How to create and manage a huge combustion / kindling farm?

I’d have gone for -'ve energy drain rather than speed, personal preference though (I just hate running out of energy) do the same with chisels as its possible to have those costing zero energy. Can also use a potion for speed.

Starberry pies are super cheap and you never need to worry about energy drain!

Every square gets the max. 105% Kindling Mass seed .


I take it you went for aesthetics rather than practicality?, that looks great but a pain to farm. This also gives 105%


I like my tools to last longer ;), I use starberry when I’m building or exploring though

Wood shovels are the best lol. Basically no energy drain lol. Cheap to make and cheap to forge. Best harvester out of any.

I only forge AoE 4 and Magnet sometimes durability but rarely.

Why waste stones or metals or gems for just harvesting crops?

I can harvest non stop with the wood shovels I use. No pies, no brews needed. Just good old hand of Bob :sweat_smile:.


Thats why I use copper axes, they are so cheap (mats) to produce and easy to forge, it doesn’t really matter how many I go through!

In fact, the energy drain from copper is so low (8), with a good skill page set up you don’t really need to worry about energy drain.

You could stick a bunch of durability on it and use persisting pie and it would last just as long as gem and be cheaper alternative.


I think I’ll try that on my next batch!

Do you find they are fast enough without speed forged on?

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I’m pretty laid back so not usually in a hurry. I have shovels spec on my farmer. Always work great for me. I feel they have a good speed to them without speed being forged on them. If you on I can give you one to try.

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Thanks, but I’m in bed!

1am here, but can’t seem to get to sleep tonight…

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Just imagine your hands moving refined oort blocks from one chest to another…1 at a time…over and over lol

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Guilty as charged ,I was doodling while building my new farm , big mistake lol, I’ll make it normal sooner or later .


This is my combustion and kindling farms.

The % is the same on every crop, 80/100 on combustion and 70/95 on kindling.

From the side:

And below:

Above is the combustion, for kindling just swap the bonus blocks and make the lava continuous channels.

I took some pictures before I rebuilt at a new base, but it is exactly the same design.


This is a really compact design! Thanks for sharing!


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Wow. This is a very nice trick. I didn’t know this is possible.
Thanks for sharing


My updated combustion farm


I am going to have to pay you a visit and see this in action, where are you located?

If you take the tnt portal to xa frant, the portal to my place is there.

Its labeled ‘Alba’.

If I’m not about, my inorganic farm is just next to my spray/dye station. Door on the north wall!

My organic farm is on top, go up the ramps.


I copied the design thanks :slight_smile:

I have farms and there triple the size as this layout but I go mostly seeds to crops to keep it going