Chat counter "stuck" on (1)


is there a way to delete cache or reset the chat? My PM chat counter is stuck on (1) even though no one has sent me messages, in fact, the person that it says the message is from didn’T send me any message, but I send him about 10 messages the last and the counter is still stuck on (1).



With notifications, general/universal chats and other PMs the counter is correctly resetting after reading/scrolling through the latest messages. Just this one PM-correspondence is stuck on (1). It’s really whinding me up, particularly as I never know whether it’s reset (and I missed a few messages already). Did I mention IT’S WHINDING ME UP? :smiley:

Help would be appreciated. Thank you. :slight_smile:


I think it’s somewhat related to this forum topic.

As mentioned in the link, it should be improved in a future update.

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Thanks. But I am not closing my client quickly, usually normally with the “logout” or “quit” button and then the 10sec time-out. Also my messages don’t repeat. The chat is normal, it’s just the counter that’s stuck. What’s weird is, that it says I “received” a message, when in fact I was the one who sent the last message(s).

I’ll wait for the next update, but needless to say it’s bugging me slightly. Missed a couple of chats already after ignoring the counter for a while, now i check every single time for no reason. :wink: