Chapter Two: The Awakening [History of Oortswel]

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The History of Oortswel [Part 2]

[If you haven’t read part one: Chapter One: From Dust To Berlyn]

As the sun set on the first day, my vessel strained to maintain its energies. I’ve grown sluggish and have yet to find shelter for the night. Periodic pains in my core have kept me from slumber. I really must do something to appease these incessant growlings, the noise comes more frequent now and also seems to have become more audible.

I’ve begun my observations, on this night, I shall plot the stars. Great planets drift overhead and the faint twinkling in the skies have made me even more curious.

I found a sense of serenity in the night, enough for me to find peace and sleep.

Chapter Two: The Awakening

Oortian Language

Images came to me during the night, the Oortfather told me more of my new body. To appease the beast within, I apparently must eat. This is a new concept for me to understand. I have never eaten before… I fear it will be as awkward as my first steps into this new life. Nevertheless I must still eat.

For some time I wandered the frigid icelands. White powder falls from the skies here from time to time, one of the many mysteries I would have to explore further in greater detail. Did all planets have ice, I question.

Another curious thing, I have some knowledges I have never experienced before. I know the names of rocks, trees, and animals. Does my vessel have some knowledge I do not? Was it alive before I inhabited it or is this something I have been granted by the Oortfather?

Many, many questions.

I heard the calls of beasts from just beyond the ridge line. I approached cautiously to avoid giving away my position and to not startle whatever it might be.

A herd of blue furred, horned animals grazed on foliage of low limbed trees. This, my inner knowledge told me, was a Wildstock; a hoofed beast passive in nature. I held my breath as I stalked behind these wildstock, slowly creeping up behind them.

After a few tense moments, I was within touching distance of these creatures. Never once had they paid regards to me, accept for right when I was reaching out to touch one of them. My vessel used the opportunity to remind me of my growing hunger. The noise broke the stillness of the moment. Each beast reared its head to me, turned its body in my direction and began stomping its feet whilst its nostrils flared in anger.
I was an unwelcome visitor and their patients for me ran thin. The wildstock charged at me.

At that moment, I gained a new sense of agility. My legs no longer wobbled and knocked like those of a newborn. I bound over and climbed into the nearest tree. In the wind I swayed, but at least I was free from their anger and I would wait here for it to subside.


[Thank you for reading part one of part two, I will be uploading an audio file as I did with chapter one!]