Chapter One: From Dust to Berlyn [History of Oortswel - w/ Audio]

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[History of Oortswel - Pt 1]

Before our resurrection, we nephilim, the divine sons and daughters of the Oort, gathered among the stars of the celestial planes. Our consciousness boundless, our spirit free. Our existence was one of complete freedom, each individual had the ability to traverse as one’s will dictated.

The Oort-Father heralded us in times of great need. Nephilim spirits contained immense power, power that our fathers alone could harness, we cherished the opportunity to serve our fathers.

Chapter One: From Dust to Berlyn

In the beginning…

Through the muted void of space came a voice, it’s tones a sweet jingle in the hidden corners of my mind. This voice came as a siren’s song, it’s tune a lullaby, seducing my soul. The Oortfather’s voice rang out to me, I had been summoned. What I had known of life was to be sundered. The Oortfather bestowed a new sense of life onto me. I ask that you forgive me as I am unable to bring forth the words that could possibly describe the sensation of this newly found mortality.

Opening my eyes for the first time made my knees wobble beneath me. Color, light and texture filled my sight in an almost sickening fashion. Quickly the sensation subsided, distracted by wonderstruck. Sight is a curiously beautiful thing…

The Oortfather called to me again, “Come to me my son”. Walking did not come as naturally to me as sight did. Much like a newly born wildstalk calf, knees knocking as I made way to the podium. I was greeting by a fellow Nephilim, “I am herald of the Oortfather and am to speak on his behest. I am the guide of all newbirth. The Oortfather has summoned you to the physical planes during this time of great need. You are called upon to forge a new life for our people. The Oort have left this plane to rest as we enter a era of newbirth. You have been chosen to heed the words of the Oortfather, you are to build sanctuary for your brothers and sisters, to scribe a record of the events to come. Prepare the world for our return. The Oortfather has instructed I leave you a few supplies for your journey.” The herald gestured to the plinths in front of me.

I did as I was instructed. I prepared for a boundless adventure in the name of the Oortfather. I set out for the planet called Berlyn…

With little experience of life thus far, I held no expectations of what was to come. I had already lived as spirit, I knew nothing of mortality. That being said, nothing could have prepared my being for the comet ride to Berlyn.

I quaked onto the planets surface, the meteorite I rode shattered on impact. I hastily brushed heated chunks warp-stone debris off of my shoulders and began surveyed my surroundings….

From deep within my body came a mysterious noise, the vessel I Inhabited groaned violently and I wondered if it was angry… Flesh is a curious thing.

[ Thank you for reading. Part one of Part two]

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This is good. This is really good. I can’t wait to see where and how your story develops.



Thanks you! I am glad you enjoyed it!

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Chapter two part one is out!