Centraforging, Reforged


Eliminate RNG from forging process. You get EXACTLY what you invest in.
Make forging accessible to everyone, eliminating need for skill point investment. (Free up a skill page!)
Scaling costs appropriately with player level and equipment.
Maximize existing assets, minimize need for new assets.
Simplified process that is easy to understand.
Make existing quirks and defects a valuable and cost effective method to save more expensive resources and amplify effectiveness of buffs.
Preserve flexibility mechanic, making high-forged items made from inferior materials (stone, iron, etc) a viable and affordable alternative to expensive high end materials.
Include several “professions” in the process so that anyone can profit off of centraforging.


Simply add the reagents you want to use to the centraforge, select the quantity you want to use in your craft, get exact expected results.

This system introduces variants of the existing trophies cover all buffs. Intermediate raw items like fungus and salts are used when crafting flux items and impurity items, covering existing quirks and defects.

For example, a “glossy” RR feather will craft into a speed buff 100% of the time, and grants a set amount of speed when forged onto an item.

I think the best way to explain this is with an example.
If I wanted to make a CHEAP forged hammer with speed, I could…

Forge with 1 speed feather, get speed 1 hammer.
Forge with 1 speed feather, 1 flux item (x), get speed 2, quirk (x) 1
Forge 1 speed feather, 1 impurity item (y), get speed 2, defect (y)1
-OR- 1 speed feather, 1 flux (x), 1 impurity (y), get speed 3, quirk (x) 1, defect (y) 1

NOTICE that the speed is improved by the addition of flux or defects, without investing in additional costly speed feathers.

You could balance perfect builds by making the buff items require exponentially more to reach the next tier, so

1 speed feather = speed 1
3 speed feather = speed 2
8 speed feather = speed 3

The scaling of buff items needed to reach the next tier would be affected by the base items flexibility. A gem tool would require a greater investment of buff items to reach each rank increase, with the inclusion of flux and impurity reducing those costs and raising the buff level with an appropriate chosen offset attribute. A simple copper item would require dramatically fewer ingredients to achieve similar results, and receives even greater benefits from the inclusion of quirks and defects.

As for the trophies themselves, a rebalance would be required. Every mob should drop a minimum of one trophy, with mob level and luck attributes increasing the drop rates appropriately. Since trophies come in a variety of types (glossy, exotic, etc) mob drops could have a correlation to a mobs own exotic attributes. A “fast” road runner may for example have a higher bias to drop “fast” glossy feathers as well as a chance to drop any other feather. A higher TIER RR drops more feathers than a lower one, and LUCK attribute improves the chance of bonus feathers. My ideal drop rate is a minimum of 1 trophy for a t1 mob, 5 for a t7 mob, and scaling rates for every tier in-between.

This effectively front loads the RNG of making specific forged items to the material gathering stage of crafting, not the final roll. You can expect a revitalized hunting market as players will have a large variety of trophies to sell, each with a single desired buff attributed to them. Additionally, this gives the devs a degree of tuning knobs that they can use to adjust the drop rates and relative values of specific trophies, thereby further balancing the cost and prevalence of specific buffs without having to adjust the cost to craft an item directly. If they decide speed hammers are too effective, they can dial back the drop rate of speed feathers, thereby raising the cost to offset its value.

Other Professions

Now hol’ up, I said one of my goals was to include multiple professions, but I’ve only talked about hunters so far! Well, the other professions come in to play with the other required reagents, flux and impurities.

Flux will be mostly derived from miners, and includes their less used byproducts like salts. Ancient essence from fossils should be a required ingredient for buffs along side trophies.

Impurities can be crafted primarily from organic goods and fresh vital essence. This should cover farmers, lumber jacks, and gatherers

Craftsman of course benefit from making the base items to be centraforged.

I’m interested in community feedback for this idea. Do you think you would prefer this system over the existing centraforge RNG? What do experienced forgers think? Does this idea adequately address its stated goals?


As a last but necessary note, I know the devs already have lots of other stuff in the works, and this idea represents extra dev time work, etc… I’m not calling for immediate implementation, just providing an idea for future improvements. Balancing numbers are arbitrary examples.


I think that keeping forging a separate set of skills is a good thing. Boundless is a community game, and having to rely on others for your enchanting… Uh, forging, is part of that.


This change would revolutionize the game in my opinion and completely renew any missing passion I have right now. I lost a decent amount of interest of the game and became a very casual player when the forge was introduced because i had no desire to play a lottery.

I would literally donate large sums to a fundraiser or something to make this change.

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IMO this is already true in terms of required resources to make forging ingredients but if you want to increase other profession’s profit relative to forging you would make forging ingredients more costly to make (require more, without increased drop rates), which cuts into forging profit and increases demand for things produced by other professions. I’m not against that.

A lot of forging RNG is already eliminated by using some of the well-known recipes. Also, note that if you roll a 6-sided dice 20 times, basic statistics says you tend to roll pretty close to the average.

