1 time buy is not enough to support an MMORPG world… not sure why you think there would be no other form of monetization?!?


BlockquoteAn example here:
There are 3 lvl 2 players.
Player A (whales) : Hey watch my house so huge
Player B (Grind player) : how do you do that ? I can only exchange 2 plots
Player C: Well you can spend more time maybe couple weeks to exchange same plots or you spend the real money for that.

BlockquotePlayer B: I see, but how come he has more character ?
Player C: well he spend the real money i guess .

BlockquoteHow you guys feel about explain this to new players ?

And this is not accurate either…

To have a big house requires actually building the big house…
If you have 300 plots or 30 plots thats just empty space you still need to actually play the game to fill the area…

A guy with 10 character slots paid for via money has 10 empty character slots he still needs to actually play the game to make those characters capable of doing something…

A Free to play player who knows what he is doing can lvl up too lvl 10 have aquired 600 cubits and get another character slot with cubits he got in game and could then lvl his alt arguably just as fast as the guy who tossed his money at the problem…

Now don’t get me wrong I would far prefer a subscription so these conversations wouldn’t happen and everyone knew for sure they were on equal footing

But sadly this game was never ever going to consider a subscription because there are just as many crazy people that toss there arms up in the air over a subscription as there are people that toss there arms up in the air over Items shops…

As Item shops go this one is TAME its most definately NOT p2w…

And to compare this to games that have loot boxes and all the other crazy over powered buy to win features is crazy… Infact the OP isn’t happy that he isn’t getting an advantage from the Gleam club?!? I think this shows that “Wonderstruck” Is pretty commited to not letting people get advantages with money… Good on them…

Also the OP complains about the Item shop and then turns around and says the Gleam club he is fine with but it doesn’t give the player enough of an advantage?!? WHAT???


Hi @ANMonte87x.

Below are a collection of threads where we have tried to introduce and explain the thinking behind the Exchange and monetisation that we’ve introduced into Boundless.

We’ve tried our best to make it fair and respectful of the game and player. We continue to welcome feedback and criticism of the system we’ve put in place. (We :heart: Boundless as much as everyone else!)

The first post tried to explain the thinking and direction behind introducing the Exchange.

The next post described the Exchange in more details before the first update that included it:

We also talked a little more about cubits and monetisation when introducing the different versions that would be available at launch.

Below is the release note that describes the Exchange when it was introduced into the game:

Also checkout Jiivita’s intro video:

Please checkout the links above and let us know what you think.



Hi @james … could you clear up the confusion with how many cubits are earned per level as it seems that a lot of people are under the impression we get 300. I’m pretty sure from testing that we definitely only get 150 after level 50. Is there a change in cubits we get with different level bands?

Edit: my mistake and apologise for mis-information … It is 300 cubits per level


Many player are against it.
But you still do that.
And you…
take a mile…


thats the point… i gave up trying to sway people (un less i misunderstand that means exactly i gave up trying to make people think as i do)


I don’t really care what will happen in the later period, but it is obvious that the early stages of the game are simply hell for the new players.


but the point i think the thread is trying to make James is that somehow it should be a fairer model (there is too many that do the micro transactions these days… and as i will stand by that this game is still NOT P2W… i do feel for those who are and will always be confused… i kow you explain as best you can in those threads… but because as i say somewhere above - due to the bad rep these kind of MT games have… it makes it bad for all of them)

I hope you are understanding this? Because a lot of people sound as if they are going to leave/not bother if this situation stays and that would be a shame because none of us would have an epic game anymore

This is my exact meaning James


I wasn’t specifically asking for the higher levels as I said I know from testing that we get 150 after level 50 I was more interested in how many we get at the lower levels …is it 300 per level all the way up to level 50? or does the number of cubits decrease after a certain amount of levels and then decrease again after another certain amount of levels?

Edit: my mistake and apologise for mis-information … It is 300 cubits per level


my oppinion is if it did that then the end game which there is not one exactly… would then be P2W?

CLARIFICATION: but at that point all your eally need are plots


300 each level after 50+
But they removed weekly skill tree reset point, and skill reset point in level up bonus.
Is this not a hell for new players?


@james If I may make a suggestion - I think a lot of the impression comes from people starting with 0 cubits. If you offer everyone say, 2100, cubits to start off with that feeling should disappear.




We definitely only get 150 cubits per level after 50+ not 300

Edit: I was wrong with this, it is 300


I’ve gotten 300 cubits for every level after 50 on all 3 of my characters?


It’s definitely 300 for 50+


wait what?