Testing 194 - Report issues here

I know you misunderstood my solution. It addresses the your completely. (detecting if a block is player placed, or generated)


Tree is made out of 20 "original" wood. (i.e; trees that the world generates)

Each "original" wood block will drop 1 "normal" wood, and maybe a special drop (sap, bark, etc.)

The "normal" wood only drops itself.

Ergo, you would always get 20 wood, but you can’t then take those and break them continuously to farm sap and berries.

You can then take this one step further, and instead of having a different item, you have a flag for each item which denotes if it is original or not. This is harder to implement (Databases, world formats, etc. might need modification), but there should be very little that can go wrong doing it this way, and it will be trivially transferrable to other blocks as well.

This problem is solvable, but the ease of a solution heavily depends on how boundless is coded. Seeing this solution, it is probably just a stop gap measure until they can implement something better.


I too would prefer this. Or an option to voluntarily give up secondary resources if you’re hunting for just the block type. I can see why a defense against macros is needed but the current proposal is a solution which punishes everyone with (again) needing more time to achieve the same thing, in order to prevent a subset of players abusing the systems. I think there’s another way to solve this, some suggestions here are good!


Same for me. I’m also concerned that the landscape is going to be far more decimated than it already gets in populated areas because players are having to cut down all the trees, instead of just some, to actually get the blocks they need.


I’m relatively glad my concern is voiced by others, I thought I was just being a bit picky :stuck_out_tongue:

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The forge animation shows that it is upgrading one boon but ends up upgrading another:



Slingbow names still say charger and repeater despite the change


Out of interest - did you have either of the skills unlocked? I thought I noted last night that they were all “balanced” until I took the charger skill, then they all said “charger” instead.

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I have the charger skill, but some say repeater as you can see in the pics and some say charger
It might also just be the smart stack names that are wrong, idk
Edit: no, its the item names too

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Hmm, interesting. The ones in my inventory and some shop stands I looked at definitely started as balanced but changed to charger. I’ll check on a character I haven’t spent skills on yet and do it in a shop, see if I get the same as you.

Edit: I get a mix of results: (No skills)

In inventory - Diamond = Heavy Charger / Sapphire & Ruby = Balanced Charger
In a shop stand - Gold = Heavy Repeater / Diamond = Heavy Charger / Iron = Heavy / Copper = Swift

Maybe old items kept old names? If so I guess wouldn’t be a problem at launch as they’ll be gone.

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When you switch a tool in your hand mid animation, the visuals don’t change but the tool does under the hood.

Take an Axe, punch wood, switch axe for a hammer (e.g. with mouse wheel) while the animation of the axe is still running.
Boom: you got an axe that has the properties of a hammer! (e.g. is effective against stone)
(Not really because it’s just a visiual bug … but, you know …)

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Chiseling with a Stone Chisel makes no sound.
(Besides the swinging sound that you also hear when hitting into the air.)
(I didn’t test other Chisels yet, low level character :blush:)

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I don’t know if it counts as a bug nor is it specific to this release, but when you stand to close to a machine when interacting with it, this can happen:

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I think the resources distribution isn’t working right. I can’t find coal in caves ( just some soft coal once in awhile), found a lot of ancient tech remnant on solum really fast around 200 under 30 min, tech component at altitude 53, gold and silver ores really high in altitude.


This didn’t seem right… I saw that my beacon didn’t have a flame so I panicked and ran over there but it apparently has 5 weeks… I don’t think the flame should be out

[update] ummmm…

I didn’t actually do anything to it… so… Nevermind! lol

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I had the same on my beacon.
I think it might depend on viewing direction, other effects and daytime if the flame is displayed or not.

Right now my beacon is fine, will try to take screenshots when it happens the next time for me.

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Diamond torches now have an exceptional variance in their luminance - they blink so much that they hurt my eyes and obfuscate my view.


I went up 1 lvl and opened the coffer I got and I did not get the 300 cubits. I am still at the 300 that I got when I started the test sever. I’m at 31,905,552 XP and only have 300 cubits ?

update I got them just took time I guess.

Well, you weren’t meant to get any at all just for starting at the test server were you?

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For my part got 300 from all the feat i get when i joined the test server on my lvl 50 character.

Seems that A Bright Spark is bugged. I’ve placed a core and links and even got some spark generated but it doesn’t seem to advance the objective.

Also, all light sources seem bugged (torches, lanterns, light cube, and gleam) such that if you have one equipped and emitting light, then simply unequip it (q then click without dragging) the light persists until you switch items for that hand.

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