I actually like that there’s a part of the game where people have to figure out their own style of RNG management that works best with them–hence different people have different forging styles and not everyone just copies from a book of canon recipes. But again, a lot of people do just copy from guides so while I see how it can be hard for some people to understand, forging most things you’d want is pretty simple. It would be immensely boring (my pov) if all RNG was removed and forging was just another kind of clicking recipes… the current proliferation of easy guides in my view makes a nice balance between having to figure some things out and just crafting without any thought.

I think the current system enables a lot of creativity and uniqueness and I like that there’s a ramp of the-more-you-learn-the-more-you-can-do. But maybe that’s just me because I love learning.

I do have one idea that would make forging easier. The least interesting part of forging imo is rerolling boons / decon resin until you lock in the 3 boons you want. When done well it costs a fractional amount of materials but mostly costs time and finger clicks, so it’s mostly just tedious. Slingbows need a larger number of gums to split boons into to reduce the chance of getting unwanted Effect Boon B instead of wanted Effect Boon A.


Hmm that’s all well and true, but I think that as it currently is, forging is considered unfun and even avoided by most community members. (not all though!) Many communities are even completely devoid of forgers.

This revamp still relies on community efforts- miners for, crafters, hunters, gatherers, farmers, even lumberjacks for sourcing and assembly of parts, while allowing the individual to forge their own items.

I equate this to modern society. Everyone wants to be a Doctor, Engineer, CEO, Firefighter, etc. Not many people WANT to be a sanitation worker. Fortunately in Boundless, we can eliminate the need for that job, and let people pursue the jobs they WANT.


I totally understand that the existing forging process isn’t entirely unloved. There are a precious few like yourself who enjoy and embrace the existing system, and for their part it works well. But, I think it can be improved. My own suggestion can be improved as well! Do you have any insights that could make this example more appealing to existing forge experts like yourself? Maybe something of a learning curve, or some degree of depth to make a good forge more exciting than a mundane one?


I would prefer to get a guaranteed effect rather than spend my time hoping it’s right this time. I’ve forged exactly one time because it took me nearly two hours to get the combination I wanted. That’s after I spent 2 weeks leveling a character just for forging. It was very demoralizing and taught me to just buy hammers instead of gambling my mats away.


I think this is a problem worth addressing and solving.

I think a variety of centraforge QoL would help, and having an equivalent to Mayumi’s forge simulator in-game would help a lot. I imagine most people’s reluctance to learn or master forging comes from being unable to “try it for free.” I never went through this, but I also notice a lot of people stumble through with a non-fully-coiled centraforge or not a full skill page and feel awful after their first forge. I got where I am by getting to “try it for free” or “practicing for free” until I felt fully confident that I wasn’t just wasting my time and resources.

I am supportive of the idea of removing the requirement for having ANY centraforge coils. Even after I had proven myself in the simulator I had to convince myself to invest a large sum of coin in coils… this to me is a pointless obstacle to forging.

Although I like having the requirement for a forging skill page, I think a built-in game simulator should let you have full stability/vigour/effectiveness.

I don’t know exactly how centraforges on creative worlds work, but they could maybe work as forge simulators??


This was entirely my experience as well.


Sure put it on the to do list for 2024! :grinning:


You bring up a point I had not even considered. I did not even factor coils in to this system. Their inclusion is not particularly important to this design, though I guess if the devs/community wanted to preserve them, they could reduce materials cost? Maybe there is a different model where coils could provide additional depth. Perhaps stacking additional perfect boons is dependent on having additional coils?

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Significantly reducing setting time would be imo the best use of coils. I would like no depth to be hidden behind capital requirements, which are not beginner friendly and just give established players like me(?) an advantage.

Edit: As a convenience factor coils could also let you have stacks of ingredients larger than 100 or even forge 2 stacks of items simultaneously.


I’d like to see coils expand your deck to a point that all possible attributes can be slotted. This system eliminates the need for rolls and limited deck size, so might as well expand its versatility.

I expect I will still be here in 2024, provided that the world doesn’t end first!


@Havok40k I am 100% behind your idea. I hate the RNG. I have followed different methods and it still creeps in. I much prefer a straight forward approach of put this in and get this out. Currently I hate forging and only do it when I really have to. Normally I buy/beg for what I need. I have even given forgers the hammers and the forge mats just so I did not have to do it.

Hopefully this becomes a reality in 2024. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I want to aim for sooner. The Devs have surprised me before!


A very interesting way to look at forging! I agree RNG can be a beast, but I’m also one of those masochists that enjoy the results more because of the struggle.
One thing that strikes me though, is does your suggestion require a forge at all? If fixed combinations of items give fixed results, that is basically a crafting recipe isn’t it? Could the whole forging process you describe not just be collapsed into crafting the specific buffed tool you want from the start?

Edit: Jiivita has opened my eyes… #ToolAugmentsPlz indeed!


Sure, but hypothetically so could the existing system. The forging process at its core was always intended as the players choice to upgrade tools to the next tier, or enhance existing tools via forging. Either way, an investment of additional materials takes place. One method is a slot machine, the other method is a vending machine.


I would prefer the vending machine style of upgrading/enhancing tools and equipment over the current slot machine that can and does have devastating drawbacks for using it.


No system is perfect. The current system, for its unpredictability, has much greater depth than my own system.