Character names

Something that i love in games but few actually do is to allow spaces in names.
that way you can create a firstname and a lastname, and even titles

i am really bad at naming so im always called Zouls, and this system is what allows me to keep the same name, here are some of the ones i have used in guildwars 2 and ESO

Zouls The Deadly
Zouls Shadowstaff
Zouls Tinkershield
Zouls Hunterborn
Zouls Firespirit

and things like that. really something i would love :smiley:


Ok i like this idea :smiley:
And even making your own titles or giving other people titles like: “Werff gave you the title of “Bad namer, just like me””

XD that part its a joke, but leting people give you titles, and the option for take or not take them would be cool :smiley:


I just thought about character naming and then found this old topic :wink:

I would like if names may contain letters from other languages like “äéûõï” but no numbers. Numbers would be a little bit disturbing the flair of the game while the other letters give more options and also allow foreign naming.


Rollofolol Defibrilis (ticklish char)
Slipless in the Saddle (squaw char)
Grog the Corrosive (battlechar)


like the first and last name part

I do think titles should be in game and not as you make a character

it would be weird to see Zouls The Deadly The Deadly

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Thought about names like André (French) or Günter (german) :wink:


Square the Dank Meme Proprietor
Square the Rare Pepe Hunter
Square the illuminati
Square the…
*goes on for like another 3 pages *

Made it for gw2. titles was near impossible to get in that freaking game, so i just made my name a title xD

Hmm, I also played gw2 and had some nice titles. I think a title is worth more if you actually have to do a lot of work for it :wink:

But as we are at gw (I think of gw1): I also want to have first and family names. May be even three (like Viconia de Vir) may be there should also be a ’ or - allowed. Many names use that (even if it looks odd when naming like the Thri-kreen from D&D :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ).

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The only title i ever got in GW2 in like 100 hours of play was ‘‘slayer’’ some of them were insane, like ‘‘Kill 100,000 carriers (the buffalos) in WvW’’ ‘‘Siege 10,000 castles’’ like that was just stupid.

that is just as i wrote. allow spaces in names :smiley:

but having a forced family name should be a no go, it was frustrating as hell in TSW that you needed

Firstname, Nickname, Lastname. it might be alright for lore, but still. allowing spaces in names would solve alot of these problems.

for - and ’ i dunno. im not gonna use it, so i cant comment on it, but as you wrote it is going to look really weird.

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I agree. I love games that allow two names. Plus it may eliminate the need for numbers.

I like your way of naming chars. To me it appeals as if you enjoy playing rpg’s in a mindful matter :smiley:

Well thank you. i try to do lastnames to make sense. ‘‘Zouls Shadowstaff’’ is my warlock, ‘‘Zouls Hunterborn’’ is my beast master. etc… the name matters alot in rpg’s that and the fact that i suck at getting names, so i always end up with like ‘‘Zoouls’’ ‘‘Zouuls’’ and the likes. kinda sad actually xD

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:))) No problem at all. If you need something namey, you know where I’m at :wink:

I also like this idea, as long as it is optional and doesnt force you to pick two names in the character creation (like many games with first and surname do).

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Yeah indeed. like i mentioned, TSW made you pick 3 names XD

What’s TSW??

The Secret World. Awesome game, look it up on steam :smiley:

Aaaah. Yep. I know a bout it. It is an Illuminati-Cthullhu mixture in form of a mmo, right?