Cheapest AoE harvester? (for farming)

edit: if i got magnet i use deconstruct 3, and i forget to say most time i forge a full smart stack

protection past is overkill and 2 off protection and fate is to much, just use draining boon that give you enough points, i do this since long time and works great

the cheapest and easiest way, and i use any copper tool, they are fast and cheap and perfect to forge

titanium is balanced not swift and need alloy, it is in my opinion not worth

wood has to low dura, the forging mats cost more as the tool and the speed is not so fine


Doesn’t bother me none. Prefer to save metal materials for other things. I’ve used wood shovels for farms since day one.

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you want bother me :wink:
2 copper against 100 more dura + 50% more speed ? i use copper since begin :wink:

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Well, hitting crops cant be done as fast as “mindless” breaking of large soil or rock blocks (unless you are happy with constant mishitting and not using 3x3 feature fully, which then means wasting durability, which you seem to value a lot, judging by what you said above).

With crops you need to be precise, move along and aim at the center of 3x3 block - having super fast tool for crop harvesting is counterproductive in my opinion.

Most importantly: a few different ideas that people seem to have about crop harvesters seem to work just fine for those who use them; it’s good when a game allows different ways of achieving one goal and that different styles of play can be expressed through variety of tools stats and forging methods.


Mag? Sorry don’t know all the English forge words :sweat_smile:
But rest makes sense and would give it a try

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Ahh Magnet boon most call it autoharvest. It’s under special gum with AOE.

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yeah everyone has his own preferred tools for use :wink:
in this game you can nearly never say something is wrong, like in mining and building, everyone like some other ways

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Like giant gleam towers of the old days :rofl:

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i searched for the old gleam tower on finata (old Ultima), seams like it exist not longer the tower XD

Yea not much left of old Ultima on Finata

This is much better!


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Ehh, ‘best’ is different for everyone. I’d say that’ll have too high damage for the action speed it has that it’ll most likely break soil blocks when harvesting with my farming character. Not to mention it uses much more energy, and will be far more expensive.

This is what I use, doesn’t miss any crops if used by my farming character with max dexterity, tool mastery & epic, and no agility as it still swings fast enough. Still has low enough damage to never break any soil blocks, has about the same durability as gem tools and most importantly, very cheap. I sell these at 1000c each and still get a profit.


This one is perfect too! And worth 1000!


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The axes are too slow in my opinion .
I ll Take Topas too because they are the fastest of all and easy to get and they dont Break the bottom If you are running .
Forge them with speed and Dura.


@Morkaen rather than post this in 2 separate threads, I thought I’d tag you in.

I tried these out:

After harvesting more than 5000 crops:

Didn’t need to pause once to regen energy.

Thanks for the tip @Ratchel

Super cheap to make, just some wood and foliage, not even glue. And pretty easy to forge as well!


Looks like

  • Busy Bee (Lightness) 10
  • Heavy Duty (Longevity) 9
  • All-Rounder (Special) 4
  • Damage Decliner (Defect) 3

Or thereabout. I’m guessing you did a whole stack at once, since that probably takes some time to forge?

No defect, thats just the aoe effect.

But the rest yes.

The speed doesn’t need to be so high, as I think from about 85 to 117 its the same hits per second (speed 6 should give the same practical results), and wood can’t go past 110 anyway.

The heavy duty and speed are kinda by products really.

If you didn’t want to forge as much, you don’t need them.

I only ever forge full stacks!

As special is the only gum that has 2 boons in this set up (the others have just 1), it doesn’t take much to forge at all!

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Gotcha, I frequently forget that AoE spreads the damage like that. I’ve only forged it a couple times and always forget.

That explains why you said it’s easy to forge. I didn’t think about that.

I’ll definitely try this out later on. Thanks!

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