Testing 194 - Report issues here

Please report all issues discovered in Testing 194 in this thread.


pretty sure that’s not their names :stuck_out_tongue:

lava lighting has some strange effects on dropped items…

Also, an unrelated thought, shouldn’t we get all the cubits we would have if we had levelled up after the update? as in, when the update drops everyone should receive a certain number of cubits depending on their level like they would have levelling up.

Just wanted to follow up on my request in the previous Testing thread to copy characters. Thank you very much for doing it, all mine are there. Now I can test too, hurray!

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@james The testing post isn’t working.

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I was still getting it ready. It’s there now!!

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Hovering my mouse over that little black box in Current Beacon crashes the game.

Also shift cilicking a smart stack in inventory splits it into multiple smaller smart stacks


As my home (with all my resources) is on Munteen, I spoke too soon! Ah well.

Edit: On Epsilo: constantly getting +Full Up -Full Up buff and (possibly related?) rubberbanding enough to be unplayable. Editedit: a restart solved it.

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  1. image

  2. Shift+Click on Iron Stack (714 items)

  3. image
    Where the first 3 stacks have 200 iron bars each and the last 114 items.

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  1. The bug where you double place blocks with max agility and max +to all stats on a single click is back.

  2. The stat screen no longer has a spot to see your equipment durability modifier.

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I created a new character, selected a model. The orange one. (1.2.4?)
Went trough the portal, and i’m the standard dude, body 1.1.1.

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Are you supposed to get your first 2 plots from the exchange?
Because you still start with 2. (Meaning you have 0 at character creation but you have 2 as soon as you leave the sanctum.

(Edit: Level 2 didn’t reward plots - so it looks like there are still some remnant plots that you start with)

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Should I be able to spend 83/80 skill points?

Also after confirming my selection, the message popped up to say that I had unspent skill points to use up… even though I’ve apparently reached my maximum already


Found overlapping tooltips:

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I understand the ‘need’ to make a block not drop itself if the secondary resource drops…however, chopping a 20 block tree down and only getting 10 wood is pretty bad feeling :stuck_out_tongue:
Is there no way the game detects if a block is player placed or world gen? :\


After completing an objective, I immediately pressed ‘J’ like suggested by the tooltip and the journal UI looked like this:

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I can’t pin (right click) any of the general feats.
I can only pin timed feats.

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Yes. Generated trees can be one block, which drop another tree block that looks and behaves identically, but will not produce any extra drops.

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I think you misunderstood my main point, but that’s okay.

When you’re chopping a tree down, obviously you get wood, and atm you may get sap INSTEAD of wood. That’s great unless you simply want wood.
I was trying to get some wood only and out of 20 trunk blocks I only managed to get 10.

So this change is to prevent people constantly placing and bashing a block to get the secondary resource without having to go find more of the blocks.

Now I ask if it could be set so that player placed blocks simply cannot drop secondary resources and that wild blocks go back to dropping themselves AND a secondary resource (where rng decrees it, as it was).
This is assuming the game/server knows that a block is placed by a player rather than world generated.

Does this make sense @james?